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 posted in The Agency of Anomalies: Cinderstone Orphanage on Apr 13, 12 5:54 PM
Did you click on it with the power to make things bigger thing they gave you? If I remember right, it is at the bottom on the right side(a glowy thing I think).Hope this helps.
 posted in Natural Threat: Ominous Shores on Feb 27, 12 9:28 PM
Same as a lot of others.Almost to the end getting the lily pads,game shut down.When I went back,it started from the very beginning.Very disappointing!!
 posted in The Tiny Bang Story on May 15, 11 6:43 PM
Hi everyone,I had the same thing.Try changing your screen resolution to 1024 x 768.
This gave me a full screen.Hope it works for you.
 posted in Mystery Chronicles: Betrayals of Love on May 1, 11 1:08 PM
Hi.If you are a member of Big Fish,you can sign in and buy it now.If not,it will be available here to everyone tomorrow.
 posted in Fallen Shadows on Apr 27, 11 7:04 PM
Sherryah wrote:@ raystownlady Thanks for replying that is sweet of you, maybe when you get to that part you can help me. Not going to buy it until I at least can open the door to the house. LOL I will double check to make sure I have all the gears but I am pretty sure I do.

Sherry,it worked ok for me.When you have all the gears,just place them in the right spot and pull the handle down on the door.
 posted in Fallen Shadows on Apr 24, 11 12:17 PM
Sherryah wrote:Is this a glitch in the game or am I doing something wrong please someone reply. I have all the gears for the door but it won't let me get zoomed in view to install them. I am trying to put in the gears from afar off and it keeps saying I need to find more gears. What is the trick to putting the gears in the door of the outside of house? No other problem yet...

Hi Sherry.I haven't tried this game yet but maybe it won't let you do it until you have found enough gears.Sometimes you aren't able to do things until you have everything you need.
 posted in The Treasures of Mystery Island: The Ghost Ship on Apr 2, 11 4:46 PM
yvonnehoho wrote:I played Dark Parables, but I cannot remember seeing any morphing items, but as soon as I finished playing my unfinished games (15 or so....) I will replay that game

And madame Fate gives only a small screen, that´s a bit hard to play
I bought a new computer with a large screen (26 inch) and Madame Fate is somewhere in the corner....not using the whole screen..

Hi,Yvonne.Have you tried going into the display on your computer and changing your screen resolution?I have to do that for quite a few of the games so they will fill my screen.Just remember to change it back when you finish playing.You will also have to move your desktop icons back where you want them but it's worth it to play with a full screen.
 posted in Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince Collector's Edition on Mar 4, 11 9:39 PM
Hi bluebird.Do you have the bracelet?It goes on the statue in the library.You gain access to another room and get the dagger.Hope this helps.
 posted in The Secret Legacy: A Kate Brooks Adventure on Feb 15, 11 5:21 AM
Hi movhs and lionbell.Try changing your screen resolution to 1024 x 768.Remember to change it back after you're done playing.
 posted in Phantasmat Collector's Edition on Jan 6, 11 9:52 AM
I just have to say this is a great game.I participated in the beta.Their beta was different in that they kept posting updated versions for you and you got the entire game.I enjoyed this one very much.
 posted in Dream Day True Love on Dec 3, 10 10:52 AM
Sorry,I have all of these,Didn't care much for this one.Not enough hog scenes,I didn't care at all for the mini games.I bought it because I liked all the others and saw this file download was larger but personally didn't enjoy this one.
 posted in Ballville: The Beginning on Dec 3, 10 10:47 AM
Thanks Bella.I'm going to give it a try,looks like a cute game.
 posted in Dream Day True Love on Dec 2, 10 6:35 PM
Coachswife wrote:I know this is not a hard game, I have bought it but for the life of me I can't figure out the collage for above the fireplace. I have tried playing in both mode and there is a walkthrough button but It doesn't work in either mode nor does the skip button. can anyone help?
It can be done but mine didn't look like anything I would want to hang over my fireplace or anywhere else.
 posted in Dream Day True Love on Dec 2, 10 6:32 PM
lilprincessred13 wrote:The screen doesn't stretch to fit. That is my only problem so far. IF BFG fixes it, I will buy it! The dev version fits. All other games fit so it isn't my computer
Princess and Kerry,just change the resolution of your screen to 1024 x 768 and change it back when you're done playing.
Hi,Welcome to the pond.In answer to your question,after you cut the wires,that should open up an eye puzzle.Then you have to take the paint brush and go dip it in the paint and go to the room with the man in the elevator and give it to him to paint a door.Then hit the lever on the left.If this doesn't help you enough to move on,you might want to check the walkthrough.
 posted in Mystery Valley on Nov 12, 10 12:32 AM
Hi,welcome to the pond.
SPOILER ALERT:The word is blood.
genkicoll wrote:I'm pretty sure that the new Cradle of Rome is going to be a CE, so you'll get your wish! ;D

I don't think it will.You can preorder it now for I think it was $7.95 and the regular price on that site will be $9.95
 posted in The Island: Castaway on Nov 1, 10 2:15 PM
Welcome to the pond Alloy.I don't rememember the rosemary in particular (I think there were plants different places) but anything you need to get whether it be on the ground from the trees or plants growing here and there they keep coming back after you gather them.Some of the items you need to buy seeds in the village to plant in your garden and a lot of items can be bought in the village with your shell money.Anyway,keep looking it can be found somewhere.Don't give up,hope you are enjoying the game. I enjoyed Wandering Willows too(very similar to this one).
 posted in Cradle of Rome on Sep 22, 10 8:26 PM
I agree with barregar,I have beaten this game over and over but you do have to use your special items.Try using some of them early in the board.Then they will recharge and you can use them again.This is one of my favorites too.I play it over and over.
 posted in Reincarnations: Uncover the Past on Sep 18, 10 9:01 PM
Tundei wrote:Hi Fishies!
I like this game a lot, but it doesn't cover my screen. Do you have black lines on the sides too? I played the demo of the CE and it was full screen (or not?)

Welcome to the pond Tundei. Most of the games that this happens with have a quick fix.Just go into your monitor display and change the resolution to 1024.I had to that with this one too.Just remember to change it back when you finish playing your game.
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