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 posted in Grim Tales: Color of Fright Collector's Edition on May 29, 15 7:45 PM
Same problem, I can't pick it up and I see it. I didn't pick it up when first available and did all the clock things and now I can't pick it up.
 posted in Grim Tales: Color of Fright Collector's Edition on May 29, 15 7:42 PM
213Killer wrote:I am using Windows 7 Pro 64 bit system. Fortunately, I have not had many of the problems described (such as dark screens) but I do have the problem mentioned by a few other people which is that I can't get the needle and thread to sew up the doll near the end of the game.

Ditto. I didn't pick it up when it first was available and now I can't get into the clock scene to pick it up as I have done all that, so can't pick it up zoomed out or in.
 posted in Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device on Feb 13, 14 8:27 AM
There are 25 levels but you can get the necessary points before that, I think I got mine around 19/20, ( ? sorry can't remember when I got mine ) so you don't have to play all levels.
 posted in Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device on Feb 13, 14 8:05 AM

If you choose amateur level, you get a longer task list which is super helpful and mini-games usually are easier and no you can’t skip them and you get hints. Hints are the question marks beside your task list - click on it to get a hint for that task.

There are notes of observations and suspects and as usual with the latter ND games there are achievements. And unlike the usual boring HOPA ones, are fun and interesting! It’s a manual save game.

I know BFG is just known now for HOGs and the odd TM games so people used to easier games like hogs etc may be a bit lost and adventure players probably aren’t even around anymore as BFG has even removed the category of LF games from their main category and lumped adventure games in with hogs (which may be the reason not a lot of reviews).

But these are adventure games (not HOPAs without hos) so they play differently, yes you have to think and sit down for more than 5 mins sometimes with a puzzle but I love that. I love the feeling when you actually accomplish something, I love the variety of mini-games. I think the theme of telsa is excellently done and I did really enjoy it.

So please BFG please keep bringing adventure games, adventure players are lucky if there are two games a year here. And those that are new to ND games, this is quite a good one, as it is very contained so you can’t get lost so do give a coupon a try there is a hint website as well as walkthroughs around if you do get lost and there is a hint system in this ND game (just choose amateur level).

With fun achievements, easter eggs to find, trying to get all the second chances (OK that may just be me lol), and long fun game time – have fun!

Personally I love about 99% of ND games but for purposes of reviews try and be as honest as I can.

edit - This game is set in Colorado and not Scotland I think some reviewers are getting this mixed up with ND the silent spy.

 posted in Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device on Feb 13, 14 8:04 AM
review playing on master level.

This is the 27th ND game and actually came out after tomb of lost queen although BFG released that before this one. I think more people would enjoy this game over lost queen as there is more of a variety of mini-games in this one (although I preferred lost queen to this one). The theme and plot is more scientific, being set in a technology building with a lot of references to telsa coils.

You do have to switch times in this game (some ND you don’t) so remember to go into your bunk area and touch the clock/calendar to switch the time from night to day. Different people are around at different times and you can explore different places as well.

While this game has my ultimate all time favourite puzzle, and I think original – aggregation which was pure fun , the whole game wasn’t one of my favourites. It doesn’t have that many areas to explore. It was quite claustrophobic – opening up in a lift on a small floor with about 3 areas off each floor and there are only two floors in total, it does open up a bit near the end.

Personally I’m not scientific so a lot of the extra notes that ND games do a brilliant job with their themes, didn’t interest me. But thankfully none of their puzzles were too scientific or over my head and they did a good job of a wide variety of puzzles. There was one puzzle which I hate and they keep putting in their games – the put coloured shapes in right layer and here it was timed. Knowing this I just went with a WT but even then it took me 2 tries but I was playing on master level so amateur should be easier – I hate timed things.

I think the plot was one of the weaker ones and the whodunit was very disappointing and didn’t make much sense.

Saying all that I did enjoy it, it is so worth it to play and with playing time being near 3 times the length (for me) of a HOPA CE it is so worth it, especially when you can purchase it with a coupon. I’m always brutally honest with any cons (for my taste.)


 posted in Murder, She Wrote 2: Return to Cabot Cove on Oct 24, 13 2:16 PM
I appreciate the thanks, so thanks back.

I've PM'd a couple of replies here looking for help but as it's been a while since I've played it, I would only be able to find the answer from the walkthrough and not from memory.

If anyone is still stuck and wants to PM me I can tell you where there is now (and has been for a while) walkthrough on the web with pictures which because of the pictures I'm sure would be more helpful. It's at a well known place for walkthroughs (or just google " walkthrough and murder she wrote 2 ". When I wrote this there was nothing out there.

If you're still stuck and you really have tried to find the answer in the walkthrough, PM me as much detail as where you are and what you've done so I can best try and find you the answer and if I have time I'll try and replay some of it (depending if it's near the beginning of a case) if you still have trouble. The latter depending on how busy I am.

I don't pop in here often to this forum so PMing would be the quickest to get hold of me and for me to reply to you if both different walkthroughs aren't helpful or clear.
 posted in Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition on Aug 26, 13 8:59 AM


As everyone has different playing speeds I'll do a comparison if you've played these other games. It's nowhere near as long as GT legacy, it's not as long as GT (grim tales) wishes but I found it to be a bit longer than some of their recent (past year) games. (sorry I played this over days just an hour here and there so didn't time it.)

bonus length was about average (just over an hour) and also was set in the house although had some new rooms in it.

For the first time they have decent extras in this series - the collectables although not hard were at least not as obvious as in some of their games (chimera!) and although not many achievements at least there is something, but no unlocking of puzzles etc.

If you don't mind a game that is ALL set in a house (and a couple of scenes in the garden), and back and forth like that and don't mind one dimensional plot in main game then I think you'll like it as the puzzles are fresh, graphics good, length OK.

I thought I'd love this game in the demo but the plot, and the whole game set in a house wasn't for me. And even I am now fed up with child in peril storylines.
 posted in Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition on Aug 26, 13 8:58 AM
I know what you mean!

What specific elements do you like or dislike? I don't know quite what you mean about looking for things and checking off a list - in HOS?

RE gameplay I found this to be the most back and forth of any elephant game as this is heightened as the whole game is set in the house with only about 4 rooms set in 'mirrored' house. In the demo it didn't feel like this but by the end of the game I was fed up with this. Legacy was mostly set in a house but with a lot of different areas it didn't feel like this. So the going back multiple times to old rooms heightened the 'pick up item in room A to put it in room D to get an item to use in room B to pick up something to use in room A' type gameplay.

I prefer gameplay to be plot driven and if not that to be more goal driven. Elephant games normally aren't like that but due to the feeling of progressing in games into mostly new areas, or good plot I don't mind so much. But for this type of claustrophobic type gameplay drove me up the wall, so by the end of the game I was glad to be finished with the house.

But there were some lovely imaginative scenes, and graphics were good.

If plot is important to you I'd say 'what plot'. As quickly after the demo, it was exactly the same - monster in most rooms - find something to defeat it. Kids in peril from demon/monster and it never went anywhere. GT wishes went quickly into an interesting and clever story but not here.

I will say the bonus plot was interesting and a LOT better than the main game, but SE players will be disappointed in ending as it was more of an ERS ending for their SE games (obvious where bonus will go to resolve one aspect of story.)

This is elephant's usual trademark - not many hos, never repeat them and here they are all interactive.

I haven't said this in ages with elephant but thankfully I can say I loved the puzzles in this game - felt fresh. And no they weren't hard just fun and none that I remember were insultingly easy. They brought back my two favourite puzzles - bad guys/good guys and the pipe puzzle in the bonus.

 posted in Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition on Aug 25, 13 1:06 PM
I found concentrating on one area at a time at the beginning (ignoring the bad guys) until I built up quite a few in one group the best way keeping the walls/corners so then there is less opportunity for them to outflank you. Then do another area (but just a few). In the beginning getting the center area helps you.

Remembering that jumping over to catch a bad guy will result in a big hole which if a bad guy goes into you will lose a lot of men. But moving adjacent doesn't create a hole, so I mostly prefer to do that.

So I try and think before I move where the bad guy will move - how many of my men will he capture if I make a hole for him - and at the end this helps. It's all about trying not to get them to outflank you, and change you to bad guys so you can't move into the middle of a group of them.

If you've played othello it's a bit like that. I also found if I made bad moves at the beginning just to reset it and you quickly find out how the bad guys move, if you look at their pattern.

It's the same puzzle that was in grim tales the wishes.

I'm sure there are loads of different strategies that work for different people but thinking of this game like othello/reversi, I think is the best hint I can give.

edit - To get a few mass good guys at the beginning, avoid the bad buys for the first couple of moves - don't move towards them or their first move will be to capture you. Then you can get all of them (2 or 3) in one of their small groups. the beginning I find is the key to this puzzle.
 posted in League of Light: Dark Omens on Aug 23, 13 7:49 AM
Just wanted to thank sportygal for coming here on game forum (and not just main review page) and give invaluable information about the ending. Which for me is the most vital piece of information about a SE game, (if I'm thinking about it as a SE) and is often hard to find that vital information. As well as the differences.

I know we can sometimes have different tastes in games, but it doesn't matter as your reviews are always so detailed informative, which is why I always look for them and love your reviews. So huge double thanks.

I appreciate CE reviewers who have finished a game, to come to a SE forum and give us that information. As I don't want to wade through loads of demo reviews in CE forum, especially if I'm thinking of buying the SE. So thanks to justthefacts,read61 as well.

I don't have time to try it but with all that information, I think I'll buy the CE when it goes on sale again.

 posted in Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition on Aug 16, 13 12:28 AM
I was coming here to ask how many they are as when I clicked on them the count was not going up (I can't remember what it said) but in achievements it only says I've got 4. with one little circle beside it and the big one to the left now has 4 meerkats in it I would have thought it would have changed and said you've gotten all of them if I had.

As I was clicking on them and nothing more happened I went on to finish the game and now I'm just noticing it. I can restart again (as you still retain what you've gotten) to see if it does go up anymore but wanted to quickly ask and maybe save me the bother and if anyone knows if

a) the achievement does change and it says you've gotten all of them
b) if anyone knows exactly how many there are


edit - I replayed part of it and just getting 'aren't they adorable' but why isn't it saying 'all meerkats' and just 4?
 posted in Dracula Origin on Aug 10, 13 6:19 PM
sportygal - sorry this isn't to your taste, as you can see adventure games are so varied in type and it takes a while to know what type you like or not. A few months ago I finished all the chronicles of mystery, I think that's my favourite of them, tree of life I found hard at the beginning to get my bearings and know what to do. They're a good series apart from the weird hog one.

never feel that you shouldn't speak your mind if you don't like a game, we all have different tastes and over time we get to know what others like or don't like. I view group plays like a book club - a book club discusses books we discuss the game, what we like and don't like about it.

congratulations minesita, rudygee (and anyone else I haven't read all the posts)

We did group play for both pahelika's games. The previous group thread should help you. I only played the first one (secret legends).
sportygal don't think it's for you, it's a very puzzle heavy game
 posted in Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer on Aug 9, 13 5:30 PM
Mr Russ congrats, thanks for your further insights regarding plot very helpful but *I still think it wasn't that clear (in game not you) and just weird plot/motive. I can usually clue in or understand any person's motive or background etc but not here, it just came across as madman not making sense (sorry killing descendants just weird) and wasn't really explained or fleshed out much in the game). .*
 posted in Dracula Origin on Aug 9, 13 4:35 PM
raven wing - If you've checked a walkthrough and know which one's to press *the only thing I can think of, is have you checked the eyes? My memory is bad but don't they light up, you have to make sure that only the right animals have the eyes on (or is it off) but I think the eyes are the key.*
 posted in Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer on Aug 9, 13 4:20 PM
ravenwing congratulations (and anyone else who I missed)

marianne - I think you forgot to white out your posts when talking about the ending, as there is major spoilers in it regarding the plot

re plot *exactly! Apart from killing descendants for wrongs done in the past, which makes no sense what was the original wrong done? Although even if that was explained it ends up being a madman plot and not a concise, clear reason - straightforward revenge or greed, or cover up. Killing a son of someone who has wronged you or your family makes more sense, than all these different people who's ancient ancestor's somehow is involved. As you said CFG at the end everyone seems confused and it's sort of is mumbled over as even the devs must realise it doesn't make sense.*
 posted in Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer on Aug 8, 13 9:28 PM
debbiqlts (sorry don't know if I've congrats you or not) and harlequen

well I'm glad I wasn't having one of my frequent duh moments as I'm not alone re plot.

catfish girl - maybe I can be on the players list I know I was awkward and didn't turn up with everybody else.
 posted in Dracula Origin on Aug 8, 13 7:16 PM
Just some gameplay mechanics help - see popla's post on how to save (this is all in the this thread and popla's opening post but just to condense it)

right click to open journal and inventory

spacebar is your helper - shows interactive hotspots/exits in a scene

double click on exit to move faster to next scene (I think if you double click on him he moves faster as well like most games)

Like sherlock Holmes games one of the quirky triggers in this is, you must click on and read all documents and pages of them in this game as Mr russ puts it if Van Hesling doesn't know the information then neither do you. You need to click on everything you pick up - so right click to access and click and read documents. If it's not in the journal he doesn't know it.

press windows key or alt + tab to get out of game without exiting it to quickly come here and post! Just press the game icon in your bottom toolbar to get into the game again.

when downloading say yes to install direct x (even if you already have it)

Just checked and dracula origin is in UHS (if no-one is around to answer your question)

 posted in Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer on Aug 8, 13 6:58 PM
yeah mcquigan for finishing

I agree when I saw something I knew I'd need it and have to come back for it, it's irritating. I realise the logic of not collecting everything you see when you don't need it but I just prefer to be able to pick up things as you see them. some LFs are worse than others re this.
 posted in Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer on Aug 8, 13 4:58 PM
thanks minesita, I'm sure all those of us that have played will pop in when time permits to see if any unanswered questions are there, and if needed over at the group play thread at dracula origin. Just popped in there over there and you look great to go and quite a few people. In scratches and syberia 2 the old group thread was invaluable to us when we played - hints as to gameplay etc.
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aquatic, catfish girl, marianne (for the second time) congratulations on finishing

- As long as the arcade game isn't a platformer I'm OK, I love and can do other types of arcade games (I'm not naturally good at them) just not platformers. so far ND puzzles have only stumped me are two and one (the 2D weird graphic maze in a couple of them) has a hint system but the *timed hourglass* in ransom of seven seas - all walkthroughs, forums combined didn't help me I was at that for days not hours.

finished as well.

I know I've been playing some crappy games recently but this is the best game I've played in a while - I enjoyed it way more than the first one apart from the annoying triggers and many illogical moments. I ended up having to go to a walkthrough for one of the annoying triggers *the belt on the grindstone to trigger a conversation with the guy, I clicked on the grindstone once and it commented I needed a belt, because I didn't click at the left which said exactly the same thing it wouldn't trigger. urgh*

I did think the plot in the first one was better I just didn't 'get' this plot. spoiler don't read until finished game *the motive the brother did it made no sense to me, killing descendants of some ancestors - how does that work? I like games that you can understand motive.*

At least this game was quite good from the onset whereas the first game took ages for me to get into. I loved all the different locations and at least as the game went on there was a slight bit more to explore than the beginning.
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