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 posted in Subject 13 on Aug 15, 17 3:49 PM
Took forever to install, then went through the intro conversation, then when it came time to look around, it got as far as letting me click a red button, then nothing. Hard reboot, and again, nothing. Have it on the lowest graphics quality, even.

What a shame. It really looked like it was right up my alley.
 posted in Beholder on Feb 6, 17 12:01 PM
Reloading save points takes over 5 minutes. Is there a faster way to reload a saved point?
 posted in Beholder on Feb 6, 17 11:59 AM
Probably because you already gathered the information on the gun, but haven't blackmailed or reported the person.
 posted in Rome Defenders: The First Wave on Nov 17, 16 1:59 PM
I was pretty excited to finish the game!
Now I'm going to go back and try to get 3 stars on more levels.
It can be done!
 posted in Rome Defenders: The First Wave on Nov 9, 16 3:03 PM
Yay. I just finished it with 3 defenders remaining. It wasn't easy.
The glitch/bug I found works if you arrange the towers in a certain order. The enemies become confused and walk back and forth, and so eventually you can kill them. Unfortunately this does not work on bats, dragons and the little red baron guys.
On that level with the insane number of bats, 31 I think, the last part of it, I tore down a lot of guns and stuff and built tons of T-cells and upgraded them. As soon as that level was over, I replaced a few of the guns.
I took some pictures of my screen, but....
 posted in Rome Defenders: The First Wave on Nov 9, 16 1:04 PM
I got all the way to wave 33 using a glitch/bug that I found and exploited, but yeah. Like you, I can't stop those dang bats.
I'll go back and try again!!
 posted in Rome Defenders: The First Wave on Oct 27, 16 2:42 PM
Thanks Mr7933! I had tried a few different strategies on this one. It seems counter intuitive to allow the enemies in, but your strategy was the most logical!

Finished 15 the first attempt. It is a lot like level six, Now on to 16. I think I'll eventually manage to get it.
 posted in Rome Defenders: The First Wave on Aug 30, 16 2:20 PM
I'm in the same boat. I have NEARLY finished it a few times, then on the the last round, boom... .all gone.
 posted in Rome Defenders: The First Wave on Aug 23, 16 10:41 AM
SookieB wrote:To add to my earlier post:
Ditto to everything already posted and:
Game is resetting to level 4 every time I exit and come back. I choose Resume, but it starts me on level 4 again. I have played level 4 several times now. Not interested in starting there every time I play.
So MANY issues with this game! Just want my money back.
This is what happens when I just buy a game because I am so excited it's not HOG.

Try this. When it shows the map for the game you are resuming, there is a flag on the lower left corner of that map. Click on that flag (with a star on it) and it will show all the levels available to play. I hope this helps you.
 posted in Rome Defenders: The First Wave on Aug 20, 16 3:25 PM
Look at when you upgrade weapons to MAX. It will show you how many stars it costs. Sometimes it's worth it. Sometimes it's not!
 posted in Rome Defenders: The First Wave on Aug 19, 16 12:50 PM
May I suggest, if you are not doing so already, try to arrange your weapons so that the enemies have to zig and zag past them several times, instead of in a straight line.
You purchase your special weapons in the store section on the main screen.
I've made it to level 8, but I keep replaying the earlier levels to gain more stars to use in the store!
 posted in Virtual City on May 6, 16 1:39 PM
I found this too! I PURCHASED this game a few years ago, and now I can't get it from BF.
I did find it for free on Amazon, for my Kindle.
 posted in Build-a-lot World on Nov 16, 14 2:17 PM
bfgWaimea, the person was asking for help on multiple levels. I don't agree with locking the other threads.
 posted in Build-a-lot World on Nov 16, 14 2:15 PM
Forget three stars, I've tried 100 times and cannot beat the level
 posted in Build-a-lot World on Oct 6, 14 12:43 PM
Just an update FYI:
I did manage to complete the level with 1 star, no world bonus by building one Chateau and selling it real quick for cash (reforested and harvested wood a few times on empty lots for materials).
Then I just went along and built upgraded painted and landscaped Chateau after Chateau, building the workshop, lumber mill, garden center when I could. I had 18 workers so that I could go faster.
Not happy with 1 star, but the level is done now!!
 posted in Build-a-lot World on Oct 6, 14 12:26 PM
goloxx1 wrote:The world goal is NOT obtainable !!!!!! to get enough rent you must build 8 chateaus with 3 stars paint, landscape and stage. This gives you your rental income and 80 appeal with the zone lot as the refinery that leaves 5 lots to reforest for the 5 tree lots. no +appeal items to add to increase appeal so your just stuck I have sat there trying to figure it out for 2/3 of the time remaining and there is just nothing, nothing to increase appeal I am sooooooooooooooo FRUSTRATED

This is what I am thinking too. Doing the math, it just won't work, but SURELY someone has finished it?????????????

There are no parks or light houses to up the appeal. Yes, paint and landscape helps, but not enough. I tried several times with and without the jump start, and the end is the same.

Something is just not right here!! Maybe this is where they get you on the 'free to play' angle. You have to buy the expensive extra content to complete some levels, and without them you have to stop HERE.
 posted in Northern Tale 4 on Aug 17, 14 3:37 PM
This one has been ridiculously difficult and frustrating. I'm glad I've already done NT 1-3 and loved them, otherwise I'd be a true hater of this game.
Feeling frustrated.
 posted in Northern Tale 4 on Aug 15, 14 4:02 PM
Hey Silver!
I'm in your shoes with this one! I play all the time management strategy Northern Tale Series, Build a Lot series, Royal Envoy series, Adelantado series etc, but this level has me stumped! I'm sitting here saying to myself that if I was a newb first timer trying this for an hour, I'd have already given up!
I'll keep trying, because I know there is a lot of enjoyment to follow!
Just wanted to touch base on this since you sounded a lot like me on your post!!
 posted in Build-a-Lot: Mysteries 2 on Jul 14, 14 2:52 PM
Help? Someone? NEVERMIND. I figured it out. I just went ahead and sold almost all my empty lots, got 9 workers and enough wood for a mansion, sold the mansion, then it all started to work.
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three on Jan 9, 14 3:41 PM
I have finished the Conclusion level, in probably double the allotted time about 4 times now!
I've watched 2 youtube videos of people playing it. I STILL can't figure it out! What I end up doing is standing around and standing around and standing around waiting for enough resources to build something, so that I can have enough resources to build something else!
From the youtube videos, I've gotten the concept that the production buildings need to be as close as possible to the base camp or a warehouse. But keeping the production up to speed is impossible! As soon as I have a few resources, a building becomes inefficient and stops production, so I have to use everything I have to fix it... and so on and so on and so on.
What am I missing to finish this level on time? HELP
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