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 posted in Life Quest ™ on Apr 30, 10 10:09 AM
This is a Grubby Game!!! I'm sure of it!!!
This must be their first game after being acquired by Big Fish.

CAN'T WAIT TO TRY IT!! Ehr, I mean, BUY IT! Their games are AMAZING!
Too bad I don't have any credit (or coupon) for this, can't wait to try the demo though.
 posted in Royal Envoy on Apr 4, 10 2:35 PM
Also, something I forgot to mention: it it's "kinda" untimed.
That is: there is a timer, but you don't need to complete the level under it. Completing the level on time, on the other hand, gathers you an expert score. But that's about it (although completing every level in expert unlocks Expert Mode, but that alone is of course directed to "expert" players).
So, people who wants a relaxing game can also enjoy the beauty of Royal Envoy!
 posted in Royal Envoy on Apr 4, 10 1:54 PM
Recently, the newest game by Playrix (the makers of Fishdom/Gardenscapes/4Elements) called "Royal Envoy" was released.

They're selling a Collector's Edition now (this seems to be the trend now), but let me tell this: It's worth EVERY PENNY.

Royal Envoy it's a bit like the Build-a-Lot games, but still quite unique in it's own way. The graphics are simple the best out there for this genre, and there's so much detail on every single thing that it's keeps surprising me everytime. I specially love the loading screens (yep, I know, it's a strange thing to love!) since they're so pretty. And the game has plenty of replay value, with expert scores, trophies, and expert mode, etc.

Plus, what also really surprised me is that the Collector's Edition content is really great. This time (in my opinion) it DOES make a difference, since there's a detailed walkthrough for every level, a Making Off feature, wallpapers, soundtrack and 30 bonus challenges (yes, 30!).

Let's hope that they release this Collector's Edition here on Big Fish too, as it's too good for people to miss it. Maybe if more people want it they rush to release it here!
 posted in Zuma Deluxe on Mar 22, 10 11:19 AM
genkicoll wrote:What's the difference between Zuma and say, something like Luxor or Atlantis?

I should just try it and see for myself, but can't at the moment

Well, in Zuma, instead of being always at the bottom of the screen, you spin around in the middle, shooting marbles. But this is only valid for Zuma, since in Zuma's Revenge there are lots of places your frog can be. Also, in my opinion, Zuma is the most rewarding one, much more addictive and with a lot of replay value.
 posted in Simplz Zoo on Mar 8, 10 11:01 PM
Couldn't agree more with what quarlesqueen wrote.

I guess that when some developers try to get creative with their game and graphics, people sometimes think it's kiddie because it's different from the everyday game. But to my eyes they're gorgeous.
 posted in Boonka on Mar 8, 10 6:20 PM
Yes, it's possible. You have to keep practicing.
A good strategy (that worked for me) is to let at least 3 rows of boonkas on the top, and then you make a full line match, which doing so lifts the entire 4 top rows and gets you lots of points.
 posted in Simplz Zoo on Mar 7, 10 1:30 PM
pecabo1338 wrote:The field is about one fourth the size of the reflexive download.
I don't know how I'll be able to fit all the animals on this field.

I love the game but this field size is unacceptable. I bought the game but think I'll have to buy it again from reflexive.

Waiting to see if Bigfish fixes this because it's a huge problem.

Especially when you add the bonus animals. That would make 5 elephant size cages to fit on this tiny field.

Just a comment

This is a new version change. The field gets bigger when you improve (upgrade) your gates. Don't worry, it's the same game as reflexive.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Dec 11, 09 10:22 AM
Thank you for the response bfgCelebes. I sure appreciate the attention.
I guess they reviewed a beta (or a semi-beta, if that even exists) then.

As I said, I have not yet played the game, but I'm pretty positive it will be awesome and I'll forget about the morphing items as soon as I start playing.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Dec 11, 09 9:52 AM
Okay, here's something weird to add to the mystery:

The review from Jay is Games mentions the morphing items: "especially the return of the lovely mysterious, morphing objects from Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate."

And, at the very end, they also mention this: "This is a review of the basic version, which will be available to purchase in early December. The Collector's Edition, just released on BigFishGames, was not available to review at press time."

Well, I have yet to download the game (only tomorrow for me), but I'm kinda disappointed with this too. It does seems like Big Fish decided to remove these items, and I dunno why (because even without the achievements, and we knew they weren't coming on the basic version, finding these morphing items would still be fun)
 posted in Little Things on Oct 18, 09 11:24 AM
I'm Lisa52 on this one.
I'm a bit tired (okay, a lot tired) of all those common hidden object games, and this one came up as a refreshing way to play it.
Just because it has "cartoony" graphics (wonderfully made, by the way) and no story, it doesn't mean that it's aimed for kids. Think about this as a straight to the point hidden object game (just like the where's wally books): you only need to find the items.
I also liked that this one does offer some replayability, specially considering the badges.

Of the past games released this month, THIS ONE would be my game of choice (if I had the money to buy it, that is... )
 posted in The Adventures of Mary Ann: Lucky Pirates on Aug 15, 09 9:53 AM
Match-3s are my weak spot, it's been a while since one caught my interest.
This game is great!! I loved it all the way through the demo.

But here's a complaint: Big Fish, why on earth are you releasing this game NOW, when I can't afford it at the moment??? LOL
You should've released this in like in next month, were I may had the chance to buy it. Not now, where I'm left now wanting more.
 posted in Peggle Nights on Jul 24, 09 12:00 AM
You capture them by clicking on the little green lights on the main screen (the one with the moon). This do nothing, though, it's just for fun.
 posted in Ancient Quest of Saqqarah on May 17, 09 2:28 PM
Just got an e-mail from the developer (Codeminion) saying that a new SaqPack is available.

This is the third SaqPack for Saqqarah, and it includes new 504 unique levels, additional music, new ranks and new hidden hieroglyphs to find.
Also, the developer is running a really cool promotion for the first 50 buys, so check it out as soon as you can!

I would love to try this new SaqPack, but I can't , so please someone buy it and tell us here!
 posted in Azada ™ on May 3, 09 10:29 AM
I think, if I remember right, that you need to click on the arrow again so it will turn clockwise.
 posted in Ancient Quest of Saqqarah on Apr 28, 09 11:25 AM
I don't think there will be a second game, yet.

But there are two SaqPacks available (you could call them expansions) and each one has all new 500 levels. You can only get them from the official Saqqarah website though.
 posted in Flux Family Secrets: The Ripple Effect on Apr 13, 09 12:46 PM

I actually really really liked this one!
I usually don't like most HOGs (excluding the MCF series, and HE ones too), but this one was really good. My trial time went out really fast and left me wanting for more. The only thing that I didn't like much was the characters artwork.

Oh well, wish me luck with the twitter contest so I can get this!
 posted in Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier on Apr 8, 09 11:18 PM
If I'm not mistaken, the developer (Sandlot Games) offers free downloadable maps for Westward 2 on their website (google for it, since I can't post links).
 posted in Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier on Apr 8, 09 7:16 PM
Maybe you need the downloadable maps again.
Try downloading them again and installing them, and see if this still happens.
 posted in Wonderburg on Apr 3, 09 9:54 AM

I got the free coupon from twitter and got this game!!!
Woohoooooo! I'm jumping around the house right now!
 posted in Wonderburg on Apr 3, 09 8:22 AM
Oh my god!
Although this seems like a carbon copy of Build-a-lot, somehow I LOVED it! The cute graphics, the great animations, everything seems to fit perfectly.

Now I just need to win the free coupon from twitter contest or no game for me.
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