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 posted in Paradise on Aug 5, 09 9:24 AM
I downloaded this game and it did take awhile. I had to download the Walkthrough as the game is a bit hard to work through without it. Even with the walkthrough information the game is hard to follow. The night scenes with the wild cat are dark, too hard to see. I have a pretty decent computer and screen but they were still dark and hard to control the cat. I do think alot of the dialog could be eliminated and would greatly reduce the size of this file if the talking wasn't so extensive. Sometimes too much information about nothing? I enjoy the challenges of this type of game but get bored with all of the dialog. If I tried to skip through without it, the game wouldn't continue the way it should. Would I buy it again or recommend it to someone else? Not sure. I have 32 pages of walkthrough and only on page 20 so I will wait until the end.
NOTE: Watch the saves. If you don't do it exactly right you will lose your place and have to start over. That wasn't fun.
 posted in Return to Mysterious Island 2: Mina's Fate on Jul 20, 09 9:14 AM
I must be really stupid. I can't figure out how to repair the robot because I can't figure out the 4 numbers and the sequence to enter them in the robot. I pulled the cheat sheet and still can't seem to get it in my head. Can anyone help me please?
 posted in Dream Chronicles ™ 2: The Eternal Maze on May 13, 09 8:20 AM
I did get to play a sample of Dream Chronicles - The Chosen Child. It is a bit different but still looks like fun. I really enjoyed Dream Chronicles 2. Has anyone heard when DC - The Chosen Child will be released by Big Fish Games? Also, I did read somewhere in this forum where someone saw the third Purple book being put on the shelf which clued them in to the possibility of the third DC. Where did you see this book being placed on the shelf, I am looking for it out of curiosity only.

 posted in Dream Chronicles ™ 2: The Eternal Maze on Feb 19, 09 6:40 AM
I really enjoyed Dream Chronicles and Dream Chronicles 3 and can't wait until Dream Chronicles 3 is published. I noticed some of you have tested Dream Chronicles 3. Where can I find that option? I would like to see what it is like and if it matches up to or is better than DC 2. I still play the first to, wanting to see if I can better my time. Please let me know where DC 3 is so I can test it also. I too will hold on to my free game options until it comes out.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Dec 20, 08 11:32 AM
The first time I played the game it was a little frustrating. Not sure what to do on some puzzles or where to get or use Inventory Items. I used the information in this forum more than I would have liked. I did play a second time and discovered more places to find answers. I learned to "click" around some of the rooms and found other clues and uses for my Inventory Items. I did use all of the items the second time, the first time I had items in my inventory that I didn't use. The final puzzle was hard and I had to skip so I didn't get to the final Poem you referenced in this forum. Maybe I was too impatient. I did learn on the second play through that some of the puzzles made more sense and I took time to try them instead of getting frustrated and skipping them. I don't like the Wack a Troll. I am not fast enough on the mouse button for that one. I will play this game again just to see if I can move faster through it and I do look forward to more games like this one. Also, I noticed on the second time around that the answers I used the first time weren't necessarily the same in the second, the numbers or options did change. Can anyone recommend other current games I can find to play like this one?
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