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 posted in Anka on Jan 6, 10 5:14 AM
thank you all you sweet fishes i got it yaaaaa hoooooooooo have agreat day &stay warm its super cold here
 posted in Anka on Jan 6, 10 4:18 AM
thank younow how do i get the fire. each time i try the bboy pops up &says i cant use the fire . how do i get around that
 posted in Anka on Jan 6, 10 3:31 AM
help how do i do the face on scarecrow.its driveing me nuts.this is a great game for all. thanks for all your helpon this .i know its right under my nose oh well thats the way it goes.
go into museum on the left is a note that says closed for the season. click on it &you will be in gift shop. glad i am not the only one to miss it at first have a great dayy&enjoy the game
yes you are right this is a great pond also BFhas the best support team. asfar as the game. it gets abig 5 from metook awhile to play .so that makes it good.the end is a wow.hope this helps you. also great job on m c f dire grove.i got it done as well.plan to do it again.have a great day
 posted in Escape the Museum 2 on Nov 22, 09 12:05 AM
yes the light bulb is up under the tiles it drove me nuts as well just move mouse over tiles till onewiggles then push it back then you will get the light bulb hope this helps
 posted in Season of Mystery: The Cherry Blossom Murders on Nov 11, 09 8:11 PM
nice to know its not just me in the pond.i also will ask for credit.if b f cant fix it iwill say bf is good about credit when agame goes wrong.cant play so will try in the am .hope it goes then .right now nota happy clam .nite all fishies
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Titanic™ on Oct 24, 09 12:47 PM
go to down load games. then look at todays game or look at top of page hope this heips have funits agreat game happy as a clam
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Titanic™ on Oct 22, 09 11:03 PM
hi fishes hope you can help. i just got hidden mysteries titanic-secrets of the fateful voyage.i am stuck with the twezzers & cant find the right place for them also cant go on till i do.marige b. how about a w t for this one please thanks allfishes have a fin day happy as a clam
 posted in Dream Chronicles ™ 2: The Eternal Maze on Oct 18, 09 3:43 PM
lizziek just want to say big big thank you for w t you can see i am very i just got done with d c 2 ya hoooo..keep up the great work .take care happy as a clam
 posted in Azada ™: Ancient Magic on Aug 28, 09 11:51 AM
you got that right. what is the hold up anyway bf.i hope its soonnnnn as in tomorrow.that would be great. it will make for a lot of happy happy fishes.take care
 posted in Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan on Aug 7, 09 8:59 PM
hi all just want to let you know that dd l v is out in the store. if you want the name.just send me a note at my p m box and i will tell you.sorry bf you took to long on this one. hope this helps all of you at the pond have fun and take care. happy as a clam
 posted in Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan on Jun 4, 09 11:05 PM
happy as a clam here. i just got done with new DD i give this one at least maybe more.i found this on i win tonite. the one hour flew by. the ***** are good theway to get more hints is new &fun.these art just some of the new things to look bbg you to get moving on this game.asthe promo said it is june/wedding month.bettweenthis&asada 3comming soooooon ihope.its going to be a great summer . have a great time with this one. yours happyasaclam ps sorry about any type oooooooooooo its late ha
 posted in Flux Family Secrets: The Ripple Effect on May 2, 09 12:35 PM
hi to all bfs in the pond.i am not a happy clam right know.i cant find the spot for the rod any help would be great.i think this is agreat game. thanks for all the help. have a great day yours soon to be a happy clam once more.
 posted in The Count of Monte Cristo on Apr 26, 09 9:00 PM
:you are not alone.i dont get it as well. any one know this one yet .any &all help would be great thanks i love all the minnm games.the sale price on this game wow wow thanks big fish keep the games comeingbibfish happy as a clam
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