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 posted in Detective Agency on Apr 12, 09 11:14 AM
3 minutes from download to uninstall

horrible, horrible gameplay - jumpy cursor, extended lag time in scene shifts, sluggish response, and poor quality help.

no thank you, BigFish - no more of these monstrosities, please?
 posted in Between the Worlds on Apr 10, 09 12:06 PM
I downloaded this game because HO games are my favorite, but it's virtually unplayable: the cursor is almost uncontrollable, slow, and jumps all around. and half the time you click on something it doesn't "catch," so you're losing time no matter how fast you go.

won't buy it.
 posted in The Wizard's Pen on Feb 27, 09 8:46 AM
very clever and original game. I enjoyed it very much. as always, Pop Cap games are outstanding.
 posted in Dreamsdwell Stories on Feb 15, 09 11:07 AM
I prefer this to regular marble poppers, by a long shot. my only issue with the game is obtaining diamonds - I pop enough marbles to earn one or more diamonds, and that is reflected in my screen shot, but when I return to the world screen, the number of marbles is either the same as before or one-two-even-three fewer than I should have. this becomes tedious and interferes with game enjoyment.
 posted in The Pini Society on Dec 24, 08 11:09 AM
oh, dear. I downloaded the trial this morning, and immediately into the first puzzle, I crashed to blue screen. I'm pretty sure it was the game, not my PC.

darn, it looked like one I'd enjoy, but I'm not going to risk replicating that! off to uninstall.
 posted in The Color of Murder on Nov 20, 08 5:51 PM
I have the suitcase, but cannot open it, even with the code. I push the right buttons (127), but nothing happens.

never mind - I figured out what I'd left out.
 posted in Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold ™ on Nov 10, 08 2:26 PM
I'm having the same problem - can't quit the game after finishing it!
 posted in Veronica Rivers: Portals to the Unknown ™ on Oct 17, 08 8:32 AM
is anyone else experiencing this? twice now I've gotten to the same point late in the game when the game crashes. it seems to happen when I click on a "cave spot" on one of the hidden object screens.

I will be contacting Big Fish about it, but I just wondered if has happened to anyone else.
 posted in Musaic Box on Oct 12, 08 10:36 AM
I have purchased, played, and solved all the "Hidden Object" games offered on Big Fish (I'm a hidden object junkie!), and "Musaic Box" is absolutely my favorite. it's a little tricky finding all the "objects," and it definitely helps to have some kind of musical training or familiarity with all types of music, but I found it to be challenging without being completely arcane. I've recommended it to all my friends!
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