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 posted in Gravely Silent: House of Deadlock on Oct 5, 11 7:51 AM
hambon wrote:mcurty Stingray

I think if a game is put out as a collectors game it should not be put out as a regular game. Thanks hambon


The reason there are two editions is because not everyone can afford to pay the price of two games for one game. The Standard Edition, without the extras, is released about a month after the Collector's Edition. It is a good policy. People who like to play the games but cannot afford to pay the extra money are given the opportunity to play games without going broke. The people who can afford to pay the extra money get to play games a month earlier than other people and they have bonus content to play, usually.
 posted in Oddly Enough: Pied Piper on Oct 4, 11 3:43 PM
Great review DarkDisciple1313. I, too, write poetry and enjoyed every word of it. You described the story line very well. I'm not too sure about the game as I haven't tried it yet. If it's odd, bright, and a little challenging I just might buy it. Off to try the game.

I bought the game and have finished it. It was fun to play although I wish there were voices in the game to make it better. Even though the whole game takes place at night the game is still bright enough that people shouldn't have to fool with the brightness on their monitors. I played on expert mode and it was a little challenging for me. I only used the walkthough once. Most things can be figured out by looking at the inventory and figuring out what to do with each item. I had the use the walkthrough once because I did not pick up an item I needed.

The game is a good length and the hidden objects, although fragmented, were not too hard to find.

I give this game out of 5 happy moons.
 posted in Ancient Spirits: Columbus' Legacy on Oct 2, 11 2:23 PM
This is a beautiful game. The graphics, music, gameplay are all well done. The game is bright and not too challenging even on expert mode, which I played, but the story is a little dry and boring to me so I will skip this game.

For the excellence of all the elements in the game I give this game
 posted in Tamara the 13th on Sep 30, 11 4:59 PM
I bought this game when it first came out but just got through a lot of other games I had on hold.

I know there are a lot of tiny objects in the game and the developers had a habit of embedding objects in an area the same color as the object itself which made objects very difficult to find but once I understood that that was the gameplan it was a lot easier to find objects. I used hints when I had to. After the opening scene with the green man, in which I used a few hints, I had little trouble with finding objects.

I enjoyed the game and got engrossed in it for several days. I took my time looking for things and figured everything out myself without the help of the walkthrough. Thank you Playfirst for making the game challenging enough to be enjoyable yet solveable enough for us players to figure out for ourselves without help. I know a lot of people will need the walkthrough but i preferred to walk away and come back another time when my brain was rested.

It's a beautiful game and the music is nice. I didn't need to turn it down or off as I usually do in these games. The mini games were not that difficult. Thank you very much. Charging the magic got a little difficult as I got further into the game but I managed to figure them all out.

I am definitely looking forward to my next Playfirst game as I have enjoyed so many of them. This one is definitely fun. I wonder though, what would have happened if I said I wanted to replay the game when I got near the end. Maybe someone can tell me. I said I didn't want to replay the game because I was afraid I would get thrown back to the beginning and not go to the end if I said I wanted to replay it. Just curious.

I give this game out of five. A sun was lost because some of the dialogue went by too fast for me to read. As someone else wrote, I would like to know what the two amulets at the end of the game were about.
 posted in Caelum on Sep 29, 11 10:53 AM
Hi all,

I've never played Peggle so I don't know too much about it other than it is much like this game according to the comments and reviews. This is not my usual type of game to play but I do enjoy many types of game including pinball games. I like the game and will buy it,

I would like to know if a player ever gets more than ten balls starting out in a game? Even with extra balls and power ups I am stuck on a level in the demo. This will not stop me from buying it as the game is fun and a bargain at the Daily Deal price. I'll keep trying until I get through it. That's what we game lovers do.
 posted in RealMYST on Sep 18, 11 7:25 PM
I played all the Myst series and all of Uru except Uru Live. I really enjoyed this series. The story of D'ni in Uru was heartbreaking but playing the game was real fun and challenging. All of Uru was done in 3 dimensions. I like 3D games, especially the flying ones. They're so much more fun to me than static 2D games. If you like adventure games and are looking for a challenge and a different look to your game, you can't go wrong with the Myst and Uru games.
 posted in Urban Legends: The Maze on Sep 17, 11 12:27 PM
This seems to be a really nice hidden object/adventure game but it is too junky and dark for me. It doesn't matter to me anymore how good a game is, if it's dark, dreary and junky I'm not going to spend my money on it. Elephant games makes good games but this is not one of their best.
 posted in Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows on Sep 16, 11 12:03 PM
As for this game, I found it to be very dry and boring. The story was alright and the different ways to find the hidden objects was good. I only did the puzzle minigame but I assume the other minigames will be enjoyable also.

The problem with this game is it doesn't make sense to me. I have no idea what the woman is doing. Is she doing a story on Bigfoot, chasing treasure or just wandering around? What is her purpose? Anyway, the inane running from here to there, back home and everywhere just got on my nerves. I hope she gets where she is supposed to be sometime in this century.

To all of you who managed to finish this game, congratulations. I will never know the secret of Bigfoot. Not even for $2.99. It seems to be a very nice game but the senselessness of the main character's actions is annoying.

I give this game
 posted in Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows on Sep 16, 11 10:18 AM
Classicaljazz said everything I would say about the Daily Deals. I look forward to them and have found some games I've missed in the past. I also get to get them at a greatly reduced price.

As for this game, I found it to be very dry and boring. The story was alright and the different ways to find the hidden objects was good. I only did the puzzle minigame but I assume the other minigames will be enjoyable also.

The problem with this game is it doesn't make sense to me. I have no idea what the woman is doing. Is she doing a story on Bigfoot, chasing treasure or just wandering around? What is her purpose? Anyway, the inane running from here to there, back home and everywhere just got on my nerves. I hope she gets where she is supposed to be sometime in this century.

To all of you who managed to finish this game, congratulations. I will never know the secret of Bigfoot. Not even for $2.99. It seems to be a very nice game but the senselessness of the main character's actions is annoying.

I give this game
 posted in Awakening: The Goblin Kingdom Collector's Edition on Aug 25, 11 11:31 AM
This game is nice. The graphics are beautiful, as usual, and I have an Nvidia GeForce graphics card. The music is nice so I don't have to turn it down real low.
There are lots of puzzles which I really like. The Awakening series games are not heavy on hidden objects so I would categorize this as a puzzle/hidden object game, not the other way around. This is a big plus to me.

As for the story line, it is told to the player at the beginning of the game. It is not an adventure game where you don't know what's going on. It is a game where the player has to talk to characters and get past obstacles to find the humans who left her country one hundred years before. The obstacles are in the form of puzzles.

If people haven't noticed, the reason this game is a collector's edition and not a standard edition is because there is a strategy guide included in this game as well as other things. The strategy guide had to be bought separately in the other games. If you want to use the strategy guide you have to pay for it. If you don't want to pay for it wait for the se. If I could afford it I would buy it today but since I can't, I'll wait for the se. The game is well worth the wait in my opinion.

I rate this game

Wow! Two 5 happy suns game in one week for me. I'm a happy gamer
 posted in Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost on Aug 24, 11 10:41 AM
This is a nice light adventure game. The graphics are cartoony but that doesn't bother me. I played all of the Samantha Swift games. The game is bright and thought provoking, not dark and brain bending. I've played 57 minutes of the demo and I haven't even completed the tasks for the first ghost yet. I take my time playing games and I look everywhere slowly. This game will take me a while to play. I like that. The help is there if you need it. I checked it out for this review. It is very helpful. It seems to be a built in strategy guide. The directions are straight forward.

The minigames are not too hard yet but they do test you a little. They will probably get more difficult as the game progresses.

The sound is enjoyable. I think I will use the headphones as the game suggests. The sound quality is good but using the headphones will make the game more immersive. I normally turn the music off almost at the start of most games. I didn't this time.

The developers did a good job turning Felix into a not so friendly looking Felix. That's a nice touch.

I give this game , It seems to be well worth my last credit. Oh well, there's always next month for another credit.

 posted in Sonya Collector's Edition on Aug 23, 11 8:23 AM
This game has all the elements I like in a hidden object/adventure game. The graphics are beautiful and bright. The minigames are challenging to me. The music is nice and I can find all the help I need in the game using either the hint system or the strategy guide. I also like that the hidden object scenes have decent sized hidden objects instead of tiny pieces and there are many types of hidden object scenes.. The game will probably end up being a decent length for me assuming that the strategy guide does not show the whole game. If it does show the whole game, the game will be too short even though I take many breaks from hidden object games when I play them.

Although the game has many pros Sonya is very tedious to me. I was not too thrilled with the fact that Sonya uses the same running back and forth to the same places multiple times that MCF Dire Grove used to lengthen the game. This did not detract from Dire Grove too much because the player got somewhere new by doing this. In this game I felt as though I was going nowhere fast. In the whole hour I played I just got to doing things in the workshop and that was not far from the house.

I don't know what it is about this game that makes it so boring to me. It has everything I like in a game. Maybe it just has too much of it.

I will try this game again when the standard edition comes out. If I still feel the same way about it I will not buy but if I like it better then I will probably buy the collector's edition because the strategy guide is useful to me.

I give this game out of 5.
 posted in Spirit Soup: The Queensbury Curse on Aug 20, 11 12:02 PM
Finally, another game like The Fool. The story line is about a cursed town but the game is not dark and dreary. It is nice to play a game that is bright and fun to play. The hand is a little difficult to work with but that is a minor annoyance. This is a buy for me even if the fast players can complete the game in two hours. I am a slow player so it will probably take me five to six hours. I take my time, look everywhere and retrace my steps just in case something new pops up or I missed something before. I don't know how much running around there is to do but no matter what it is it won't bother me because the game is bright and light. It is worth a full credit to me
 posted in Reaxxion on Aug 17, 11 9:15 AM
MEnr56 wrote:

The one thing that DISLIKE is the fact that instead of having to repeat that 1 scenario that you lost, you've got to REPLAY the whole level. Since I never got past the first level, I'm only hoping that you don't have to REPLAY the whole game like you do with Plumeboom.


If this is like the other brickbuster type games I've played, you should only have to repeat the level you missed on. If this is not the case then I will not be happy I bought this game. Since I managed to get up to five lives in the first level I think it will be awhile before I find out.

So far I give this game out of five. It lost a sun due to having to replay the whole level if one sublevel is not completed.

If I have to go back to level one because I miss on a higher level , then I will change my rating to five thumbs down. This game is difficult enough without having to replay from the beginning of the game many times. In the games I've played in the past I would have given up long before I even got the near the end if I had to replay them from level one.
 posted in Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends on Aug 1, 11 3:52 PM
Tedious, tedious, tedious! Find twelve of this, ten of that. Find little pieces of paper in the dark. I probably would not have minded if my vision was twenty twenty but it isn't. Another annoying thing was the fact that clicking around quickly caused the hint button to exhaust itself. The third annoyance was the fact that some puzzles had no help at all. I skipped several of them even though they looked very interesting. The game did not start out to be that bad or I would not have bought it. I'm glad developers don't make games like this anymore.
 posted in Awakening: Moonfell Wood on Jul 29, 11 3:36 PM
This is a beautiful game with a beautiful story. The graphics are good and the music, which I generally turn off in games, was nice and relaxing. I did have to turn the music to real low towards the end because the game was so long and the music became annoying. No matter how nice something is, after awhile it gets to you. According to the game it took me almost thirteen hours to finish. I took a lot of breaks.

I liked the minigames a lot. They were fun to play. The only thing I found really annoying was the constant clicking to turn the fragmented pieces. It was beginning to really bother me but I was near the end of the game so I hung in there.

The game is nicely put together and I really enjoyed playing it. I would probably play it again but there is too much clicking in the later stages of the game. I hope Boom Zap does away with all the fragment turning next time.

Good job Boom Zap. I rate this game
 posted in The Lost City: Chapter One on Jul 28, 11 8:57 AM
Hello Fellow Fish,

This game is a little different, which I like sometimes. The twigs around the border and the strange cursor were annoying at first. Once I got used to them it was not too much of a problem.

The minigames were interesting as was the story line and the hidden objects scenes within scenes. The game is more of an old time adventure game where if you don't do something you're stuck in the game until you get it done. This is annoying sometimes but it makes a person think about what has to be done.

I had six minutes left in the demo. I got to the safe in the father's apartment and judging by the walkthrough I have quite a way to go before I get to the finish. I enjoyed the game for the most part. It was interesting but the scenery was depressing to me. I'm not sure whether it was the color or what but I found it to be very depressing. I will probably buy the game in the future but it will most likely be bought at the Daily Deal price. Even though the game has many positives it has almost as many negatives.

I give this game
 posted in Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix and Her Nightmare on Jul 8, 11 10:35 AM
nelliegemini wrote:I'm just loving this, I played until the demo ran out which hasn't happened for years. Whilst I understand that many like using the mouse, since I've just been playing Landgrabbers and Mystic Inn I am enjoying the relaxation of not clickity clicking all the time, and the keyboard movements are not too fast, since you have to think what you are doing and plan ahead.

All I can say is try it for a few minutes, the voices are great (esp. the whiney school kids who didn't like Vanessa and now have to rely on her!).

As was said elsewhere, I'm just glad has the courage to bring out a quirky game like this rather than same old same old (not that I don't enjoy HOG and TMG).

When I searched to find out more about the game I found

"Winner, BEST DESIGN, (****)'s 3rd Independent Game Developers Contest*** Mario-meets-Rubik's-Cube game, coming soon to the PC and Xbox 360!"

I would have liked to have tried this game also but like so many others have said the game doesn't work even after I installed Microsoft's xna file. The DOS command box that opened showed that the game did not install where Big Fish games are supposed to install and I still couldn't run it from the directory it did install to. I probably could have run it from the DOS command box (the black box others have written about) in Dos mode but I don't want to be bothered with that. It's too bad the game doesn't work. It looked like it would have been a good game to play. I uninstalled the game.

I'm happy for the people who managed to run this game successfully. I give this game
 posted in Dark Dimensions: City of Fog on Jun 19, 11 2:34 PM
BBWSmilinEyes wrote:
Slow as a slug & jerky too???

This game looks like a good one... but it's playing so slow & jerky that I'm about to delete it. I thought that I'd throw it out to the fishies to see if anyone has any tips first.

I've already restarted my computer & it didn't help a bit.

I've never had a BF game act like this. I realize that I look like a new fishie (Sea Anemone) but I own 50+ games.

Any ideas on how to correct this would be appreciated!!


I've had this problem in the past. When I updated my graphics card the game ran smoothly. I hope this helps.
 posted in The Timebuilders: Caveman's Prophecy on Jun 15, 11 4:25 PM
I didn't like this game at all. The screen is so truncated, even though I was not in windowed mode, it seemed as if everything was on top of one another. I know that the space is in the proper proportions but the overcrowding due to screen size makes the game unpleasant to play. This is a no buy for me. The first Time Builders played in full screen. I don't know why this one doesn't.
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