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 posted in Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child on May 20, 09 9:02 AM
I'm at the end of the game-- I have the teddy bear but I can't put it by the steps- message says :not the place for this item. I could never get the book at the herbilist house to give me the page to get the shriveling potion, I had done everything up to this point- all dream jewels too - so I just went to the kitchen and put all the potion things in and got the shriveling potion went back -- freed the bear and now he won't go where he is supposed to go. What should I do?
 posted in Amazing Finds on May 5, 09 10:25 AM
I have looked everywhere for a chinesse take-out box or any kind of takeout food and can't find this. I have done every mini-game up to this point and there isn't anything left to find in any other area. No hint button highlights anything in any area. I can't go forward to any other area ---all other pages say "Not at this time" the only thing in my invenory is the crowbar. Am I to do something with this first? I can't pop the balloons by the van because I can't get to the beach page to get the pin as another thread said how to pop the balloons. I've looked on other pages for "take-out" but still can't seem to understand what is needed. H E L P------
 posted in Amazing Finds on May 5, 09 9:42 AM
Someone Help ! ! In the pic where the van / balloons are -- there is "take out" listed in the items to find -- I don't see anything that looks like a chinesse take-out container or a foam -like plate from a resturant. Nothing highlights when I hit the hint button. I have gone through the time limit 11 times now tring to hit everything in sight. I can't advance until this is solved.
 posted in Amazing Finds on Apr 29, 09 9:40 PM
in the scene with the van and balloons-- what is "Take Out" in the list? I can't get the hint button to light up anything in the scene.
 posted in Rescue at Rajini Island on Feb 2, 09 9:49 PM
I found the solution! put these symbols in from the top: 1. the one with a dot - kinda like a P 2. the M 3.the loop 4. the F on it's side Now starting at the top --- click each one to the next symbol. The screen changed so fast when I did this I didn't get a chance to write the last code down. You don't even have to do anything to the vase --- It finishes the level. It took me a few minutes from here to finish the whole game.
 posted in Rescue at Rajini Island on Feb 2, 09 5:07 PM
I am stuck in this area, there isn't anything in the journal to give me a code for the 4 M's on the wall. Someone was able to break the urn -- but no one told me how to do that either. I've searched the forum and there seems to be about 4 or 5 of us stuck in this area. PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE US THE ANSWER !
 posted in Rescue at Rajini Island on Feb 2, 09 4:56 PM
there seems to be about 4 of us at this point and no one is helping us. There is not anything in my journal with the 4 symbols -- someone said they broke the vase but I can't get an answer from them on how to even do this. SOMEONE HELP ! !
 posted in Rescue at Rajini Island on Jan 30, 09 10:46 AM
hi -- I'm stuck in this scene also. I do not have a page in the journal that shows the code for the wall. The journal page just says that the ashtray (vase) is locked. Would someone please give me the code where the 4 M's are? Also what you do to advance--- thanks, D
 posted in Rescue at Rajini Island on Jan 30, 09 1:42 AM
I'm having trouble in the game at the wall where you have 4 M,s in a line to the right and 2 symbols in a door and a golden urn that is locked. What do you do to get the code for the 4 symbols? Please someone give me the solution !
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