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Ok, I took a breather, went back into the game, did it with speed and it worked! thanks again!!!!
thankyou, I did and it worked!!! However I am trying to do the same thing for the one on the left and it wont work. Is there any tricks or anything different for that one? In the meantime I will keep trying. Appreciated getting an answer so quick, thanks again.
I would rather find the morphs than hidden objects any day. I love the fact that your not tryint to find tiny little items in a cluttered up room totaly disorganized. I guess to me its refreshing and easier on my eyes. I hope after this that they will be in more games. Its not that much different than looking for hidden objects. This game is crazy and I am enjoying it. However I feel like me and the SG have become very close, I walk hand in hand with it. I am just a little over halfway through, and as I play, I continue to think how much work was put into this game, I am amazed that a game like this was possible to make. anyhoo, I am back to playing, just felt I wanted to add a positive comment and let big Fish know I am blessed to be an owner of this game.
I also waited for it to be in the green then tried it, wouldnt work, waited until it was in the yellow and then the red, and still wont work. Im frustrated.
I have read and re-read instructions in the forum to get the code to open up the first door on the left. I went to the monitor room, in fact I did it several times wound up with at least 6 different codes. anyway, I got the green handle, went into the monitor room, got the code, went back and entered it and it wont let me in. Like I said I have done it several times and it wont open the door. What am I doing wrong, or is there a possible glitch with the code not working. Cant continue until I get an answer. Waiting as patiently as i can, thankyou to anyone who can help me.
thanks that helps me to, been searching and now I know.
(removed by moderator). The devs were great and very creative. They put a ton of work into this game and by all means I appreciate it. It has brough hours of pleasure into my home. You played the whole game and want your money back? Its thanksgiving, (removed by moderator)
Absolutley do not agree with you. Its a grreat game, different and the morphs, well all I can say is I love them! I like looking for them better than hidden objects. I dont have any negatives except its pretty hard and makes you think more. It thrilling, it is exciting and one of the best games I have played. What kind of a game would you come up with, what would you do to make it fit your standards? Could you possibly come up with a great game full of interesting things to do and others would like it? Like to hear your opinions on what you would do.
I'm with you on that. I love this game to, but the back ground noises, oh my gosh! Gotta go back and get creeped out again, love it.
You took the words out of my mouth. Well said. Personaly, I wish they had an area for gripes only, those who just want to rant about what they hate. Sparkles, being led by the hand and so forth. Even on this forum, " Morphs are boring" well at least they didnt put that in the review section. Same thing for the positive side on what you do like/love about the game. Never fails, someone writes they loved the game, cant wait to get back and play it, then someone comments right after that saying, can you give us a review instead of just saying how much you like it. The cup is either half full or half empty. so are reviews meant to express how you like the game or how much you hate it and rank down the devs for coming up with such a game. I hardly ever leave comments, and am to the point I dont even like reading reviews. Well i'm off to play the rest of this game, I love it, and I love the morphs and all the challenges. I have nothing but postives for this game. Feel free to gripe about my comment, not coming back to read any.
Birds of a feather flock together.
this game ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! It is awwesome and absolutely the best adventure, drama, suspensful game I have played as of to day. I cannot imagaine the time and work that went into this game. I really wanted to express how thankful I am and excited to have a game that is so real and exciting. Dont know what else I can say, the scenes, the realness all of it is fantastic. The morphes, what a nice substitute for hidden objects. It is really nice to have a change, I can take my time looking without squinting my eyes trying to find. Hints recharge fast. When this came out I didnt even bother to demo, I knew it had to be great. All of MCF games are wonderful and challenging. Thankyou again, my gosh for this price, I have hours of pleasure ahead of me, so much better than going to a movie theatre. Got my popcorn, pepsi in hand and I am off to go play. Yaaahoooooooo!
 posted in Haunted Manor: Queen of Death Collector's Edition on Nov 20, 11 10:19 AM
I was two minutes into the demo and decided to buy. I know right off the bat if I am going to love the game. I cant wait!!!! Its exactly what I love, eerie, dark and suspensful. For the price, what else can you get that brings you hours of pleasure. You can't go to movie theatres and demo them before you see it. The problem i have is only in the download. I have DHL and it still takes at least 6 to 7 hours do download. Wonder why?

Also question for the moderator; I read the review section, and honestly they were so negative that I had to quickly get out. Reviewing a game and ranking it down with an attitude is two different things. Perhaps there needs to be an area for complaints only. I always read reviews before i purchase, I have made the mistake by not buying a game because of negative reviews only to find out later, the game was fantastic. A review whether postive or negative is a review, its the attitude that needs to be tossed.

anyway, back to this game. I love the scenery, hog's, and the adventure of collecting items. Its wonderful, thankyou again for bringing such pleasure into my home.
 posted in Haunted Manor: Queen of Death Collector's Edition on Nov 20, 11 10:09 AM
hannah57 wrote:Another hog party, I'm just sick and tired of them. No buy here.

Why even leave a comment if you dont like hogs? dont bother to look at it when you know its a hog.
Hogs are the only games I buy and love them. I tried the demo and am now downloading the game. I cannot wait to play. It's dark and eerie just the way I like em. I dont mind the sparkles at all, in fact I like them. The game keeps you busy and in suspence. Thankyou Big Fish, this is a GREAT game.
 posted in Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness on Nov 19, 11 3:03 PM
Ok, the chalk symbols are on the right and I am to click the markings on the left. I hit the advise a couple of times and for some reason I am missing the boat. Can someone help me out with this?
 posted in The Keepers: Lost Progeny Collector's Edition on Nov 14, 11 11:11 PM
you took the words out of my mouth. I know there is an area to post reviews, but I love having a place to only say compliments. There is not one thing negative about this game at all. The developers have outdone themselves, they had my attention throughout the whole game. Its awesome and worth every penny and more.
 posted in The Keepers: Lost Progeny Collector's Edition on Nov 14, 11 11:01 PM
Absolutely excellent!!!!!! this is a great game, this game is suspenseful, keeps you wondering whats gonna happen next. Graphics are superb. the hidden objects scenes are rather enjoyable and not cluttered. This game is worth every dime. there isnt one thing negative about this game. Hours of enjoyment and alot funner than spending $20.00 at the movies when you can stay home and spend hours of your time playing. Thank you Big Fish, I am delighted.
 posted in Bluebeard's Castle on Nov 14, 11 11:23 AM
Well it doesnt hurt to try a new thread. I know there is an area for reviews also a thread for suggestions to the developer. Personaly I would like to see an area just to give compliments ONLY. Thankyou to the devs for bringing very inexpenive entertainment into our homes. I am disabled and cannot get out to go to movie theatres. Besides that, a movie its quite expensive and you dont get a chance to demo it before you see. For a few dollars I have hours of entertainment. I loved your game, and appreciate the hard work that went into it. I look forward to many more from you. I have only compliments, thankyou.
 posted in Bluebeard's Castle on Nov 14, 11 11:08 AM
Never mind, it got answered
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