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 posted in Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena on Oct 8, 08 8:20 AM
I seriously think there is a glitch in this game... for some of us at least.

Yes immonicam.. you do need the hook for the fish... and the magnet for the bowl.
Why you can't pick them up has to be a glitch.

I"ve struggled too hard with this game...... and it's not fun when that happens.

Hope you find a solution..... wish I could help you... as I know it is frustrating.
 posted in Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena on Oct 8, 08 6:28 AM
Stick a fork in me.... !! I"m done..

So much for this game. I"ve uninstalled it and re-installed it and I did get past the flower on the alter. I had trouble too with the metal detector... it just wouldn't work.... until the 50th try... even though I clicked on the blue cursors with the detector. Gggrrrrr.
Now I'm so lost in the bloody maze trying to find the king's.. I go around and around and I just can't find the last one. Up and down the halls like a bloody. drunken fool... !! I tried just going around the outside wall like was suggested... but nada, zilch......... didn't work.
For someone who can get lost in a large shopping mall.... this is not the place for me to be. It was sheer luck I found any of them at all. Now I"m just plain stuck .. and my patience have been exhausted ! After spending 4 hrs trying to find the last friggen King... I"ve had it.. !! He can stay where he is for all I care.....LOLO

Money back time. !! I just refuse to be trapped like that. I"m getting clostrophobic and I"m running out of oxygen down in the bloody dungeon or whatever it is. Besides I"m getting hungry and weak and will soon lose consciousness... LOL....

I am not emotionally equiped to handle the frustration.
Until these game makers can learn to give me an "out"....... I just won't buy their games. Telling me to follow k-i-n-g-a-r-t-h-u-r ........... doesn't do it for me. LOL

Do I sound frustrated...? Yep, I sure am... and very disappointed. I was loving this game at the first. It's the kind of game I usually enjoy. I know, I know... I"m a wimp...and a whiner !! Sorry about that... ! I know some of you breeze thru this like cutting butter with a hot knife.

If someone has a map of how to get out of that maze.... I"ll gladly look at it. I"ll wait to hear before I ask for my money back. I really would like to finish it.

Thanks for listening to my rant of frustration.....LOLO


 posted in Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena on Oct 7, 08 1:04 PM
RHODAP50... believe me I"ve put the flower in every corner... on all the animals.. even on the floor around the alter... and most of the room........ it just doesn't jump into place... like the animals did.

I assume it has to be there in order to get the last blue item .. the Rose of Conquest...... but because it doesnt' work..... I an totally stuck. Can't go back.. can't go forward..... Ugh...

I"m contemplating starting the game under a new player and see how far I get. If the same thing happens I"ll just get my money back....... This is extremely annoying... !!! And I opened my big mouth and said I liked this game.. !!

 posted in Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena on Oct 7, 08 11:27 AM
prpldva...nothing on the alter turns blue now that my animals are on there... the only blue cursors I get is at the bottom on the sceptor that is stuck in the hole. I"ve tried putting the flower there but that doesn't work. It says another tool is needed there..
I've tried placing the flower in the center of the animals...... and all over .. but nothing happens. Could this be a glitch...? When I put the flower on the animals it says........ "This tool can be used here later" HUH..?

I even closed the game down and re opened it hoping that should shake it up... but it didn't.

I"m stuck... !!
 posted in Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena on Oct 7, 08 9:40 AM
Thats okay... thanks for trying. I"m still hoping a white knight will come save me. I"ve honestly tried and tried to put that flower on the alter... but nada........ !

A bit frustrating... but I still like the game. I think it's telling me to "get to work ! "

Is that the sound of hoof beats I hear..? I hope so
 posted in Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena on Oct 7, 08 9:22 AM
I have a sceptor in the hole on the floor... but the hint says the animals and flower go on the alter. I"ve clicked all over the alter with the flower... every square inch... till my poor scanner dies on me...

I really don't know what else to do... !! Fact I've used the hints about 10 times and the number of hints doesn't even go down......... In my Items the Rose of Conquest is blue.. so that means it needs a tool. The only tool I have left is the flower... which is suppose to go on the alter..... UGH... !!!

HELP........................please.. !

 posted in Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena on Oct 7, 08 8:56 AM
Hummm..... I think you are in the room where you have to go to another room to find the other lever........... if I remember rightly.
Don't give are not stupid... .... it is really a good game. I"m stuck now too... my flower won't go on the alter and thats where it is suppose to go.

I've quit the game and am going to reopen it and see if that helps... hang on .. I"ll tell you ...LOL

Nope.. didnt' help at all. The flower still won't go on the alter. I must be missing something.. but there is nothing more to find.. and only the flower left in the tools...Sigh.......... Well, so much for that.. till I get help ... I"m toast.

 posted in Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena on Oct 7, 08 8:39 AM
Man, soon as I say I like the game I run into trouble... Sheesh.. ! LOL

I am trying to put the flower on the alter... all the animals are there and a hint says to put the animals and flower on the alter... But the flower just doesn't want to go there.......

Any clues..? I really need to get to work... these games can sure screw up my time.. lol. HELP

 posted in Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena on Oct 7, 08 8:31 AM
I am quite enjoying this game....... not too hard... not too easy.. ! I'll give it a thumbs up....and I bought it. The Nancy Drew games are too hard for me... so now you know my intelligence level.......

 posted in Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena on Oct 7, 08 6:13 AM
So far I"ve had no problems either. Sure loving this game. It's challenging but not so much that it's driving me crazy... yet anyway.

I"d certainly recommend this game... !! I love HO's with extra challenges in them.... not the mini puzzles with pipes, and gears... but little extra puzzles.

Cool game for sure. Sorry anybody is having problems with it.. !

 posted in Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist on Sep 26, 08 9:18 AM
Cesse... I know exactly what you are saying.... this game and some of the others I have are perfect for their lack of challenge and really do bring me down from the heighths of insanity some of them pose...... so on that I have to agree....LOL

The mini games are easy... and the hidden objects aren't that hard to find.. !
Okay... I"ll give it that.. !! Smile

 posted in Mystery P.I.: The Vegas Heist on Sep 26, 08 7:42 AM
I guess after playing Ancient Magic and Magic Encyclopedia.... this game isn't much of a challenge. It seems to go on forever though.... I"m still playing it but really shouldn't have bought it. JMHO

 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Sep 21, 08 7:01 AM
Seriously, this game needs to be packaged with health care... !! Or at least a full bottle of valium.. ! Lordie, lordie.... I agree... the slamming doors annoyed me too and the little teeny weenie pieces that took the eyes of a night hawk to find.... were frustrating as heck.
The constellation games... were a proverbial pain in the butt... as were most of the other puzzle games. Making one constellation would have been sufficient... !!
Why, why.. did they even need to be there.... the main game itself was frustrating enough?
Over all..... once my blood pressure got back to normal.... I did enjoy the game... !!

I am now doing it for the 4th time.... just to prove I can... ! today's game is not my kind of game.... and I must have my early morning BF game "fix"

I would like more games like this.... just take it a bit easy on us ok....? Or arrange for a doctor to make house calls....Smile


 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Sep 20, 08 6:52 PM
Believe it or not.. I"ve finished this game once.. with great agony and lots of help from this forum..... and here I am .. at it again... and having as much trouble as the first time... Well, maybe not with everthing.. but I"ve needed more hints this time ... and consequently that need has taken me to pages I've never seen before.... and I need hints to find the hints......honestly... can they get these clues any smaller ??

I swear I'm going cross eyed doing this game.. does it come with any medical coverage...??? Smile

Well my problem now is .. I"m in Russia-China... I have a sword... a golden feather and unicorn horn......... ( you can well image where I"d like to shove them.. ) This is not a dagger... I"ve already used the dagger... it's a sword.
I've moused over everything.. and it's not giving me any clues as to where these things go... and hints don't help.. keeps telling me I"ve got everything and stop being so dumb.. and use them... !!
Sassy bloody game....!! I didn't have this problem the first time so I must have left out something... duh.. !

Anybody out there who can help me...? Many thanks.. if I finish it again.. I"ll turn around and do it one more time... I want to be able to do it without the labour pains.....
Hey Game Makers... do keep in mind that some of us old folk may not have 20/20 vision anymore.. and those hints .. not to mention the miniscule pieces of things.. are nearly "impossible" to find ... HINT, HINT..... By the time I force myself to use a hint.. I"m already at the end of my rope.. my blood pressure is 190 over 150... heart palpatations are throbbing in my chest.. my arm has gone numb from clicking.. and my leg is twitching.. ! You need to have your own mothers test this before you publsh it.. if they can finish the game without killing you.. or sending you to your room.... then I"ll stop complaining....LOL...

Waiting patiently for "help..." Smile


 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Sep 19, 08 7:59 PM
I'm in Egypt now too....... I have a feather.. a unicorn horn.. and a sword....... but haven't a clue what to do with them....... I can go in the tomb........ but after mousing over things... don't know where the unicorn horn or the sword goes... You said earlier that the feather is used at the end so will worry about that shortly... I must be close to the end now anyway..... There is no other map option to go to.

Sheesh.... I need a vacation after all this...or pychiatric treatment... !
Please advise .. ! I Need to start getting ready for a conference tomorrow but can't drag myself away till I finish this...LOL

What would I do without you... ????

 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Sep 19, 08 6:36 PM

See it takes running to the store and stepping back from this....... okay now onward and upward....... I honestly to like the game


 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Sep 19, 08 6:06 PM
BOY.. am I ever thick........... I don't get it... !! This is ruining the whole game for me.. !!

Ok.. I found a 5 and a 9... I have 14 and it's lines line up like you say in # 3 of your answer..

Now... that second wheel with the 14.. I don't move that again.. right..? The number to the top of 14 is a 7... below is another 14... WHAT DO I DO...?? Do I add either the 14 and 7... or the 14 and 14.. If I add the 14 and 14.. I should find a 28 that will match that on the third circle... is that right...?? Then what do I ad to the 28 to total the middle number....?? Am I making this way harder than it is...?? I just don't get it..LOLO God, I don't get it..

oh god it's told me I"ve failed so many times I want to scream...... I will probably kick myself once I get the drift... Nothing is adding up for me. I know I"m doing it wrong.. UGH....

I have to run out to the store... I have a darn conference tomorrow.. and I"ve got some things to do my nails......... BUT I'LL BE BACK........LOLO... with blood shooting out of my eyes.......LOL..

Thanks so much.. you must think I"m a dork....... !! Well, you are right...LOLO. I hate these puzzles with a passion..


 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Sep 19, 08 4:54 PM
OH LORD.. my bottom line quarter.. adds up to 32... there is no 32 in the middle ... damn this is killing me...lolo... I just did it again.. it added up to 43... there is no 43 in the middle....... grrrrrrrr.. done it a third time... nothing adds up to any number in the middle........ where's my gun.?
ok... The quarters are determined by the cross lines in the middle ..right...?

When I open up the puzzle.... I go by any quarter in the middle... there are 8 numbers on the outside ring.....right.... I add up those numbers and they should correspond with the same number in the middle... right... I turn the middle to match the quarter I have added up.... BUT there is no number that matches.. !!

Friggen doesn't work for me...LOLO.. gonna try one more time before I send this..
Nope.. the eight numbers I add up in a quarter segment.. NEVER add up to any corresponding number in the middle... close to suicide here...



 posted in Magic Encyclopedia on Sep 19, 08 4:31 PM
HELP.... I can't figure it out from what you said.... 6 & 7 never are my choices.. this time I have 3 & 3... next time I open it ... lord knows what I'll have..

Okay... following your advice... 6 + 7 is 13.. so I turn the wheel till I get 13.. I can do that...

then what do I do...? Duh.... I hate being stuck like this... but this game is pretty fun.. I just hate puzzles...LOL

Thanks.. will be watching for your answer... I want to finish this tonight...!

 posted in Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends on Sep 13, 08 4:10 PM
prpldva... yes, I really enjoyed it !! Hard to believe after all my whinning yesterday... Smile. Your solution really helped with the balls & cross... still probably couldn't do it without the cheats.. ( till I"ve done it a couple times )
Fact I'm going to go play it again right now... and hope tomorrows game is another HO game.........

beckiev... I usually start these games at about 4 am.. definately have to have coffee....LOL

One of my favorite games is Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and Evil... ! I"d like more like that... !

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