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 posted in Golden Trails: The New Western Rush on Dec 13, 12 3:35 PM
Normally, I wouldn't consider a Western themed game, but was glad I did for this one. This is a great deal at $2.99. I have played this game several times to try to earn more trophies and increase my score.

Options include music and sound volume, custom cursor and full screen control.

Adventure Mode: This must be played first.

Unlimited Mode: This is unlocked after you earn 50,000 points in Adventure Mode. You can return to any scene already played in Adventure Mode and race against the clock to earn Bronze, Silver or Gold trophies.

There are 5 episodes in the game, and a bonus Secret Mission. You must collect 150 Sheriff's Badges to unlock the Secret Mission.

There are voiceovers for some of the dialogue, but some you will have to read.

The storyline is fun - there is a mystery to be solved. The secret mission solves an additional mystery and offers more explanation in the story.

Hogs: There are approximately 32 HOg scenes in the regular game and 5 additional scenes in the Secret Mission.
Items to find are in coloured picture format. Items with a green background are regular items. Items with a tan background are evidence or inventory items, and are hidden inside or behind something. Tools are needed to reveal some items or evidence. The tools will go in to your inventory, which is next to items to be found list. Evidence found is used in the mini-games.
Some items are quite small and well-hidden, but graphics are crisp and clear.

Mini-Games: There are only 2 types of mini-games. 1. Evidence items (3 or 4 items) must be placed back in to comic book type scenes. You are briefly shown the scene, then it blacks out, and you must remember the general area where the items were. When you pick up an item to place, and move the cursor around the blacked out scene, it acts like a flashlight. When all items are placed, the story fills in on the scenes, like a comic book.
2. A shooting gallery. You must shoot gangsters as they pop up. You earn extra Sheriff's Badges for each gangster that you shoot. This is important if you are trying to earn enough Sheriff's Badges to unlock the Secret Mission, or earn trophies. The first time that I played the game, I skipped some of the shooting galleries, and didn't earn enough badges to play the Secret Mission.
The mini-games are at the end of each episode. First played is placing evidence, then shooting gallery, then another place evidence.
 posted in Unlikely Suspects on Dec 12, 12 6:57 PM
Unlikely Suspects seems like a great "whodunit" mystery game, and the thousands of possibilities offered was very enticing. However, to solve any mystery, you must get through the Hog scenes. I found many objects almost impossible to locate. There were just too many miniscule and opaque objects for me. There is no mis-click penalty, so I found several objects by just randomly clicking everywhere. However, that's simply not fun for me and I found the game too much of a strain on my eyes, causing a headache. In each Hog scene, there were 12 items to find, and I had to use the hint 3 or 4 times per scene. The hint took approximately 45 seconds to recharge, so I squinted at the screen in the meanwhile trying to find objects. I'm off to the ophthalmologist :-)
However, I would encourage others to try the game for themselves. I would have really enjoyed it if I had not so much trouble seeing the objects.
 posted in Entwined: Strings of Deception on Dec 11, 12 2:38 PM
This is a nice game for $2.99.

Graphics are sharp and crisp.

There are voiceovers.

Story is a murder mystery.

There are 2 modes of play : "Normal" and "hard" mode. You cannot change modes within the game.

Options include music, effects and voice volume controls, fullscreen mode, widescreen correction and custom cursor.

Hogs: There are 35 "find items on a list" hogs and 1 "find 12 of something" HOg.

Puzzles: There are 10 puzzles throughout the game. Puzzles can be skipped by clicking on the hint button and opting to skip.

Achievements: There are 17 fingerprints and 20 jewelry items to be collected. Note: You must use the fingerprint powder to pick up the prints, and sometimes the print moves after you use the powder.

There is a map, but it is not interactive.

There is lots of trekking back and forth.

The case file book has 4 sections: case summary, postmortem report, active tasks (lists all tasks to be completed as you progress), and observation (records the story, codes etc.).

Hints: Hints fill in about 1 min in normal mode, and approximately 3 mins in hard mode.

The game took me about 4 hours to play in normal mode.

Overall, this is a fun game. I would have liked more puzzles, but it was well worth the $2.99.

 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Children's Plight on Dec 8, 12 7:30 PM
This is a great deal for $2.99.

Graphics are beautiful and the facial expressions on the characters are fantastic.

There are voice overs.

Options include music and sound controls, full screen and custom cursor.

There are 2 modes of play: regular and expert. Sparkles show Hog scenes and areas of interest in regular mode. In advanced mode, sparkles appear to indicate Hog scenes.

Hogs: There are approximately 28 "find items on a list" Hog scenes. There is some interaction required for some of the items in each Hog scene. Hog scenes were beautiful and clearly drawn, but some scenes were very cluttered.

Puzzles: There are approximately 16 puzzles. Puzzles can be skipped in approx. 1 min. in regular mode and 2 mins. in expert mode.

Hints: Hints recharge in approx. 45 secs in regular mode and expert mode. Hints can be used outside of Hog scenes. However, if there is nothing to be done in an area, it will tell you to look elsewhere - it will not tell you where to go.

There is no map.

There is a journal to hold clues/codes.

This game took me about 4 hours to complete in regular mode.

There are spiders that need to be dealt with. I do not like having to look at spiders, but it didn't bother me enough to stop playing, and it wouldn't deter me from playing this game again.

Overall, a great price and I would highly recommend trying this game if you don't already have it.
 posted in Tearstone on Dec 7, 12 8:46 PM
This is a very interesting and unique hidden object game. For those who do not like searching for endless useless objects, you will be happy to discover that objects to be found serve a purpose to progress in the game.

There are no voiceovers.

There is no map.

There is only one mode of play.

Options include sound, music and ambient volume control; full screen, and mute all sound.

There is a notebook/journal containing clues/codes for puzzles, and goals for each chapter. There are 7 chapters outlined in the notebook, and each chapter has 6 goals to accomplish. Note: Three times in the game, the codes/clues did not transfer to the notebook, so I had to backtrack and make notes/draw diagrams on a piece of paper. However, for the most part, it did work.

Hogs: There are only 4 "traditional" Hogs, including "find items on a list" or " find so many of an item".
Objects to be found are really inventory items. There are 16 objects to be found in each chapter, and these objects are spread around all the scenes in each chapter.
There are between 5 and 8 scenes in every chapter.
Some objects are combined in the "magic mixer" to make new objects.

Puzzles: There are approximately 18 unique puzzles in the game. They can be skipped.

Hints recharge in about 30 seconds.

There is a lot of interaction in this game.

A few problems: 1. When I returned to the game after purchasing, it had not saved my last chapter. I exited the game twice more during the day, but had no trouble with the game not saving. However, when I returned to the game after completing it so that I could check on details for this review, I found that my last three chapters that I had played had not saved.
2. Some items that needed to be placed would not "stick". One puzzle took me 15 minutes to complete because the last item to be placed would not stay on.

Overall, I would recommend trying this game. I plan on playing it again !
 posted in The Perfect Tree on Dec 4, 12 2:45 AM
I almost didn't purchase this game because I didn't think that I had very many options for decorating. However, thanks to some wonderful reviewers, I realized that there are great options for decorating, including different snowmen, Santa, colourful presents, lights and bulbs. I just needed to scroll up and down in the bar on the left that shows the decorations.

There are over 100 levels of play.

Game board is beautiful and colourful, with gorgeous tiles.

Background consists of several different beautiful winter sceneries.

Music is cheery and festive.

You can play in timed or untimed mode.

Gameplay is easy and relaxing in untimed mode.

There are power-ups that sometimes are not very useful, as they can be limited in the amount of tiles that can be destroyed around them. However, this does not bother me in the slightest, as I find the board and background scenery gorgeous to look at, and I play in untimed mode.

This is a fantastic deal!

 posted in Mystery Legends: Sleepy Hollow on Dec 2, 12 8:17 PM
This Mystery Legends was not as interesting and interactive as the more recent ones, but I thought it well worth the $2.99, especially with a bonus punch.

Graphics are beautifully drawn, and a delight to look at, so I didn't mind the sometimes small or extremely well-hidden objects.
There are 12 chapters in the game, with 4 and sometimes, 5 Hog scenes per chapter.

Hogs: There are approximately 50 total Hog scenes in the game. Some scenes you will revisit.. There are 21 separate "locations".
HOgs are "find items on the list" type, with 12 items to find per scene. Note: In every chapter, there is an option not to find the final two items, and move on to "solve the mystery"
Solve the mystery is at the end of each chapter, and simply consists of finding 15 of one item and 15 of another item in a scene.

Puzzles: Mini-puzzles are located within the Hog scenes and when solved, they eliminate an item on the Hog list.
There are 24 mini-puzzles in the game (2 per chapter)
Mini puzzles cannot be skipped, but they are extremely easy.
There are 6 types of mini puzzles that are repeated throughout the game. These include piecing items together, fitting items in to a space, placing pins correctly on a voodoo doll, matching , move items in a space to reveal 12 of "something" underneath, and jigsaw type puzzle.

Hints: You are given 3 hints per chapter and do not have to wait for re-charge to use them.
You can earn an additional hint per Hog scene by locating the pumpkin.
Accumulated hints cannot be carried over to the next chapter.
Note: I sometimes found that even with a hint, I could not find the object. However, if you hover the cursor over an item on the list, a silhouette appears inside the pumpkin above the hints counter on the bottom left of the screen.
Voiceovers: A narrator reads the story as you progress through the chapters, and a menacing voice interjects every now and then throughout the game.
There is a chapter summary at the end of each chapter, and it includes: percent accuracy, jack-o-lanterns found, hints used, chapter time, total time.
Options button includes: music, ambience, sound fx, and full screen.
Map: You can use the map to jump from scene to scene
There is a scores button that lists the "best times".

Overall, I was disappointed that the game was not interactive, but the voiceovers, beautiful scenery and the bonus punch made this a fine choice for my collection.
 posted in Secret Diaries: Florence Ashford on Nov 27, 12 7:41 PM
I didn't try this game until late in the evening because of all the poor reviews, and when I saw the substandard cut scene at the beginning, I exited the game. However, I did go back and I am glad that I did so. After hours upon end scouring the internet for gift ideas, deals and product reviews, I was so stressed and ready for a break. I really enjoyed this game!!!

I found the music relaxing and theme appropriate.

The graphics in the scenes were nicely drawn and clear.

The options include music, sound, fullscreen and cursor control.

There are two modes of play - casual and expert. You cannot change mid-game between the two modes of play.

I normally play in casual mode, but in this game, I must admit that I was annoyed by the bright magnifying glass, sparkles etc in every scene. I would advise playing in expert mode, as it is so much more enjoyable and there is still plenty of help offered.

There is a description of the task noted above regardless of mode of play. As the game progressed, I didn't find that too annoying ( as a usual "casual" mode player), as there was still plenty of browsing and guessing on the details. However, expert mode players may still find this an annoyance.

Hints: In casual mode, hints took approximately 45 secs to recharge, and were limitless.
In expert mode, hints took approx. 2 mins to recharge, and also limitless.
Hints also worked outside of the Hog scenes.

HOgs: There were only 5 "find items listed" HOgs in the entire game. Items were easy to find, and scenes were well drawn.

Puzzles: There are 27 puzzles in the game, including gears, pipes, jigsaw, piece together broken object, match 2, weights, repeat pattern etc. I found them to be very enjoyable, though not always easy.
Puzzles can be skipped. The skip button takes approx. 3 mins in casual mode and 5 mins in expert mode.

Note: There are some actions that are skippable, like a puzzle, but I wouldn't classify them as puzzles, more as interactions eg. cut something with a scissors, clean something with a cloth, use a key, distract an animal with something etc. There are 19 of these skippable simple interactions or tasks throughout the game.

Storyline: I enjoyed ready the story, and there was not too much to read...just a pleasant distraction.

The game took me approx. 2 hrs 45 mins to complete in expert mode.

Overall, this game improved as it progressed and I became involved in the story. Give it a try!
 posted in Family Vacation California on Nov 16, 12 12:12 PM
This is a straight Hog with puzzles game.

Graphics are bright and cheery, cartoon type. The characters remind me of Farmscape characters.

Options include sound and music control, full screen (no black bars for me in full screen), custom cursor and display tutorials.

There are no voiceovers.

Dialogue can be skipped through quickly by clicking on the green arrow on the top right corner of the screen.

Hog scenes - nicely drawn and objects are often blended in well.

There are 25 Hog scenes, and most of them include zooming in on an area to find additional hidden objects.
7 of those Hog scenes include "puzzle" items, in which you must find 5 or 6 silhouette objects to make up a single item.
Hint recharges in 1 min.

Puzzles - I counted 13 puzzles (the description notes that there are 15+ puzzles, so maybe I missed 2, but definitely not more)
Puzzles included jigsaw, connect pipes, word search, match 2 or more in a grid, and slider puzzles.
The first puzzle gave so much help that it practically solved itself, but this was not the case for subsequent puzzles. They were still quite easy, but not as "ridiculously easy" as the first one.

Puzzles are skippable after a 3 min waiting time.

You take pictures on your vacation, but it's just for an album ,and has no impact on the game.

The game is short - it took me 2 hrs and 20 mins to complete.

Overall, I found that the game was getting tiresome for me, so I didn't mind that it was short However, if you have young children or grandchildren, as I do, it is a wonderful family game. I have discovered that the "story line" is not boring to a 7 yr old. They see a great family adventure unfolding before them. The only complaints that I have received from the younger children is that the hint and skip buttons take too long to recharge. I have tried to use that as a lesson in perseverence Also, younger children are more likely to finish a shorter game, and get the sense of accomplishment that they completed the journey.
If I didn't have younger kids to share this game with, I would regret the purchase. Give it a try for yourself, as you may find it a nice relaxing break from some of the more difficult games, and a fun distraction for the younger kids in your life.

 posted in Three Musketeers Secret: Constance's Mission on Nov 15, 12 7:29 PM
I was unsure about purchasing this game. Some of my concerns or "pet peeves" were:
1. No walkthrough
2. Tiny objects in some Hog scenes
3. Black bars on either side of screen in fullscreen
4. No voiceovers
5. No map
6. No journal
7. Hint button suggesting that " I look elsewhere", or "use something from inventory", which I was afraid would leave me completely stuck or wandering around aimlessly.

However, after the 1 hour trial, I just had to purchase, and I'm so glad that I did. I really enjoyed the game and would recommend as a DD.
Although there was no walkthrough, I found myself stuck only twice in the entire game, where I had to consult the very helpful topics and hints posted by the wonderful fishies in this pond.

The music was annoying, especially when it stopped during dialogue and would start up again when you clicked to continue the dialogue, so I turned it off.

There are 8 chapters in the game.

You have an option to change costumes as you progress throughout the game. If you choose to go to the dressing room, you are provided with a hint , skip and task button. There are three wardrobes, and a table with accessories to choose from. As you put on each item of clothing a task bar fills up. When it changes from red to green, the go button lights up and your task is complete. I had a lot of fun with that.

There are 9 costume changes in all.

Puzzles: There are 12 puzzles, which can be skipped after approximately 3 mins.

Find the Difference:

There are two regular find the difference puzzles. The number of differences to be found is not listed. Instead, the bar fills up from red to green. I estimate that there were 15 differences.
There are 2 "place items" to match the two scenes puzzles.
Hints could be used, and recharged in 45 secs.
Skip button could be used in about 3 mins.

Hidden Object Scenes: There are 5 types of Hogs.

1.Fragmented - There are 8 of these e.g. find 10 pieces of a painting. (These can be spread out in 3 different scenes in a chapter )

2.Find all items on list: There are approximately 11 of this type.

3.Find so many of a certain item: There are approx. 8 of this type. (can be spread out in 3 different scenes in the chapter)

4.Silhouette/Fragmented: There are about 5 of these eg. find pieces of the costumes.

5.Close-up Hogs where you must move items to find listed items underneath. There are 7 of these. These can be skipped.

It took me 5 hours to complete.
 posted in Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy on Nov 11, 12 4:02 AM
I am pleased to have purchased this game at the DD price.

Graphics are beautiful.

Voice overs are excellent throughout.

Options include music/ effects volume, USA English or UK English, Widescreen or Fullscreen, Tutorials on/off switch, voices on/off switch.

There is no option for easy or difficult mode of play. Sparkles cannot be turned off.

There is a journal to record the story and codes/clues. There is a check box between every two pages of the journal. A green check mark indicates that you have completed all objectives on those pages.

There is a map, but it is not interactive. The map has symbols indicating where you are, areas that have objectives to be completed, and locked areas.

Hidden Object Scenes: Some objects very well hidden behind other objects with only a fraction visible.

There are approximately 18 hidden object scenes ( I jot down the number of puzzles and hog scenes as I play, but sometimes I get too involved in the game and forget, so I may be off by one or two)

Hints recharge in approximately 90 seconds.

Puzzles: There are approximately 12 puzzles. They can be skipped after 90 seconds.

There are no instructions with the puzzles, but there are hints to solving them in the journal.

Story was interesting, but ended abruptly, leaving me with a few questions.

It took me 2 hrs and 50 minutes to complete the game. I did skip a puzzle that I couldn't get lined up correctly, and I used the hint about 1 time on each puzzle for objects that were too well-hidden.

Overall, I would recommend trying this game. I would give this game a B+ due to short length and weak conclusion to the story.

I forgot to mention that you earn a score by the end of the game, but I have no idea what criteria are used for this score. I didn't notice a single mention of a score anywhere until the end of game.
 posted in Resurrection, New Mexico on Nov 10, 12 6:16 PM
This is a good DD game - well worth the $2.99

Graphics are beautiful and story line is interesting and fun to read.

There are no voiceovers.

Hints refill in about 30 seconds and work outside of Hog scenes.

There is no map, but it is fairly easy to navigate, and the hint button will give you direction, if needed.

The log records the story and interesting information/codes etc. It also provides a choice to view very detailed task lists of things to be completed in each area or when interacting with other characters.

There is no choice for easy or difficult mode. Sparkles cannot be turned off.

Option button includes music, effects and ambient volume, full screen and game cursor.

Hidden Object Scenes: Objects are very well blended in to the scenes, and I found some quite difficult to find.
There are approximately 24 "find items on a list" Hog scenes,
2 "find a certain number of an item" Hog scenes,
1 "silhouette" Hog scene.

Puzzles: There are approximately 14 puzzles throughout the game. They were very simple, and included the usual slider, matching, gears, and lock pick puzzles. Puzzles can be skipped after a 30 second wait time.

There are 5 chapters in the game, and it ended rather abruptly. I was satisfied with the conclusion of the story, but a lot was resolved very quickly in the 5th chapter. It just seem so rushed in comparison to the previous four chapters.

It took me about 3 hours 30 mins to complete the game without skipping puzzles.

There were several times where I actually jumped in my chair as "things" popped out, and as littlegamefisher pointed out there were quite a number of creepy crawlies. I do not like creepy crawlies, but they didn't bother me so much as to stop me from playing this fun game! Give this game a try! I'd give a B+. Voiceovers would have been great !
 posted in Cradle of Egypt on Nov 8, 12 10:51 PM
Give this game a try!!!!!!

When I saw that this was a Match 3 game, I almost didn't download. I find most too boring and repetitive, but I tried this one. I am delighted that I did! After the one hour trial, I played for an additional 3 hours! This review is based on those 4 hours of fun play...and some additional information from the developer game description.

The game began with a beautiful cut scene and impressive voice overs.

This set us on a wonderful adventure to build our own "Egyptian society" through 5 epochs.

There is an option for sound, music, custom cursor and fullscreen or windowed mode. Normally, I find the black bars on either side of the game screen a dreadful distraction, but this one had block walls that just blended seamlessly in to the game screen.

Graphics are beautifully done.

Game plays in only swap mode, but I'm not missing the other modes, such as
"chain" and "block".

You can play in timed or untimed mode. I began my game in untimed mode and tried to switch mid-game, but couldn't activate timed mode unless I started over.

There is an opportunity to earn trophies in both timed and untimed mode, with the exception that one award is specific to "completing a level in timed mode".

There are 100 levels.

In order to progress in the game, you have to build your Egyptian "society" by making matches for 3 types of resources : Gold, Supplies and Food. So as you progress in the game, you are not just concerned with merely breaking the tiles to win a must also reach a certain number of matches for Gold, Supplies and Food to unlock the next building level.

Puzzles: There are a variety of simple, fun puzzles/mini-games to complete in order to unlock the plans for the next building project. These can be skipped.

Power-Ups/Bonuses: More buildings unlock more valuable tiles, and unlock more bonuses/power-ups. There are 8 power-ups in total to help you progress through the game.

There are 2 categories listed under trophies:
1. Citizens ( there are 16 sub-categories for achievements such as "collect 1,000 units of food after building the field")
2. Awards ( there are 12 sub-categories for achievements such as " complete 25 levels without exiting the game" or " complete 10 levels without using a hint")

Well, my apologies for not having a review of a completed game. I expect to get "days" of game play out of Now back to playing

 posted in Secrets of the Vatican: The Holy Lance on Nov 7, 12 11:39 AM
This is a HdO HOPA game.

The options button offers a choice between full screen and windowed mode, sound, music and brightness control.

The graphics were nice, but only the main charachter is nicely drawn, and other charachters are sloppy yellow silhouettes.

There are no voiceovers, and a lot of dialogue, but it can be skipped through fairly quickly.

There is an option between timed mode and standard mode, but you cannot change modes once you begin the game.

There is a rather long and detailed explananation of the game mechanics, but there is no clear explanation of how to change from timed to standard mode. After playing in timed mode for about 20 mins, I noticed a small clock icon as I began a new game.

Timed mode - You are given one hint only per Hog scene.
You are given approximately 2mins 30secs per scene, and must begin the scene again if you run out of time.

Note: I didn't get very far at all in timed mode. It is suggested to increase the brightness to full for the best game experience. This was helpful in finding large objects, but many were simply too minute or too nondescript to locate. In 20 mins, I only managed to complete 4 Hog scenes, and I ran out of time four times. I did not make it to any puzzles in timed mode.

Untimed mode: You are given three hints and can earn more by finding stars in the scenes. There is a maximum of 6 hints. However, there is an approximately 90 second recharge wait after you use a hint, regardless of how many reserve hints that you hold. In essence, this makes the extra hints obsolete.

There are two types of Hog scenes: 1. find items on list
2. find objects based on their silhouette.
In a half hour of untimed play, I came across 9 find the items and 2 silhouette Hogs.

Puzzles: In the untimed mode, I came across 4 puzzles in half an hour. These included slider, match 3 and swapping blocks to complete a picture.

After 1 min, you are offered an easier option of the puzzle or shown what the completed picture should look like.

After 3 mins, you can skip the puzzle entirely.

In both timed and standard mode, a light shines on objects that you need. This could be a great annoyance to those who don't like sparkles.

Overall, I had too many frustrating experiences with minute and obscure objects, and the wait time for a hint was too long. This goes on my "buy if I need a punch" list.
 posted in XIII - Lost Identity on Nov 5, 12 9:55 PM
Despite so many negative reviews, I wanted to try this for myself. My apologies that this post is based on the one hour trial and not the full game.

Graphics: dated, comic book style....characters remind me of cut outs from magazines that I would paste to ice pop sticks to make "puppets" :-)

Voiceovers: none

Story: Intriguing, but a lot of "corny" dialogue.

Gameplay: only one "basic" interaction that I came across in the hour.

Hogs: 3 types of Hogs - 1. find the objects on the list..very easily identifiable.
2. find silhouette...harder, even with the option to zoom
3. find so many of "something" - very easy

Hints: 1. given 3 hints at beginning of game.
2. can earn more hints by finding stars in the scenes.. very easy to find.
3. there appears to be a maximum of 6 hints total at a time.
4. after using a hint, you must wait approximately 90 seconds for the hint button to recharge, even though you may have 5 other hints in reserve!
[i]Personal note: I found the hint system unnecessary for me in the first few scenes, as the objects were so large. Also, there were several times in which a huge, glowing green target appeared on the item that I needed to find. On the other hand, I had more difficulty in finding the silhouette objects, even though I finally discovered the "zoom" option. As I used the hint option, I had to stare at the screen for 90 seconds after using the hint....scanning to find another silhouette and being frustrated at the fact that I found a star to bring my hints up to the 6 maximum. Why give the option to earn more hints if you need to wait so long to use them? This was a waste and frustrating in my experience.

Puzzles: The puzzles were basic slider, map, process of elimination.
after 1 minute, an easier version of the puzzle is offered.
after 3 mins, there is an option to skip the puzzle entirely.

Overall, I was not as disappointed as I expected to be, but I have too many "great" games to be finished. I would seriously consider this game if I absolutely needed a punch. In the 2 and a half years as a BFG club member, I have been inundated with remarkable games. This is not one of the better games, in my opinion. Perhaps BFG would consider offering some of the older games as 99c games. With all the fishies in the pond, they might get a few more bites
 posted in Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness on Nov 4, 12 3:32 AM

There are approximately 12 Hog scenes in which you are given a list of items to find. The number of items to be found is listed on the top. Not all items are listed at once, so even if you know that you will need an item, you won't be able to pick it up until it is on the list.

There are 3 silhouette Hog scenes, where you see a picture of the items.

Also, there are about 4 scenes where you will be asked to find 12 of something, eg scraps of paper that you will use later in a puzzle.

There are approximately 11 easy puzzles in all.

You play from 2 characters perspectives, and you will change characters automatically when needed. Each character has their own inventory. I found the switch between characters to be fluid and easy.

Once I began this game, I couldn't stop playing! It took me approximately 4 hours to play, and probably would have taken me 8 hours if I didn't use the hint so much to navigate.

I think that it's well worth the time spent to try. An A game for me.
 posted in Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness on Nov 4, 12 3:22 AM
I think that this is a great deal at $2.99. When I first began, I wasn't sure about it, but by the end of the demo, I had to have it!

The graphics are outstanding, and the scrolling option allows you to scan from side to side for a panoramic view. Normally, I get completely disoriented when I have to scroll, but I was not at all bothered by this. You can move nice and slowly. Also, you can disable scrolling if you choose.

You can choose to disable custom cursor, which I normally choose. However, in this game I had no trouble with the custom cursor, and found it helpful. The cursor changes to a dialogue bubble when you need to speak with someone, a hand when you need to grab something, a magnifying glass when there is an area of interest, and a gear when you need to use an inventory item. It also changes to a different shaped arrow when you can travel to a new area.

There is a journal, which tells the story, but doesn't hold any clues or codes. However, it is unnecessary, as codes etc are right there next to the puzzle that you're working on.

There is voiceover at the beginning, but mostly you will have to read the dialogue.

The hints are limitless and there is no waiting for hints to recharge.

Hints can be used in both Hog scenes and outside of Hog scenes.

You can change between casual and advanced mode during the game. The only difference that I could see is that casual mode gave sparkles for Hog scenes. You still had unlimited hints and no waiting for recharge in advanced mode.

There is an advice panel that gives you a general idea of what you should do next. There is no way to turn this off as far as I could tell, even in advanced some might consider that a little too much hand holding. It was perfect for me. If you still were lost,,you can click on the advice panel for a little more information, and clicking on it yet again, will tell you exactly what to do.. So the choice is yours in how much help you want.

There is no map. If you're like me, this could be a problem when the advice panel tells you to go to a certain place,and you can't remember how you got there However, no problem here, as the hint button will keep pointing you in the right direction.

There is no misclick penalty.

Puzzles can be skipped after 90 seconds in both modes.

 posted in Weird Park: Broken Tune on Nov 3, 12 9:09 PM
This is a nice game and worth the $2.99, for me.

There is no widescreen, so I had to stare at those black bars on either side of the screen...yuck,, a pet peeve, for me.

There are no voiceovers.

There is no map, and lots of trekking back and forth.

There is no choice for casual or advanced mode, so there are always sparkles. This was not a bother to me, as I always play in the easiest mode offered. However, I know that many fishies prefer more of a challenge and don't like sparkles. Also, when you click on an item or area of interest, the action needed to be taken is noted on the top of the screen.

The hint button fills in about 90 secs, and it does work outside of Hog scenes.

There is a ten second misclick penalty after 5 incorrect clicks.

There are a lot of fun interactions throughout the game.

There are 27 junkpile Hog scenes, which became a little tiresome for me, after the first 8 Chapters. (There are 13 Chapters in all).

There are 6 Frog scenes, where you find fragments of one item that you need.

There are 16 mini-games/puzzles, which can be skipped after 90 secs (approx).

Graphics are well done.

Story is not a strong point - by the end, I had forgotten what the whole thing was all about.

Gameplay is a lot of fun.

Overall, I would give this a B+ . Worth trying to see if you might like it. Have a great day, all
 posted in Red Crow Mysteries: Legion on Nov 2, 12 10:31 PM
This game is listed as a HOPA in the descriptions. There are no junkpile Hog scenes, as every item that you are asked for in the FIND list is to be used.

There is a HINT button, which recharges in about a minute in EASY mode, but it was not helpful at all. When you click on hint, the area where you need action lights up with sparkles, but there is no advice on what you should do. The walkthrough was somewhat helpful, but not as detailed as most. However, I found that there were wonderful posts from the great fishies for every problem that had me stumped

There is a Task Sheet next to the hint button.

There is no map. but I managed to make my way around without pulling my hair out. Got lost a few times, but that's "normal" for me

There is no journal. That would be a great addition to the game! As it is, for example, if you need a code to solve a puzzle, you have to backtrack to where you first saw that code. So, keep a piece of paper and pencil handy to jot those down.

I enjoyed the story, voiceovers, and graphics, thus far.

The settings give many options to cater to individual player preferences, such as widescreen/full screen, custom cursor, sparkles, volume control (master, voice, music, and effects volume).

There is an option to play in easy, casual or adventure mode, and you can switch during the game.

After an hour, I just had to purchase! I had to see where the story was going. I have just completed Chapter 3 ( out of 6 chapters) in 3 hours. I had to visit the BFG forum for help more times than usual for me, but it hasn't annoyed me for some reason. The game has held my interest enough for me to ignore an unhelpful hint system, and lack of a journal to hold important clues.

The game did freeze a few times, but I never had to start from the beginning. As BFG has outstanding customer service, in my opinion, any possibility of technical issues did not deter me from purchasing. I have every confidence in the customer service department....from past experiences, they have always helped me solve technical issues or issued a replacement coupon.

I would definitely recommend this as a game to try. I am glad to have purchased it. Now back to see how this all might end.

 posted in Halloween: Trick or Treat on Oct 31, 12 11:03 PM
The game began with junk pile Hog. The music was annoying. The screen freezes to black screen too often...not sure if that is part of the "spooky" aspect of the game or a glitch. To me, it's too annoying. Graphics are colourful, but some objects well hidden. I had read that others had recommended this as a game for younger players, but the mis-click penalty is just too frustrating for younger kids. I purchased the game without playing first for myself, as my 4 yr old had accessed the game that I had downloaded for trial and "played" it herself :-) I went solely on game reviews on this one. This is not a game that I enjoyed myself or would suggest to others. I rarely regret purchases from BFGs but this is one of them.
To SMQMC, contact customer service. BFG has the best customer service that I have ever dealt with online. You will find that you will be dealing with everyday, wonderful people who will try to help in any way that they can. You can click on the green letter on the right of the screen, and try to connect with Live Chat. In their after hour times, you can send an e-mail, and you will have a customer service representative respond to you. Wishing you a wonderful day SMQMC
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