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 posted in Hexus on Mar 10, 12 9:31 PM
I've seen it mentioned that a player has a certain number of people populating their city. Where do you see that number? I can see my citizens walking around, but I have no idea how many there are.
 posted in Hidden Wonders of the Depths 2 on Feb 23, 12 3:28 AM
I don't remember exactly what Level 5-6 is, but if it's group tiles, then you cannot break boxes that have nothing in them. These are permanent barriers that you have to go around.
 posted in Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Premature Burial on Feb 22, 12 4:43 AM
If you are missing only one rose at the end, chances are it's the one on the bank's facade. When you enter the open square with the statue, click on the face of the building to the left, above the door. You will see a message saying this is the bank founded by Victorine's family, and there will be a rose in the facade. Once you have all the roses, go back to the crypt where Victorine was found. Click on the sunlit area just to the left, and you will find them both still standing there.
 posted in Cradle of Egypt on Jan 11, 12 11:07 PM
It might not have been Level 73 exactly, but it was definitely in the 70's. It only took you back to Level 99? Hmmmm. Maybe I was totally out of lives and you weren't? To tell you the truth, I haven't got a clue. I know I was surprised at the time that it took me back so far. But I learned from my mistakes in that first game. I just finished the game for the second time, and this time I never bought any extra time - if it ran out I just lost a life and replayed the level. This time I was able to buy the Pyramid after Level 98 and just played Levels 99 and 100 to finish the game! It was still a very tough game. I got all but one of the "citizens", but I only earned 3 trophies!
 posted in Cradle of Egypt on Dec 29, 11 2:18 AM
I know what you did, because it happened to me the first time I played. By the time you finish all 100 levels, you MUST have purchased all of the buildings - including the great pyramid. If not, you simply finish the game, but you don't win it. In that situation, it gives you the option of replaying the last epoch, which I think restarts you on Level 73. I took that option and replayed the last 27 levels, only this time I did not buy any extra time. If time ran out on me, I just lost a life and replayed that level. Doing that, you should accumulate enough money to purchase everything by the end of the last level. I went into Level 100 with 4 lives, and around $90,000 in gold, food and supplies. To purchase the pyramid, you need $100,000 in all three. So I replayed Level 100 3 times (by purposefully not finishing on time) in order to accumulate $100,000 in all three areas. Once I saw I had enough assets, I worked as hard as I could to finish on time, using all my power-ups, and VOILA!

 posted in Cradle of Egypt on Dec 16, 11 12:43 AM
Does anyone else think it weird the developers used a tomato as an icon for food? Tomatoes originated in South America and were unknown in Europe and Asia until the Spanish explorers brought it back with them in the 1500's. Of all the plants they could have used to symbolize food grown in ancient Egypt, they picked one that wouldn't shown up there for another 2000 years!
 posted in Guardians of Beyond: Witchville on Dec 3, 11 3:05 PM
peh4psu wrote:I know everyone is getting tired of the same type of scenario in some of the games. What are your suggestions for a different type of game? Just curious.....

How about something with a sci-fi storyline, such as dealing with aliens on another planet or a space travel adventure? I'd buy one of those!
 posted in Cursed Memories: The Secret of Agony Creek on Oct 30, 11 12:23 AM
I just finished this game and I loved it! Just the kind of IHOG I enjoy: difficult enough to hold your interest and yet clear enough indications of where to go and what to do next. Very intertaining story line, to boot.
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