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 posted in Farm Up on May 20, 13 6:31 PM
Now a new problem. this subject on collecting eggs. I KNOW that I collected 10 eggs but the progress said none. What is going on? I do like Farm Up but come on people enough is enough. I had already spend too much energy to start over again. I am even scared to purchase money on this game. There's a serious problem with this program. It's starting to eat up my laptop.
 posted in Farm Up on May 20, 13 12:48 PM
Has anyone else have the same problem that I'm having? Couple of times I'm unable to continue. First time I was on Level 18 when it happened then second time level 1 and still on level one. I did get the refund back but now I'm scared to purchase any more money. I didn't spend that much money just curious on what will happened but now I'm playing for free and scared to put money into the game. I'm still upset on all the hard work that I planned the first time around. Is this a problem or is this my computer. First time was cause by my computer being overheated (a first for me since this is a new computer), the second time the computer need to be recharged.
 posted in Farm Up on May 19, 13 9:23 AM
I really enjoyed this game and if I was able to purchase this game out right, I would do it even if means a little bit more money. But this is a total rip off. I will give you examples: First, the energy bars. It cost 7 bottles for 5 energy, 15 bottles for 10 energy and 40 bottles for 20 energy. Also, 15 gold coins for max, 16 gold coins for 4 hours unlimited energy, I think 31 gold coins for 10 hours unlimited and finally 59 goid coins for a full day. First, lets start out the the bottles. If you have only few bottles (less say) 7, ok that gives you only five but if you have 40 bottles (for example) and need more energy then what do you do? You can get a better deal if you pressed the 15 bottles twice because I would rather loss 30 bottles then 40 bottles for 20 energy Do the math. Now lets go with the gold coins. We have to purchase gold coins or silver coins(if you want to purchase. Me, I have patience so it didn't cost me much but if you know that you would be on the computer all day then the 59 gold coins is great BUT who is going to play this game all day. So I did the 4 hour one for only 16 gold coins and guess what. I had to leave for one hour and when I returned I lost that one hour. Even if you are not playing the time is running. And here is the main thing for me. My computer got over heated and I lost everything. And I mean everything. I only paid little money to see how things go, but all the time and financial budge that I did for four day went down the drain. I have to start all over again.So like I said, this game is excellent for time real money management or want to learn financial budge, this game is great. But other then that, is a rip off. For me, I have to start all over again.
 posted in Farm Up on May 19, 13 3:24 AM
This happened to me also, with the computer gotten hot. I now unable to continue with the game. What a shame. I started to like this kind of game. I lost everything included the silver and gold coins I purchased. I will not purchased again. So now, I will continue purchase the 6.99. If or when this game ever get to be a price game.
 posted in Farm Up on May 19, 13 2:53 AM
It just happened to me also. The game will not continue unless I start a new game.
 posted in Fitness Bustle: Energy Boost on Apr 22, 13 9:40 AM
Got warning:
When I hit the play button, I got this message:

Display resolution is not supported and windowed mode is not available. This is the first time I got this warning. What does this mean and how can I fix it? If I can.
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Apr 4, 13 10:29 AM
Is it only me but is there a problem with lvl 29? Everything works fine until all the pylons are glowing and that is when I start having problems. It's freezing and I'm having a hard time with my cursor floating. Top of all that, when I do get control with the cursor the program brings me back to the start.
 posted in Trivia Machine Reloaded on Apr 4, 13 8:40 AM
Also, my husband has a message. WHERE'S THE SOCCER!!!!!!!
 posted in Trivia Machine Reloaded on Apr 4, 13 12:14 AM
I think that Trivia Machine Reloaded should be in two version: American and Global (international). The reason because while Europe is big on soccer, American football is totally different. My husband loves Real Madrid and have no clue on my American football team while I can say the same thing on Real Madrid.The same can be said on TV, History and movies. Or, in the future you can do it individually There's a lot of options you can do with this. Just while Trivia Pursuit Is American, you have to think global.
 posted in Island Tribe 4 on Dec 10, 12 2:02 PM

I have to agree, the developer did an excellent job with Island Tribe 4. The graphics were crisp and clear and the buildings are adorable and was surprised that the islanders can run really fast. I also love collecting the artifacts and the roads had so many turns but my favorite part was the volcano when the buildings got burned by the lava. Genius on how you did that. To the developers. If you are planning to do Island Tribe 5, what about a Christmas Theme.
 posted in Tricks and Treats on Oct 10, 12 7:04 AM
Well, I finally did it. I broke through 10/25. . It was not easy, but I did it.
 posted in Tricks and Treats on Oct 9, 12 3:06 PM
Me too.. I am still having problems with it.
 posted in Tricks and Treats on Oct 7, 12 3:47 PM
Join the club. We ALL having problems with this. I have spend a lot of time on technical support and they claim they will do their best.
 posted in Tricks and Treats on Oct 1, 12 1:53 PM
Even with the new update, I am still having problems with episode 4 10/25. And yes, I uninstalled, reinstalled the game more the once.
 posted in Tricks and Treats on Oct 1, 12 1:40 PM
Still having problems with Episode 4 10/25. The chains that has solid blocks still dont break. Tried everything. One more thing, just wondering Tricks and Treats Part 2. I liked the game a lot. . Very disappointing. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the game.

 posted in Tricks and Treats on Sep 27, 12 11:08 AM
I also having problems having problems with screen 10/25 of Episode 4. I unable to remove the chains.
 posted in Tricks and Treats on Sep 26, 12 7:00 AM
Right now, I am on Episode 4 10/25 and I am totally stuck. No matter what I tried to do, I am unable to remove the chains from either gold, silver and even green blocks. What am I doing wrong?
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