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 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on May 26, 14 8:49 AM
How do you add a friend in this game?
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 25, 14 10:10 AM
I have 3 Hopping Tiger eggs it takes 5 of special food and bring me mostly silver chest with coins stamp's and 1or 2 diamonds if any one want's one . just PM me with youe friend code and player name. I can't send to day will send tomorrow .
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 25, 14 9:46 AM
I am also hooked on this MC haven't played Found in a month. Wish I could tranfer my diamonds from that game, i have 515 on it . love this game. realy enjoy reading the forum, I am realy glad Lady Sabelle is on the mend and coming back. I use her guide for the daily quest every day THANK YOU Lady Sabelle
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 22, 14 4:53 PM
Here's what you do ! take a deep breath and close your eyes and say i love this game ten times. then call it a few names. doesn't change anything but make's you feel better.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 21, 14 9:29 PM
Great after doing 2 ,10 step daily quest in one day I am ready for something new!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 21, 14 7:38 PM
I just sent you a invite , we all can help you get back on you feet ( so to speak )
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 20, 14 10:51 PM
Thank you , awalkinglady and Parell i'll remember that.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 20, 14 9:58 AM
Put a skip button on daily quest. That way when a part of the game isn't working you could do the other quest then come back and hopefuly the problem would be fixed and finish that one. If not on all just the 10 part quest.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 20, 14 9:50 AM
Is anyone having problems with dice game freezenig when doing quest Robery of the Centry. This has happened to me 2 days in a row now, I have reported it. was told to reinstall game I did that didn't help, sent report to supporat team still freezes.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 19, 14 10:33 AM
PLEASE have a sell sell sell sell
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 17, 14 6:09 PM
Before the update that changed the Soul Selector I crafted the Soul Selector the right wheel stoped on coins and the left on Spawn of Darkness. Just as the sign to get it the wheels spined again 1 time and I got 2 X . I reported this but it didn't do anygood. So yes the crafting cheats.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 16, 14 7:52 PM
Look on page 17 of your friends wish list inventory. it looks just like Lizzie decribed it . I just recived 1 friom a friend and when I looked in my invertory it isn't there. makes me think i am seeing thangs. Just getting older or need new glasses.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 16, 14 6:49 PM
Hi Arizona pleasure to meet you, I have that update the item i am talking about is on friends wish list inventory, and i have never seen it there before. I just added it to my friends list because it was differant.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 16, 14 5:50 PM
Does anyone know where the Map Piece comes from? I have never seen it in wish list inventory before.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 15, 14 2:12 PM
Amerzone, I have chastening power, celestial hunter, call of triumph, and star of renovation if you want any of them friend me and put them on your wish list. Can't send anymore today until midnight (cst) usa. my code 193207
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 15, 14 10:21 AM
Thank You Lizzie, now we need Silver_ Hawk to write us a song about it.
can't wait to read more.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 15, 14 8:12 AM
I realy enjoy the changes you made to the game! LOOKING forward to the next update, I know the graphic"s will be stunning if they are anything close to the last one's. again THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 14, 14 8:58 AM
Thank You EFI
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 12, 14 4:53 PM
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 10, 14 6:54 AM
Thank's for the chuckle Pagan but it makes since to me . I sent out 4 gifts to the same person at 1 (cst) usa, I don't know if they got them yet. no thank you cards
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