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 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 6, 14 4:14 PM
lljklu wrote:Hi All! I am new to this forum and I would like to thank all of you for the generosity you have shown to new people.

Player Lisa would like to thank the following players for their gifts. Wholley, Yamuun, Kyla, Debra, A.P., Fire, and Mddlos.

I try to return gifts as soon as I am able. I am new and only allowed five gifts per day. Also my inventory at this point is low on needed items.

Thanks again everyone!

Welcome lijKlu. This is a nice place to share your gratitude, and a nice bunch of peeps; don't be upset if you never see your name mentioned (I have been on here for a few months now and never received a thanks) because maybe your friends in the game don't know about the forum. But it is nice to let people know you appreciate, even if they aren't here yet. Maybe one day BF will allow us to include short messages with the gifts we send, then we can spread the word about this thread In the meantime, enjoy seeing the gratitude here - it refreshes your faith in human kindness
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 6, 14 4:10 PM
W123 wrote:When accessing the Mirrors HOS, I get a blank screen for about 10 seconds before it loads. The counter goes from 0 to 10 seconds right away. This is on a PC and I just completed today's update today.

I enjoy this game even with the glitches!

I have that too - anywhere between 4 and 12 seconds to load. I hate that scene, not just because of that but because it is ugly, AND it introduced the annoying "note" item. Grrr
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 6, 14 4:05 PM
rosiebvt wrote:Chris_2_4,
One thing we found with the old bow figuring is that it's much easier to play the game in later rounds if you only do one character's quests at a time. If you have 2 or more quests open, you will probably split what you're getting from the HOS between the two, so it doesn't feel like you're getting anything accomplished. I've kept to that for the most part since the latest update and it helps. I just forgot my rule and in level 26 opened up 2 quests - both needed the carnivorous lily. I will not forget again, lol
You're right; I came to the same conclusion too. But with these, occasionally, in one quest you have to open the same thing. Remember with 6 paw, you had to get the cauldron open twice! Much better now, there, but with the new things grrrrr
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 5, 14 2:38 PM
On another matter - when crafting items the "slot machine" wheels on each side revolve and show a number of interesting items, yet all i ever get is coins, stupid wands and crystal balls, those card things or the ever annoying X. Has ANYBODY ever received one of the cool items on the wheels? Or is it another piece of deceptive programming?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 3, 14 5:06 AM
This is not a technical issue, any more that the annoying placement of flowers beside HOS or item retrieval zones is. It is a request for a little alteration in the program in the next update, if it is possible: Please remove the "collect all" button from the gift page! I accidentally hit it today when going to pick up the final gift there and now have no idea who sent it.
Face it, only a complete git would ever hit that button intentionally. It is of no use, so please get rid of it. And, while on that subject, as those of us who have been playing for a while know he is just a bot, can you also give us the option of removing "just john" when we are bored of seeing his smug face?

On another issue of appearance, the screen is now cluttered with icons. Behind many of these flowers are still appearing, which means the visible appearance of them is slower. Also, although I am no techie, I am sure that their being on screen uses memory - as does having lots of icons on your desktop - so why not consolidate them? Put the lab in the inventory bag; put the quest people on a pull down menu under the raven, and - what the hell is the point of having that silver thing there when it is not available yet?

Just saying
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Today I received 3 gifts; thank you Trudi, HmA and... dammit I clicked on "collect all" by accident! Can't BF remove this damnable button? Only a complete jerk would click it intentionally. Please BF - remove it on the next update, it is so embarrassing to not know who gifted you. I can presume it was one of 3 who always seem to gift, but what if it was one who is in arrears with gifting; now I will be doing them an injustice if I don't reciprocate! (
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 2, 14 12:43 PM
Oh dear - just when we thought BF had learned its lesson, with the Bow Figure and ^ paw, they go and do the same thing with the chained eagle at al. It has taken me 3 days to ge through two assignments with this, and now wolfy and the dumb pirate are both sending me there, so I have to collect about 5 things from the chest in the chamberlain's hall (used to hate that guy, the old sour puss: but now he is SO CUTE!)

Just not bothering to try now. Simply going through the motions, collecting trash to give to friends and if I get what is needed for a task so be it. The fun has gone
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 30, 14 2:51 AM
Bcaru wrote:The game is saying that there's an update. But i don't know how to get the update. It says I have to so it manually, don't know how. Please help. I want to play my game.

Hi there
To update manually, open your "start" menu (the button on the bottom right of your screet) and then the list of programs (on win 7 - I think you see it already on earlier versions) In the top list, before all the folders, you will see BF has pinned their "game manager" - click on that, When the BF window opens, you will probably be signed in automatically (if not, just do that) then click "options", then downloads - and you will see the option check for updates, click download there

What I came here to say was OMG - I thought BF had learned about what its customers wanted and what they hated, after the Bow Figure/six paw fiasco; but no! Just opened the "chained eagle" (or whatever bird it is) and find I again have to go to another location to craft an item to craft an item to get one thing to open that, and then I have to use the same place (the chest) to find an object to open the other side of the lock!! Seriously, it is infuriating, especially when I collect the things to open that damned chest and it gives me something completely diffectent! (and the first person who says "you have to follow the thread through to the chest" [which DOES NOT WORK!] gets slapped with the fish from the pirate ship
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 25, 14 4:03 PM
thanks for your replies silver_hawk and
Points noted. So I won't delete them, but will not gift anything until their eggs vanish. Saying that, Kay's other wish items HAVE changed so,,,
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 24, 14 1:59 PM
Big thank yous too Cowgirl, PlayerLiz and Steph's Mystic Manor: you are constant helpers and I am glad I can usually stay apace with your gifting.
On another point: I have noticed a couple of people to whom I gifted eggs who have kept the egg requests up (in fact I once accidentally gifted one person - Kay - twice with the same egg). i suspect they just harvest them and sell them, I am not pleased with this aspect. So, now, those people I conceive as cheating (not asking for things they need, but just taking to gain more coins) and who never or very VERY rarely gift back, I will be deleting from my list.
Thought I would mention it, so you other nice people out there will be aware of this small group of people and take whatever action you feel is appropriate
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 24, 14 1:55 PM
about the coins not dropping on occasion: I suspect this is programmed in, as it never happens with gems. Seriously, if it was a problem with that part af the game, you would lose the occasional gem too. And, let's face it: it is not difficult programming = when x =5 credit total +10. So, QED, it must be an inbuilt "fault" to hamper your cashflow and encourage purchasing more coins. Nuff said
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 18, 14 4:10 PM
Now - if you could just do something about the contact areas... the flowers and search items need to you hit them PRECISELY, but the search areas and the places you put items in (there probably is an official name for them, but I haven't the foggiest) have areas that extend way beyond their images; very annoying when you go to click a flower and you open a search area you don't want to go to yet, or something like the 6paw opens, and then you miss the flower you were after.
Just an observation
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 16, 14 5:31 PM
I was on the verge of quitting completely, but the new update - which has considerably changed the ridiculous demands of BF and the bag etc - has put the pleasure back into the game for me - THANK YOU BF, for listening to your players
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chris_2_4 wrote:
TheShamansDream wrote:I guess you all are the lucky ones. I can't even get the update to start to install, therefore, I can't get to the game to play it either. It tells me there is an update available for the game, closes the game window and never starts the installation. I am not removing and reinstalling from level 19.
I had the same issue. But, instead of clicking OK, just click the X and close the window (the notification window, that is) then you can play.
Oh - and then open your game manager, which will also require an update. Once you have that you will be able to update from there - and it is worth it!
Thank you BF! The new update, with the change to the Bow Figure and the bag is great! This simple alteration has reinstilled the fun of the game. I noticed, even my searches of HOS has increased (it had fallen to almost 50 seconds each scene, from - I presume - just being disheartened by the whole thing)
So a big thank you! This shows, ladies and gents, they do listen to us
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 16, 14 2:33 AM
OMG is this a joke - Daily quest "send a couple of airships" and the number? 0/100...
One hundred?!!! within 4 hours? Somebody at BF has a warped mind
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TheShamansDream wrote:I guess you all are the lucky ones. I can't even get the update to start to install, therefore, I can't get to the game to play it either. It tells me there is an update available for the game, closes the game window and never starts the installation. I am not removing and reinstalling from level 19.
I had the same issue. But, instead of clicking OK, just click the X and close the window (the notification window, that is) then you can play.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 6, 14 4:20 PM
A special big Thank You! to cowgirl - I think I love you that gift has helped me get nearer to crafting the last item to get through sixpaw, although I will probably have to do it again to get the right item (lol)
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Piscesgoddess77 wrote:I have gotten to a quest where Pinfeathers sends me to get a seal of courage so I can talk to the oldest resident of the castle. I have searched the carriage a bunch of times and it wont give me the seal of courage. What should I do?
put it on your wishlist?
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 5, 14 12:57 PM
moxiemoll wrote:Have you tried following the path? There is info on the stategy guide that was compiled about how to get the items you need.
Here is the info:

Amerzone wrote:
I keep seeing threads from people saying that they are not getting the items that they need for quests.

Either I am incredibly lucky (not) or my system for getting items works because I always get what I need. I'm going to share it here but if anyone sees a flaw in my procedure, please point it out. thanks in advance.

You happen to know that the Ogre wants a Chimera Mask. You know that you have to play the barroom card players HOG to get parts for the winter idol to find the chimera. Do not got directly to the HOG and try to win those items. It will just be random.

Do this instead:

Click on the Ogre,
Under the Chimera Mask (or whatever item) click on GO TO.
Takes you to the Winter Idol (totem pole)
Click on the Winter Idol and see that you need
2 masks of virtue and 2 devil's gloves
Click on FIND under the Devil's gloves
This takes you to the barroom card player HOG
Click on it to play.
You receive the Devil's Glove when you are done.

Always go through the character icons/avatars to find the items you need. Even if I do this then see a flower and click on it before playing the HOG I will start over by clicking on the Ogre (or whatever character) and go through all the links.

So if you follow the character, to the request for the item and continue to follow the path, using FIND, Go to, it usually drops what you need. Check out the strategy guide, there is invaluable information there for players.

UTTER TOSH! Does not work - With the pirate and Took tasks, I try this every time, and always get the wrong item! So, don't spout this as if it were gospel, it is just rubbish.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 28, 14 1:09 PM
The bow figure, 6 paw, the damn cauldron and altar blah blah; totally annoying, but trebly so when you go to all the trouble of crafting the item, to craft another item to craft yet another to open something (like that stupid bag!) and get the wrong item out of it! Not just hating the game - DETESTING IT!
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