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Add me to the roll of the frustrated. I solved the thing, doggone it! Took a long time and a lot of patience and nothing happened when I thought it was perfect. Not a clue why except two of the balls seemed a little off-center. Great puzzle, I loved it, but this was a total disappointment.
 posted in Maestro: Music from the Void Collector's Edition on Feb 10, 13 7:29 PM
Same thing here - razor blade won't do anything on or around the cushion. :-(
 posted in Dark Parables: Rise of the Snow Queen on Jan 16, 13 6:47 PM
Same problem here - got five of six and the key from Kai but the sixth HOS won't trigger.

That's a real pity. I'm honestly not inclined to restart the game from scratch.
 posted in Infected: The Twin Vaccine Collector's Edition on Jun 28, 12 8:36 PM
I had a marvelous time with this one!

Pros: A lot. First and biggest, you can customize the difficulty level! For me that is huge. Some of the reviewers complaining about the ease of the thing only had to hit Options to make it more difficult, and you can do that anytime in the game. Great, coherent plot, excellent live actors, excellent voice actors, gritty graphics, and superb, tight writing throughout. Good strategy guide.

Cons: Not many. Yes, the puzzles were on the easy side. The spelling in the strategy guide was occasionally atrocious, forgivable when it isn't the devs native language, but less so here.

More Pros: The "Behind the Scenes" extra was worth the price of admission. It turned out the (very) little girl's voice was actually a little boy, who did a great job. The devs avoided the jarring video overlay that so hurt Thirteenth Skull, and the best character in the thing, Carl the Homeless Guy, was a composite that really worked. More of this, please!

Overall: just short of five fins of five due to the puzzles being easy. I'll give it five anyway.
 posted in Shaban on Jun 27, 12 5:35 PM
I have to downgrade my review. After an initial fascination with the quirky interface it became simply tedious. The incessant screen panning and the search for objects only tiny bits of which were even visible were a very high fatigue factor. I lost the plot within the minutia and ceased to care. I'll try to finish it later but I don't find myself particularly enthusiastic about it. Sorry, devs. In a lot of ways this is a wonderful, original game.
 posted in Shaban on Jun 25, 12 8:16 PM
Very different, and if you're learning the game mechanics for the first time, very challenging. Once you get it, though, it's adorable and sweetly silly. I figured out the fish game and then found I could barely play it because I was laughing so hard. Oh, if I could only bop those thieving crabs...what? I can? Hotcha!

If I could offer one criticism it's that the FROG items were a little indistinct at times - the clock parts, for example. Other times - the fishing rod - they were very well done.

More later. Congratulations to the devs for something...completely different.
Whoa - this one was a pleasant surprise. Absolutely enchanting! The elements are fairly conventional but the execution was something quite extraordinary.

Pros: gorgeous scenery seemed to glow. Excellent voice acting, very charming narrator, lovely cut scenes, beautiful music. Yes, the Archer's voice was awesome. Good puzzles at just the right difficulty level, inventory items were appropriate and helped move the logical flow of the game. Map was outstanding. I hit the Hint button only once just to see what would happen, and it was scene-appropriate. Multiple endings. Animated helpers that I grew pretty fond of. Very nice innovation!

Cons: next to nothing. No child would say "rectify" - is that petty? Yes, it is.

Overall rating: five fins of five. I am really pleased by this game - no, actually blown away - and I'm going to replay it for the other ending if I can stand to see what will happen. Unexpectedly great game!
Same problem here. Loved the game - great music, nice atmosphere, excellent puzzles - but I can't get the bonus game to run. Weird.
 posted in PuppetShow: Return to Joyville Collector's Edition on May 9, 12 10:14 PM
Big Puppetshow fan here, and I bought the CE sight unseen largely because of the premise. It was nice to see the villainess get some closure, although it was never entirely obvious why she turned to such perfect evil and frankly this one doesn't answer that, but it does allow us a happy landing in the series.

Pros: the beautiful graphics we've come to expect from this developer, convincing voice acting (at last!), ingenious puzzles, and for me, the trademark music, the trilling violins, the atmospheric cello, the really nice orchestral treatment. I paid for the CE for the music - yeah, I'm weird - but this was really well done. Length of game was satisfactory, cut scenes were very nice.

Cons: Fan inventory is characteristic but a bit clumsy. H0 scenes are the usual junkpile, no real improvement there over the original. Bonus scenes were terrific in length and new scenery but the plot ended with startling abruptness. I think that could have been done a little better after all this time. And I missed Spider-boy.

Overall, four fins of five.
 posted in Vampireville on Apr 12, 12 9:33 PM
Cute, cute, cute! A great beginner's game with a great sense of humor. Yes, a good deal of clicking around with the occasional treat that will make you smile. Charming voice acting (accents occasionally a little strange). Effective hint button, linear play. This would be a perfect game for someone new to the genre.

Puzzles on the traditional side - pipes and sliders, photograph reconstruction, etc. None particularly difficult. Light, innocent, whimsical fun, just what I needed after slogging grimly through a couple of games that simply tried too hard. This one doesn't, and it succeeds.
 posted in Shiver: Poltergeist Collector's Edition on Apr 8, 12 10:08 PM
Hmm...some rough edges on this one. Mine appears to be a minority opinion in several areas, so caveat emptor.

Pros: very atmospheric, excellent music, decent if minimal voice acting. Gorgeous cut scenes. Graphics a bit uneven - some places crystal-clear, others not so much, the solution to the sundial problem being nearly unreadable on my monitor. Plenty of game play (I'm probably just slow). Some puzzles quite challenging.

Cons: SG, as others have stated, is clumsy and requires a scroll-down in some places. Inventory often filled with items long before their use is guessable, and when it is, some frustration - you can't cut a cord with a rapier but you can with a broken dish? Silliness. Camera's use is not clear; why was it even there? One puzzle I solved but nothing happened, skipped it and it turned out my solution was correct. Infuriating. Plot over-elaborate and not, as it ended, a very good mystery at all.

I loved the first Shiver (the Hitchhiker) and gave it five fins up. This one, maybe three and a half. Four, tops. Still enjoyed it but I wouldn't play it again.
I found the game delightful. Sharp graphics, atmospheric music, and a steampunk theme that wasn't overdone. Limited and nicely executed voice acting. A plot that wasn't over-complicated and hung together nicely.

Loved the difference in the H0 scenes - "find cylindrical objects" and the like were a refreshing change from the usual mix. The puzzles were stuff we've seen before, mostly pipe-fitting and rotation puzzles. If you like those you'll love the game. I do like those.

Developers, you should be proud of this one. Slow the credits down a little, won't you please? I had to run them twice to see that Clean Cuts did the audio (the quality showed it) and to familiarize myself with names I hope to see again. Thanks for the fun!
 posted in Maestro: Notes of Life on Feb 27, 12 8:16 PM
Loved the game! Yes, it will be familiar to anyone who purchased "Music of Death" because it's a sequel. Duh. I think, though, that it is rather better done than its predecessor - perhaps newer, perhaps a different dev team.

It's about music, and the music is great. Voice acting much better than average. Graphics what we've come to expect from this developer, which is first-rate.

Two comments on the puzzles - I really liked most of them and one in particular, the sliding flowers (figuring out the controls is the key to that one) and one was just mean to musicians because the score and the notes didn't go together (guess that's what made it a puzzle, but come on - you ought to get some credit for learning to read music in a music-themed game!)

Oh, and full marks for one heck of a fine intro. Overall, four and a half fins of five.
 posted in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows Collector's Edition on Feb 8, 12 11:49 PM
I can well believe that this one was a labor of love, because it showed, and I can tell every member of your team that it is reciprocated. The thing is absolutely beautiful in every respect. For me this is the new standard. I don't think there is any higher praise.

Of course - you'll have to live up to it too! Please do a sequel! And many thanks for a wonderful time.
 posted in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows Collector's Edition on Feb 8, 12 7:02 PM
Played it through - right at 7 hours of pure delight. There simply isn't anything about this game I didn't like except that it ended. Five fins of five. Wow.
 posted in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows Collector's Edition on Feb 6, 12 7:56 PM
Halfway through and I'm deliberately slowing down to savor this exquisite offering. Gorgeous eye candy, beautiful music, great puzzles, a plot that holds together...if the developers can keep this up I'll have to say the bar has been raised on the genre. So far very impressive indeed.
 posted in 9: The Dark Side on Jan 31, 12 8:21 PM
Seester2 wrote:Overall, this game was pretty good, although the story to me was frightfully boring. The hidden object scenes were very well done, the graphics were great, it was not hard to navigate, and it was a good length. The mini-puzzles were frustrating, though. Most of them did have a reset button, but you had to start the whole puzzle over and over again if you made one wrong turn. I would have maybe preferred it if it had had an undo button so you could backtrack and undo your last moves. It was just tedious to start a puzzle over and over again just to get to a specific point. The skip button recharged quickly, though, even on the more challenging mode, so I ended up getting frustrated and even bored with some of the mini-games and ended up skipping them, which I usually don't do. Overall, I would give this game an 8 out of 10. Even with the negative, I think it is worth the buy.

I know the puzzle you're talking about and I couldn't agree more. The thing has dozens of moves to the correct solution and a rather touchy moving piece, and one wrong move and you have to start over. Pity, too, because I was really enjoying the puzzle, but it just got too tedious and I ended up skipping it regretfully.

I love puzzle games and this is a good one. Great graphics, nice music, but a plot that really could have used a better writer. It's a little tough to reconcile the friendly 9 with the same people who tortured knights to death earlier.

So far three fins of five, but it could have been so much more.
 posted in The Keepers: Lost Progeny Collector's Edition on Dec 19, 11 10:49 PM
An underrated game, in my opinion. I set it aside for a bit and returned to it and I'm very glad I did.

Pros: really gorgeous graphics, excellent voice acting, excellent length and TWO very fine bonus chapters. I'd love this to be the new standard. Lovely, atmospheric music. The 3D art was remarkable.

Cons: not much, a couple of H0 scenes that were a bit indistinct, a sadly underdeveloped character in the piggy demon.

I'd liked to have seen more of the beautiful art in the wallpapers, the boy in the tree for one, the mother and dagger and baby for another. Very interesting feel to this game, and I thank the developers for an original effort.
One MO short in the extra content and there isn't any guidance and I've ceased to care. It just isn't worth the effort, and that's not a good feeling to have after all that work.
All right, I've changed my mind. This one really is brilliant, a genre-changer just as RTR was if not for quite the same reasons.

Pros: beautiful graphics, of course, and the usual outstanding music by Clean Cuts. Great atmosphere in most places. Unlike some others I LOVED the morphing objects and thought them a nice change from H0G scenes that have become done to death.

Extra-pros. The villain is exquisite. Dennis Kleinsmith, you made the game. The humor was black and relieved most of the scenes from grim depression. The repartee from the fellows on the dock cracked me up. I shall not forgive the developers for breaking the Madame Fate bobblehead in the MCF-mobile, however. How could you?

Cons: Good heavens, the maternity ward was horrible! That one wasn't saved by humor, it was simply disturbing. A couple of the puzzles were a bit of a reach - the use of the dynamite, for example. And the purely-visual SG was a good try but not much help and a source of angry frustration to the truly lost, and I was at a couple of places.

Overall rating: not quite up to the incredible RTR but on a par with the excellent Dire Grove and Madame Fate. Light years better than the wretched 13th Skull.
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