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 posted in Parker & Lane Criminal Justice Collector's Edition on Apr 22, 18 9:31 PM
Hi i am trying to play the trail before i buy this game. I had to download a missing piece of software before this game before it would load which is fine, but since then the game has a bouncing thick line that moves from top of screen to the bottom of the screen when loading and when it gets to the main page to start playing the game starts fuzzing, this is the only game that i have that does this. i am able to play the other games i have from big fish without this issue. this is a game issue not my computer issue please fix. thanks, running a win10 laptop.
 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 27: Secret Colors on Apr 15, 18 4:25 PM
hi everyone i am having a issue and i am also on a windows 10 laptop and i usually dont have issues but today i got one it was a fatal message it only showed up when i went to change my settings from windowed to full as soon as i clicked it the full screen option thats when it showed up, my computer crashed just before this and I am running avast antivirus. please help.
 posted in Campgrounds: The Endorus Expedition on Oct 30, 17 4:32 PM
Hi Fishes,
Well its really really weird that i can play this trail version of the game without problems on my windows 10 updated machine but i am not able to play the extended version of this game which i did buy and get credit back for on this machine. when are you going to update the extended version to handle windows 10 machines better i like these games they are fun. I have tried a few times to re-download and uninstalled the adobe player and other adobe things onto my computer as well as the extended version of this game. when i try to re buy it, it wont let me. I hate the blue screen i get with the extended so now i am going to have to buy this version just so i can play. no worries, just thought i would as, this one works but not the extended. anyone else having the same weird issue??
Hello bigfish i have dealt with the help desk, and i was given a free game but i am still not able to get this game to work on my updated windows 7 to windows 10 pc and i couldn't get to work on my other machine either, all that i am getting is a small blue screen and nothing is happening, I have deleted and uninstalled and tried re-buying and re-installing this game quite a few times, and still nothing works, is there anyone out in the pond world having the same issue or know of a fix. thanks
 posted in Life Quest® 2: Metropoville on Feb 26, 15 8:40 PM
i have the same issue, i have the older version of the game and it worked so i tried downloading onto a new computer and after i typed in my name it would crash please help, i un-installed and re-installed the game onto this computer a few times and it doesnt work please update or please send me a fix
 posted in Campgrounds on Apr 28, 12 2:06 PM
Playing Demo to see if I will like the full version.
I have tried the demo on 2 different computers and I am finding that on both of them they crash at the start up screen when i want to change my settings like volume, or go from full screen to windowed, then I have to restart my computer, I had to do this twice on my computer and it started working and I am using windows 7 that was on my work computer and then it decided it wasn't going to let play past the 5th level. On the second computer windows 7 laptop it wouldn't start at all after the it crashed 2 on the options screen reason why i tried it on the work computer. I see that other people have also had crashing issues or black screens. I will not be buying the full version of this game, even though it is one of the types of games i like to play. I do not want to buy the full version of this game if i can not play it on my laptop which is my home computer.
thank you.
 posted in Royal Envoy 2 Collector's Edition on Jan 6, 12 12:19 PM
can anyone tell me where to find the 5th rune, i found the four near the top and by the bridge but i don't know where to find the last one
thank you for your help.
 posted in Build-a-lot: On Vacation on Sep 11, 11 11:01 PM
I have all the build-a-lot games and this one i am finding is fun, and a little easier, I also like how you have to really think about the strategy that you are going to use to finish the higher levels. I got through the first 9 levels while doing the trial, and I didn't want to stop playing my level. I am finding that more strategy is needed on level 19. I am still working on it.
 posted in The Legend of Sanna on Jun 22, 10 4:01 PM
You need to build another house so that you keep your people. i had the same problem until I realized that the house was the clue its not said out right.
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