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Penny1942 wrote:Normally I am a big fan of Eipix. I liked the graphics, music, etc. and especially the forest scenes, but this game is so puzzle heavy and HOS filled with search out runes that it has very little, if any, replay value for me. When they load up the game with searches like this and endless puzzles you lose the main goals of the game. I sincerely don't know if I will continue buying the series.

I am not being sarcastic-this is a legit question: What do you expect
from a HOPA (Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure) game?
Plientje wrote:To LUVTOREAD

Did you cut all three sets of chains (middle, left and right)? If you do, the scene changes to a HOP.

Hope you'll find it! Good luck.

Not sure in what order, just know I cut all three. Will have to just start with
a new profile, I guess.
Exiting and reentering did nothing.
I went into the barn, cut chains with nippers, down came the cloth-
and nothing. SG says there should be a HOP.

I hope shutting it down and going back will fix it. I like the DT:EAP
 posted in Lost Lands: The Wanderer Collector's Edition on Nov 19, 16 3:11 AM
I also am having problems with this part. Same as you, first one worked,
but other will not.
I hate the thought of skipping, but will have no other choice.
 posted in Lost Lands: The Wanderer Collector's Edition on Nov 19, 16 3:09 AM
Good catch! I watched Lost, and completely missed this.
Win 8 Also cannot exit from sick man.

Since I cannot finish Bonus Game, cannot access Bubble Pop.
I didn't realize they were only in some HO's. I started game over
thinking I had missed the ones in previous HO's.
I was going to make myself crazy looking for them!
 posted in Parallels Cross on Jan 18, 16 4:26 AM
9otters- Thanks for your review. I decided to try it and I agree.

This is a definite buy. A challenging game for the little grey cells.

No HO's, a lot of exploring, scenery and graphics entrancing.
Will really enjoy my day playing this.
Stuck at the Dreamcatcher part, Silver Amulet will not go on.
I see this is a problem for some as there is a thread about this.

Definite glitch. I am on a HP Win 8.1 laptop.
jaldeer how did you restore from last save? The game automatically

The game wouldn't even let me put the silver amulet up with the other
things I needed for the dream catcher.
I am very frustrated as I do not want to start over just to have this
happen again.
I hope you found it by now, it is on the left side of the screen,
wish I could remember exactly, I think there was some kind of
pin cushion? that the key was on.
I wish I had the answer. I am stuck also. Thought maybe there
was to be something special done to it first, but have not
figured it out and as you said, SG is not helping.
Hopefully one of us, or someone else, will figure it out.

I just found a post about this. Hope you found it also.
abarrett wrote:
fluffyalso wrote:The paint has to flow from one area to another. You press all the areas to be yellow and then press areas from yellow bottle to them. Once painted do a different color etc. Several areas will be painted over until all are as should be. Too much trouble for me. Skipped

Thanks for figuring it out and letting us know.

I got that part figured out, what is stumping me is where the yellow
paint is located, that is where the color blue goes (for the bottom
of the dress), so to get the outer part yellow, you have to push
down the blue dress part.
SG guide makes it look like you do not have to push that part, but then'
the yellow will not flow.
I hate skipping, but might not have any choice.
 posted in Medford Asylum: Paranormal Case on Oct 21, 15 2:26 AM
I just could not continue to play this game. It has real potential,
but too many annoying factors for me.
All those big circles, with the feet and eyes directing you and not
allowing you to explore, just is a turn off for me.
I am not a big HO fan, so going from one to another is not something
I want to do in a game.
Also, normally this would not bother me (well, not to much) but
having to wait just to get from one scene to another just is another
turn off.
I uninstalled it.
 posted in Nevertales: Legends Collector's Edition on Sep 27, 15 8:02 AM
esmeqt wrote:I am having HUGE issues with lag and unresponsiveness with this game. Currently I'm in the forest after talking with the woodland king and getting the bracelet. My cursor is stuck, won't move, won't let me access the map and basically making any sort of progress impossible.

Seriously regretting purchasing this game.

My lag and being stuck is with the huge ring that you have to line up.
Cursor just will not work or just jumps around.

I am sorry I bought this game.
 posted in Demon Hunter 2: A New Chapter on Aug 29, 15 7:06 PM
I will be honest with you-this one did not wow me like the first one did.
I was drawn right in with the first DH, so much so that I did not bother
to demo this one, I just bought it. I really thought it would be as good
as the first.

The puzzles were good, I did enjoy them.
The pace of the game was good, I only got stumped a couple
of times. I also appreciate the map, always a big help.

Also, nice graphics, not just the blue hue that is typical of
some games.

You put Miss Dawn through the ringer, didn't you?
She's like a Timex-takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

The storyline wasen't bad, but with her being a DH I thought she would
be fighting a different type demon, not the same one from #1.

What I didn't like was the book constantly sparkling at me. I found it
distracting and annoying.
Also, I know HO lovers enjoy this, but I felt like it was relying on HO's
to get through the game too much.

I thought the ending was rather lame, but I find that in most of these
games, anyway.
Its just that after some of the good puzzles (like the door puzzle, putting
each person in the right slot) I thought the ending would be a little more

Well, that is my .

Thank you for your efforts.
 posted in Demon Hunter 2: A New Chapter on Aug 28, 15 8:57 AM
I also liked the first one better-but I guess that is usually the case
with most sequels.
I am finding the sparkling book very annoying, most dev's did
away with that (thank goodness).
The one thing that cheered me up in this game (so far) is what
happens to my partner. He is not very useful anyway.

I am at the beginning of this game. If I find it more engrossing as
I go on, I will let you know.
 posted in Maze: Subject 360 Collector's Edition on Aug 2, 15 5:37 PM
Thank you. I had previously tried that, but on the wrong spot!!
Got it right, now.
 posted in Maze: Subject 360 Collector's Edition on Aug 2, 15 3:47 PM
I am stuck in the Hidden Object scene in the mannequin room.
I am suppose to find Brain. It is in yellow, so I figured I have to
do something to find it.
But my cursor is not picking up anything and I am not spotting
a Brain anywhere.
Does anyone know or remember where it is?
 posted in Grim Facade: Hidden Sins Collector's Edition on Jun 18, 15 2:12 PM
I had nothing else running, yet it still happened to me. I hope to go
back and just be able to play.
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