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 posted in Noir Chronicles: City of Crime on Mar 24, 18 8:30 PM
This was a mildly entertaining game with a few repetitive mini-games (e.g., more than one untie the knots - 3, I think). But when Fox was supposed to draw the gun given to him by the cop on another character, I dropped out and exited and deleted the game. I don't play games in which I have to shoot someone to win and was not willing to continue to find out if that's what Fox was going to do. I play Big Fish Games to avoid games with gun violence. Today I marched in Olympia, WA with March For Our Lives and one of the student leaders spoke about the need to change our casual acceptance of gun violence in entertainment. I couldn't agree more and hope that BFG will join the movement to stop the glorification of guns.
I've played every Mystery Case Files games since the first one and this is the least satisfying one. I generally don't purchase Collector's Editions because I don't find the extras to be worth the extra cost, but have been very pleased with the other MCF Collections I've bought - but not this one. Unfortunately, I'm not even sure I would have bothered with the regular version if I'd realized how little I would enjoy it.
My main problems: complex looking scenes with little interactive content, not very challenging mini-games, a few puzzles that didn't make sense even after having to use the guide (e.g., the backpack puzzle in the bonus chapter).
Hope the next one is better.
 posted in Haunted Hotel XV: The Evil Inside Collector's Edition on Oct 14, 17 5:15 PM
Up front info about me: I'm an old white lady (62yo) who generally enjoys the Haunted Hotel Series but decided not to even finish the demo for HH XV: The Evil Inside. My decision has nothing to do with the graphics, basic story line, HOP scenes, or other things people have negatively reviewed (they're fine with me!) - but with the implicit racism in having the extremely rare black male character not only be weak-kneed, chicken-livered, and high squeaky voiced, but also to be the first character to bite the dust! Haven't we advanced even a little in the decades since Stepin Fetchit type characters were the only parts available for black men?
Get into the 21st century folks!
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