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 posted in Glass Masquerade on Jul 3, 17 4:09 AM
I was really beginning to enjoy this game, when all of a sudden it started freezing when I picked up a puzzle piece and I lost my cursor, I couldn't exit from the game, but when I hit the escape button, it would bring up the menu list and by just moving my mouse over the choices, I could highlight the exit button to exit the game, even though the cursor was not visible to do so! I'm working from my HP laptop with Windows 10, and when I first went to the settings, I picked the resolution of 1360 x 768, which is the correct resolution for my laptop. I'm hoping this can be corrected, because I really like this game and would like to continue playing.
 posted in Double Clue: Solitaire Stories on May 3, 17 4:08 AM
I was cruising right along and enjoying the game when it just froze up on me and I couldn't even exit the game, but luckily I was playing in windowed mode so I just clicked on the X in the upper right corner. I'm playing on my laptop that operates with Windows 10. I hope this can be fixed because this game is unique and has peaked my interest.
 posted in Push The Box on Mar 11, 13 4:37 PM
barregar wrote:I remember way back, years ago I played a game where it was a man pushing boxes out off the way to get the game progressed it got harder and harder. I loved that game but can't remember the name of it.

This game may have cutesy graphics but the concept is the same. It's a puzzle game and reminds me of the past. I may just get it.

Barregar , Have you tried playing Cube Pusher? I have the game and it's a lot of fun and really makes you use your leetle gray cells (my spelling) The man in the game is supposed to move boxes into certain squares that are indicated with an X. Also, this game Box Pusher is a lot of fun and I didn't want to stop, but DH must be fed!
 posted in Azada: Elementa Collector's Edition on Mar 7, 13 9:53 AM
biscuitsmama wrote:Wow, you guys are brutal today.

IMHO, ERS has stepped up and given us a game far better than the previous Azada games. I didn't particularly care for Azada In Libro but Azada Elemental is a very entertaining game.

I hope that most of you who say the developer never listens will take a good look at this game. We have an interactive map and we have achievements - something all the ERS bashers have been waiting for.

The graphics are excellent, the story is good, I like the extra touches provided for this game. The game opens in widescreen with no problem. I had an issue for the first time with an ERS game not opening in widescreen when I purchase my Windows8 laptop. I didn't belittle the developer, I looked at my graphics card and tweaked some settings. No more problems.

It is my hope that after seeing all the negative reviews, you will at least try the demo before you decide. Keep an open mind and try it for yourself.

I bought the game and really like it.

Thanks BFG and ERS for listening to what we want in a CE game and coming through. Great job.

I am totally and wholeheartedly with you, biscuitsmama! I am absolutely enjoying this game. I love everything about it. I don't really care if it follows the mold of the other Azadas or not, actually I'm kinda glad for the direction the devs are going and I hope they continue, go go go, you cute little bunny, you (The devs, that is ) Thanks for your comments, biscuitsmama
 posted in Pizza, Pizza! on Jan 15, 13 10:10 AM
BearKat wrote:This seems to be a nice little game, it is bright, colorful and fun!
I would have used a PCC to get it, except for two things.

1. There are only two ways to adjust sound and sfx, ON or Off!
You can turn the music off and leave sfx on, this is what I did!
The music, at the volume played, is grating, IMO.
I do not like to play a game with no music, but, to turn it down you have to adjust the sound on your pc, which I find annoying.
You can however toggle the game to Window Mode from the game screen and do this, which makes it easier than closing the game completely.

Bearkat: You can play the game with sound without the music. Simply turn the sfx off and leave the music on and when you continue the game you'll see that the music will be off but you will still have sound. This is what I did, which I know seems backwards, but it worked!

 posted in The Tribloos 2 on Jan 14, 13 6:40 AM
Hello aymes! I just want to say thanks for a really fun game! I just love them little blue fellas! I am so much enjoying sending them on their many tasks and keeping
'em jumping (so to speak). I so love the fact that the game is not timed. I got gold on a couple of levels, then fell to bronze, which is where I am now. These old fingers just can't move like they used to, so the game is truly user friendly. Keep 'em coming, aymes, and I'll keep playing!

I must say I was taken aback at the comments on this game. I think it is quite good and If I had paid attention to the comments and reviews I would not have given it a chance. Thank goodness I am one who has always been a free thinker Humor aside, this game, IMHO, is a pretty good start for a dev that I have not heard of before. As far as HOS are concerned, for me, the more the merrier and I love the little extras that are added, the sounds and the visuals that occur when an object is clicked on. I love the graphics and the voice-overs, even if mom doesn't sound very panicky, after all, if she was going around saying, What'll I do! What'll I do! My son's gone! How could she ever be calm enough to find and pick up all the little things to help everybody else? Just kidding so please don't get your bloomers in a knot. All in all, I say, good job, devs and keep up the good work.
 posted in The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire on Sep 14, 12 2:36 AM
Kudos to the devs of this wonderful game! I was very pleasantly surprised indeed! The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is super fun! I had only played a few minutes and then I just had to exit and buy!! I love the hidden object part of this game and also all the bonuses and the unique little things in the card play itself. It is now 5:35am here in Indiana and I should be sleeping but I love this game so much I didn't want to stop! Again, thank you so much for a fantastic game!
 posted in Banana Bugs on Sep 11, 12 10:17 AM
I've played this game at least 20 times, and the space will not fill in completely if there is even one bug left on the bamboo, and sometimes they're hard to spot. Also, if you get the last bug and fill in 85% or more of the space at the same time, the level is over and the rest of the space will be left as is.
 posted in Mystika: Between Light and Shadow on Sep 3, 12 3:43 PM
SnowMeow wrote:It's all been covered above. I like this game and bought it..having alot of fun with it, so you have to deal with a few big deal. This game is going straight into my insomnia file. I like magic and spells in a game...smooth and fun game.

I'm with you, SnowMeow! I think this game is awesome and personally, I love to see those critters appear cause I love to zap 'em!

 posted in Lost Inca Prophecy 2: The Hollow Island on Aug 22, 12 8:14 AM
Wow! I was kind of bummed out with all the negative remarks about this game, and wasn't even going to try it but I'm glad I did. The gameplay is just like that of Paradise Quest and Vesuvia which are two of my favorite M3's. It's not timed, you just have to get so much of a percentage of the board cleared and then you get the key to unlock it and move on to the next board. I had no trouble in getting the board to go in the direction I wanted it to and oddly enough it didn't make me All in all, I like this game and will probably get it so it will go on my long list of games to purchase in the future.
 posted in Start the Rockets on Aug 14, 12 2:33 AM
I must say I was pleasantly surprised with this game! Thank you GMAC for your very detailed description of it, I wouldn't have been able to do it as good as you did!! I played the entire demo and was so disappointed when it ended, as I will have to wait a while before I can get it, but I will get it. It really makes you think about how to set the rockets in order to get them all to explode and get the stars too! Give this game a chance, fishies, I think you may be surprised like I was
 posted in The World`s Legends: Kashchey the Immortal on Aug 7, 12 6:03 PM
You can also add me to the list of those who had no problems playing this game. It ran smoothly for the entire demo with no glitches whatsoever. I am on the wire as to whether to purchase or not as I have so many HOGs left to finish. I'll put it on my long list of games to purchase in the future
 posted in World Wonderland on Jul 17, 12 4:00 AM
debzzzzy wrote:Hi Fishies

Ss to be different here but I kinda like this game lol.

It reminds me of the old style mahjong where you can only match the outer tiles or next to each other. Difficult to explain but once you get into it, it is a fun game.

It is hard to get hang of at first, but by trial and error you will get what I mean, I hope lol.

You get loads of bonuses to help you, which is good. Graphics could be better. 100 levels I thinks to do, and they do get progessively harder with the different layouts.

All in all not a bad rainy day game.



I'm with you Debzzzzy!

I must say this is indeed a different kind of Match game, and I really like It! The hardest part is in knowing which pieces to match and once I got into the game I couldn't stop and before I knew it the demo was over. I have to admit that the music was not at all soothing (lol) so thank goodness it can be muted I Just gave this game a chance (and a lot of patience) and I was pleasantly surprised

 posted in Grim Tales: The Wishes Collector's Edition on Jul 12, 12 4:08 PM
jkuci wrote:
In the first hidden object scene theres the cutest little purring orange kitten...!!!

You are so right! I got so caught up listening to that little guy that I almost forgot to continue to play the game!
 posted in Arizona Rose and the Pirates' Riddles on Jul 5, 12 1:30 AM
What a great surprise this game turned out to be! As Bpup already said, it has hidden object plus nonograms and also some inlay puzzles and who knows what else, as I got so caught up in the game my demo was over before I knew it. If you like World Mosaics and World Riddles I think you will like this one too and I actually enjoyed that they put the hidden object scenes in there too and they are the silhouette type that I like. Kudos to the devs, keep 'em coming!!
 posted in Legends of Solitaire: The Lost Cards on Jul 3, 12 12:45 PM
I must say I wasn't expecting much with this game until I began playing and was very pleasantly surprised. The game is totally enchanting and, for me, a lot of fun. The graphics are wonderful and the cards large enough for me to see without being unpleasant. I was able to see them quite well and I really like the extras like the fire and the locks and the bonuses you can buy in the shop like the potion to put the fire out. I also like the extra cards you get that can be more of the same number instead of just one of each number from 2 to 9. I hadn't played but a few minutes and I knew I had to have this game. Also, I never get tired of the many different variations of this game, I guess kind of like the different variations of TMs or HOGs that come out. I am so glad this was a Fairway type game, because I like them the most (picking numbers higher or lower), I mean. Anyhoo, happy gaming!
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward Collector's Edition on Jun 10, 12 11:25 AM
I was kinda surprised when I tried this game considering some of the comments. I found the graphics to be very clear and the color not bad. There was no lagging between scenes, but I suppose that's due to the fact that my laptop has oodles of Ram available, hence plenty of VM to run my games without glitches and slow-downs. The story was intriguing, the puzzles so-so and the hint system tolerable. But I have pretty much burned out on HOGs and so very rarely play them and when I do I'm hoping to find one that will really get my attention, but sadly this one doesn't. Oh well, guess it's back to playing Banana Bugs!
 posted in Kingdom Chronicles Collector's Edition on May 27, 12 9:46 PM
Well, I must say I was quite surprised with this game! I am not a fan of this genre, simply because I was never very good at it. But I have really tired of playing HOGs, so I decided to try this game. Wow! It's so easy to play and the fluidity of movement in the characters is awesome! I am so enjoying myself that I will purchase this game as soon as I possibly can.
 posted in Shadomania on May 16, 12 2:33 AM
I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this game! You have to select squares that have certain parts depicted and you put them together to form a finished picture. I got so caught up in it that my demo was over much too quickly. This won't be a game for everyone, but it certainly is for me. I find it a welcome break between other games I am currently playing so I will add it to my already huge inventory of games now installed on my game manager
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