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 posted in Slingo Supreme 2 on May 29, 15 9:34 AM
I have gotten as many as 19 power ups at one time and I have a top score of over 380,000,000. can't seem to get the billion point game. I have all awards except for the power ups, billion dollar game and power hoarder. What do I need to use to get those power ups awards. I have tried everything
 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Grave Testimony on Sep 13, 12 1:42 PM
I also thought I had lost the blue and yellow soul stones, but when I handed the red one to the boat man he started taking me across. Then the game ended and I was not happy. I thought there would ne more onec I went across the swamp. I was really disappointed
 posted in Dracula: Love Kills Collector's Edition on Jul 7, 12 10:24 AM
I have a problem of winning the major achievement award. I finished the game in less than 5 hours, used no hints, skipped no games, got all blood blottles, found 10 items in 10 seconds, etc, etc. I won all the awards but I still can't get the final award that I am suppose to get after winning every award. Any help or suggestions out there.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Jan 2, 10 4:25 PM
I have finished this game in 5 hrs and 51 mins. Really enjoyed playing this. It was diffferent and entertaining. I am going to replay and see if I can beat my time.
 posted in Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare on Jan 23, 09 1:55 PM
Matchstick puzzle, 4 squares moving 3 sticks. Move the left side matchstick from the top square that is on the left side of your screen. Place it on top of the square you just took it from. Move top and side stick on the square that is on the right top of your screen. Place them on top of the top square that is on the left side of your screen. You should see 4 squares
 posted in Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare on Jan 21, 09 7:14 AM
Okay, I beat the game and the ending really sucked. I've had this game for over a year and stop playing it after a month as the puzzles drove me crazy. I restarted the game as a new player and decided I was going to beat this game the 1st of Jan. I skipped very few puzzles, just kept on until i got them. I will not waste my money on a sequesl if one comes out. the scenes are too dark and not a lot of fun. Now Ravenhurst, The Return is the game to own. I've beat it twice and loved this game.

I did the footprints puzzles, but when I try to do the last scene where she is laying at the foot of the stairs I can't get anywhere. I plug in the perculator, put the tea bag in the cup, boil the water, but nothing else works. I've tried putting the cup on top of the perculator, won't work. I tried putting the cup on the smooth surface at the mirror, won't work. I've tried putting the cup in the mirror on the left side of the screen, won't work. What do I do to win? I've about had it with this game as the time for the last 3 puzzles and the scene is only 5 minutes.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Jan 21, 09 5:18 AM
sanbar wrote:I was so excited to buy this game, but I can't get past the first section and I am feeling stupid as well as frustrated. I'm not sure how to place the colored wires. I have found all items but don't know what to do with the wishing well. I am at a complete stand still. Can anyone out there lend a suggestion.

 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Jan 21, 09 5:16 AM
Loved this game. I have the first Ravenhurst and really enjoyed playing it. This new one is awesome. The graphics are great and I love the no time play. I have beaten the game twice and now have my son hooked on it. It is fun and entertaining. Looking forward to another one of these Ravenhurst. Hopefully it will be soon. I have others of the Mystery Case File games, but this is the best by far. Money well spent.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Jan 21, 09 5:14 AM
bfgErie wrote:I'm just creating this thread so folks can use it to post their comments about the game. What did you love? What didn't you love? Other users would love to hear your comments and we would too!

Be sure to only post comments about the game here. If you have a question about a puzzle in a particular location, please find the thread for that location and post your question there. Remember, each location in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst has its own individual discussion thread in this forum.

Happy Gaming!
 posted in Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare on Jan 21, 09 5:11 AM
Wish I had never purchased this game. It is awful. Worse one I have played so far. Wasted my money on this one. I finally get through the puzzles and the levels and now I am on the last level and can't get anything to work. I did the shoe puzzles, HORRID, get to the last scene, found the coffee pot, cup, and tea bag, put bag in cup, pot perking, cup filled, but can't put the cup anywhere. I ran that cup over every inch of the mirror on the left side of the screen and nothing. Keeps saying won't work here. What the crap. I've had this game for over a year and stopped playing it because if you solve a puzzle you can't just skip it ike you can in Ravenhurst, the return. Really sucks. Won't purchase the sequel. Really wasted my money.
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