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 posted in Heart's Medicine: Hospital Heat Collector's Edition on Oct 24, 17 12:24 PM
Thank you all for the info. I just couldn't figure out what to do.
I have gone back over every area multiple times and can only find 69 of the 70 items to buy. Is there one tucked away somewhere that's not easily seen?
Loved the game, as I do all of the Delicious, Angela and Medicine series. Wish there were more games like them.

BFG is sometimes a little slower in offering the games, but could be for a lot of different reasons. They are at a greatly reduced price, especially when they have their special offers of 2 for 1, etc. So it's up to the individual if they want to wait a few weeks or buy it full price somewhere else.
If you click on him (or any of the entertainers later in the game) and then click on a table, he will perform something and increase the hearts one for each time he performs.
I don't think you can and it's not necessary to pass the level.
 posted in Sliders and Other Square Jigsaw Puzzles on Apr 7, 16 3:21 PM
I'm confused with the Quests. The first one is to try every kind of puzzle. Well, I've played over 60, but haven't gotten to a new quest. How do I get past Quest One?
 posted in Amulet of Dreams on Jul 30, 15 4:58 PM
okay, I'm missing something....with the FLOWER PUZZLE...I must not understand what they want. How can you create six identical wreaths when there are only five of each flower?

I tried matching only the flowers that join by the printed colored ones show on the original 'paper,' but that didn't do it. Help pls!
 posted in Royal Envoy 3 on Aug 1, 14 8:36 AM
Thank you!
 posted in Royal Envoy 3 on Jul 31, 14 1:48 PM
What does it mean "construction platform" in the Architectural Experiment and Global Reform Achievements?

Also, what level can this be done?
 posted in Your Doodles Are Bugged on Apr 3, 12 5:50 PM
Where is level 25 and how do I get to it?
 posted in Diamon Jones: Eye of the Dragon on Aug 9, 09 8:39 AM
I'm not sure why some people can't reach tech support. Just go to Help. There's a tab in the lower left that says "Still Need Help" Contact Us. They've always been very prompt in responding, usually within 24 hrs. If they can't figure out what's wrong (only happened twice) then they give me a coupon to purchase another game.

I've been a member for several years and have only good things to say about Big Fish. I've picked up a virus several times on other sites, but I've downloaded Big Fish games almost one a day for several years and feel confident my computer is safe. I won't use another site.

I'm having an issue with this game also, but I know I'll get help.
 posted in Natalie Brooks: The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom on Jan 22, 09 12:10 PM
bansama wrote:I am rather tempted to pick this one up (my demo just timed out with no crashes or anything), but the only thing holding me back is the length. I'm not too sure if it's really long enough for my liking. A lot of the current hidden object games are far too short.

I agree, I usually buy all the hidden object games, but have been very disappointed when they can be completed in a few hours, and that's what they've been lately.
 posted in Natalie Brooks: The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom on Jan 22, 09 12:06 PM
tictacsix wrote:Anybody else have a problem in the scene where Natalie (finds the rag and magnifying glass and hands them over to a guy where upon you clean a key.). There is a large yellow square that covers the entire right side of the screen.

Yes I had the same problem, but "hinted" my way through it. I had no problems with the cell scene, but in the big ben tower, everything is invisible. I had to use hints to find all the bells, because I couldn't see them and I can't see the person tied up. Maybe it's supposed to be that way, but that's when the demo time ran out and I decided not to buy. Too many tech problems.
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