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Restarting the game sort of worked but the morphing objects were missing , at least the ones I had found before. It then gave me 1/20 when I found another one. I'm really not interested enough in the game to delete it and start again from scratch
I'm totally stuck. I need to pick up the apple but nothing happens when I click on it, even the hint button has no idea of what I should do. I could pick up the bird at the same scene with no issue. I exited the game and tried to go back in ... I know that sometimes works ... but it now says that my game profile is corrupt and I need to start a new game.

Not happy at all with this.

Windows 10 on a new PC.

Edit to say that I tried again. This time the first 2 items in my inventory were invisible ... they both were plus items. I restarted the game and all is OK at the moment but I can't say that I trust it
I'm on a brand new PC and this game seems to be very slow. Everything, from the movement of the cursor to the animations. Other games are fine.

Or do I just need to kick the PC?
After playing the full version for a while I needed to close it down but the menu button doesn't work and the escape key has no reaction. I tabbed out but when I came back it was to a black screen and could do nothing. Eventually an access error showed and I could escape. I tried the game again but the menu button etc was still not working. Windows 10.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Collector's Edition on Mar 25, 17 1:12 AM
That happened to me too. I had played for some time and exited ... it then asked me to create a new profile. My own profile wasn't there and the new one started me at the beginning of the game again.
 posted in Imperial Island 3 on Mar 20, 16 3:01 AM
Why oh why does this game keep resetting my keyboard to be some sort of English layout? It is really irritating. It doesn't even use keyboard apart from the name at the start.
 posted in Sea of Lies: Tide of Treachery Collector's Edition on Jul 31, 15 2:13 AM
yes ... just found it in the extras ... souvenir room ... click on one of them to get into a series of pictures from the game with an object hidden in each. Not exactly what I was expecting.
 posted in Sea of Lies: Tide of Treachery Collector's Edition on Jul 31, 15 1:39 AM
The game plays fine under windows 10
 posted in Sea of Lies: Tide of Treachery Collector's Edition on Jul 31, 15 1:09 AM
I've finished both games and it won't let me back in unless I create a new profile ... I tried that and still no souvenirs.
 posted in Whispered Secrets: Into the Beyond Collector's Edition on Nov 16, 13 2:09 AM
I've downloaded this 3 times so far and it still plays terribly slowly. No problem with any other game ... just this one has the problem.
 posted in Entwined: Strings of Deception on Mar 11, 12 12:43 AM
It's asking me to download and install a codec, or something, in order to play the game. I never like being asked to do that. I'm wondering if it worth doing.
 posted in Exorcist 2 on Dec 19, 11 12:48 AM
I agree ... and this game is the spookiest I've ever seen from BF.
 posted in Exorcist 2 on Dec 19, 11 12:47 AM
Well ... I didn't play for very long but for what I did see this is a very spooky game ... both in sound and vision. The H0G scenes were annoying as various objects weren't named correctly so there was some random clicking to find the item they were refering to ... and everything was pixilated on my large screen. It is a shame ... wide screen game, interactive H0G items, mix of adventure and H0G ... all let down by the other points. I also didn't want anything that spooky in the week before Christmas ... might have gone down much better at Hallowe'en.
For some reason it only allowed me to play for a couple of minutes before it decided that my trial had expired. I had never seen the game before and had not tested it for beta. I tried to uninstall, redownload, etc but it still says trial expired.
Well ... I'd have to say this is a definite "No". The graphics are great and it's obvious that a lot of time and money have been spent on creating the game. Looks like it will take a lot of work to get through.

But ... a whole H0G scene of morphing objects??? I loved the old idea of watching for maybe 1 per location but a 12 on a screen? Just sitting staring at a screen waiting for something to change ... it's akin to watching paint dry and about as exciting. Really disappointing and it meant I exited the demo after about 10 minutes. There have been several really good games this month and I was excited about this one
It is actually a very nice game with some new puzzles in it .. always good to see. But I also found it rather too easy and quick. I do play a lot of these games so many that is why ... still, I did find it easier than the other recent CE games.
I loved the graphics on this one and there were some new ideas in puzzles. But, I'm a bit worried about the length of the game. I wasn't pushing it and I finished the demo in 33 minutes. Sometimes I like to see how fast I can work the games but this time I was enjoying the scenery. Maybe what should be done next was too obvious ... I don't remember having any "WTF do I do next!" moments.

A very nice game to play but I'm not sure if it is worth the CE price if it will be easy and short.
I just checked the techincal forum and this is caused by something in McAfee virus checker ... which I have. I also tried an older game and it stopped too. BF say they are working on it ... but it really doesn't seem to have been their fault.
Same here ... and I was really looking forward to this one
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess III on Aug 31, 11 2:54 AM
I was very excited to see this game available this morning ... nearly bought it without trying the demo but I'm sort of happy now that I didn't. It still has that really annoying level of bash the random monsters on the roads ... wolves this time. I have no idea why they have that in there and have never seen anything but complaints about it in the last version. They have also placed the inventory slots at the sides ... which is a real issue on my wide screen ... I need to take my eyes off the playing area to look over and spot the small icons showing how many of each item that I have. It has already started a headache for me and I've only played the first 5 levels. I really, really want to buy the game but it is rapidly becoming unplayable. Are they actively trying to stop people from playing it? grrrrrr
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