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I just figured it out. What you need to do is select a letter on the right hand page, where the symbols/ letters are, then find the matching symbol using the magnifying glass on the lower left hand page. The answer is " To keep the secret is to preserve N4, W5, N8, E6, S2.
I started with the letter E because it is one of the most used. Good luck

Highlight to see the quote
Game takes forever just to install. Was still on 24% after 15 minutes. Gave up after 30 minutes and it only installing to 41%. Just not worth it

ETA: My computer is up to date
HOP scene in the bar. There is no morphing item . I've played the game three times now, and still the only morphing item not found. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, and played under different names. No morphing items. Even took a picture of where it's supposed to be with my phone from the SG, still not there.
You can go back. There is a place in the extras, that will tell you where you haven't found them. I'm having this same problem in the bar scene where there is supposed to be one near the wine bottle. I've clicked everywhere, and nothing. Did you happen to get this one ? Played the game twice now and still nothing, don't know if it's a glitch or not.
I found that I had missed one in the girl's bedroom. I finally got all 60 when I went back and replayed under the same profile
Do you have all the symbols from the coffins? After you light up the eyes the symbols show up. It won't burn without the symbols on it.
I also was having trouble. Uninstalled and reinstalled also and it didn't work. Exited out and went back under a different profile and it worked, made it through the demo. Don't know if this will work for any one else or not. BF still needs to fix it
First HOG scene in the house, can't click on anything, can't switch over to match 3. Glad I didn't buy it like I was going to. Already uninstalled and re-installed, did nothing

ETA: went back in under a different profile and I made it through the demo. Skipped all tutorials
Ok, I completely exited the game, went back in and tried again, this time it worked. I tried setting the bowl kind of in the middle of the glass bottle until I saw the little turning gears. It worked for some reason. Good luck
Having problems with the sulpher also
Are there any collectible in the area with the giant hand and the statue? That's the only area on my map that doesn't have a star showing everything was collected.
 posted in Mahjong Museum Mystery on Mar 7, 16 10:45 AM
Levels won't unlock after completing previous level
 posted in Mahjong Museum Mystery on Mar 7, 16 10:05 AM
How the heck do you get to the next level? I've played level one twice now, and it will show the trophy, but level two remains locked
 posted in Punished Talents: Stolen Awards Collector's Edition on Mar 5, 16 3:13 PM
Still playing the demo. Trying to use the map. Every time I try to open it, the acheivements( sp) open.
I just posted in the tech thread too. What I just did was used the glove to get the half, then went to the box and grabbed the other half, finally worked. I do not have the screwdriver or the screw in my inventory. Don't know if this makes a difference or not
bumble2 wrote:I had the same problem with the shears . you need the white gloves and handle to pull the one out of the floor then you can put them together

Just went and tried again. Got it this time. I used the glove to get the blade, then went and grabbed the half out of the box. I do not have the screwdriver or screw in my inventory, and it worked. Maybe it will for others
Bunch of us have had this problem, tech forum. So far no solution as to how to pick up the half from the box.
Also can't take the broken clipper out of the box. Have tried under two different profiles
 posted in PuppetShow: The Face of Humanity Collector's Edition on Jan 21, 16 9:06 AM
Huge. Worked for me yet
 posted in Rite of Passage: Heart of the Storm Collector's Edition on Jan 16, 16 12:44 PM
Opened up the game, have sound, but no picture
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