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essgee52 wrote:I figured out the garland issue - you just have to put your elf on it. Not a glitch.

Thanks, I found out too.
Exactly, the same problem. I posted this in the technical issues. You should too and maybe we can get some help on what to do next.
I am using Windows 10 operating system on desktop computer. My game doesn't know what to do after I get the garland from the door handle at the souvenir shop. I do the puzzle and get the message, "the garland should come in handy." Can't do anything else, even asking for a hint, it highlights the garland in my inventory and I pick it up, but nothing happens. Every hint does the same thing. Please help. I have gone to this point three times and stuck all three times. Two times by starting over with the same name and once with new name and same thing. Thanks.

Meant to say this was the lights that were on the door handle[u].
 posted in Fill And Cross Christmas Riddles on Dec 23, 14 4:06 PM
I have uninstalled 2 times and installed 3 times. Just uninstalled for the 3rd time and am now downloading it again. I had to go "my account" to find the game as it looks as it Big Fish has pulled from the site. I also sent in a customer support ticket and they wrote me back. Said they hadn't had a chance to really look at the problem but gave me a free ticket if I wanted to use it. I had rather have this game as I love all the Fill and Cross Games. I even tried to run tame as administrator but to no avail. Hope they fix it soon.
 posted in Atlantis Adventure on Sep 23, 14 11:34 AM
mygirls1816 wrote:Hey, outthere I've been trying to play the game fringo every since it first came out. but all I get is a black screen. I have to tried to contact the tech support people without any help,if you have had this problem please share how to fix it.

Have the same problem. I was able to play the first time, but since the first day, it gives me my daily bonus but when I hit play, all I get is a black screen. Don't know how to fix.
 posted in World Mosaics Chroma on May 31, 14 7:12 PM
Pleeeeeeease Big Fish!!!! Give us new levels. I've already finished all levels and have 600 out of 600 stars.
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