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 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Apr 1, 18 10:18 AM
Thank you so much, memaclay2. I never would have figured that out!
 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Mar 30, 18 10:39 AM
I'm new to Fish Tycoon, never played the first one. I'm having trouble selecting fish to sell. In my first tank, the one with the level number, sometimes I can select a fish to sell, sometimes not. I keep a lot of my fish pregnant in the tank, and I need to make room for the babies. Am I only allowed to sell one type of fish at a time?
In the second tank, the one with the dollar sign, I can click on a fish to sell, but it doesn't disappear. Then, when I go to the sell fish page, they are all on sale, pregnant, magic fish, everything that I didn't want to sell.
How do I remove a fish from the sale page? I've tried to open the help screen, but it only blinks and blows bubbles. How do I get the sale tank to only sell the fish I want to?Can I sell more than one fish of the same (or similar) type?
I'm on a Mac. Thanks for any help I can get here.
 posted in Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium on Mar 30, 18 10:27 AM
To get out of the game, click the settings button (looks like a gear), turn the Full Screen Off, and the red quit button appears at the upper left of your screen.
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three on Jul 2, 17 2:12 PM
Is there any way Big Fish can give the developers a little nudge to work on a Mac version? I have 1&2. I think 5+ years for the Mac version is long enough!
 posted in Next Stop 2 on Jun 1, 16 11:06 AM
I just bought Next Stop 2, thinking this would help the problem. It doesn't. Instead of being able to read the directions, I get boxes. How do I get my computer to show the letters?
 posted in 2 Tasty Too on Oct 26, 13 12:53 AM
Okay, I figured it out. I started the game over and on my way to this level I tried to get expert on every level. I did this mainly by getting three customers done at once and then clicking them off at at the same time. I'd keep them happy with the free drinks while they waited. This garners a bonus of 20 points (Euros). Then, I made sure I'd spent those Euros on upgrades every chance I got. I'd even go back to the first level to get more Euros to move on to the gondola. Then, I would end up with three screens instead of two. This meant that I had enough ingredients to fulfill every order. That third screen makes all the difference.
 posted in 2 Tasty Too on Oct 21, 13 2:10 PM
I'm in the same rut. There's only one basil and at least three recipes call for it. Two butters, and three recipes. I've tried getting every coin and firefly, and clicking the finished dishes together for a serial bonus, but the best I can do after dozens of tries, is get 197, 3 short of the 200 needed to get to the next level.

It's frustrating and I'm tempted to ask for my money back.
 posted in 2 Tasty Too on Oct 21, 13 2:05 PM
Sometimes the pizza is in the freezer on the lid and other times it's in the first frame on the left side on the shelf next to the stove.
 posted in Big Bang West on May 23, 13 8:49 PM
I only got to the fifth level before deciding this game wasn't for me. It was confusing--obviously English is not the first language of the game builders. It wasn't very challenging. Just get enough workers and materials, and things got done during the required amount of 'days'. I didn't like how the goals were hidden under the "Info" button and how the top information didn't tell me what I needed to know, like how much of the goal I'd completed, and how much money I had or needed for another worker, or wood.

I love time management games, but this was a great disappointment.
 posted in Girls with Secrets on Feb 18, 13 8:50 PM
I'm going to pass on this one. It wouldn't expand to full screen (I'm on a Mac). I don't mind a game that's all HO, but a puzzle here and there would be nice. The story was unnecessary and didn't add a thing to the game. My big beef, is the misspelled words. 'Type writter'? 'Racke' (for rake). The artwork is bland and the rooms are too neat! I prefer HOG's with messy rooms, weird objects out of place, and a mysterious, even scary atmosphere. No thanks.
 posted in Amelie's Cafe: Halloween on Nov 22, 12 12:08 PM
This is my first Amelie game. I have a lot of problems with the clicking--I'll click on something but it doesn't register. This happens way too much, and I don't enjoy the game because of this. The graphics are muddy, too dark, so I can't see many of the second items, especially the red drink. I'm going to see if I can get a refund.
 posted in Alice Greenfingers 2 on Jan 4, 11 10:35 PM
Before each new day, you can select a free upgrade. The rest of the vegetables are in the third column. Sometimes you have to pick whatever is in that column, even if you don't want it, like a rock or a statue, but the next day you might get the vegetable.

Good luck!
 posted in Alice Greenfingers 2 on Nov 22, 10 9:57 AM
I like to end it as soon as I win the last big trophy. I try to win it as soon as possible, and I think my record is in 25 days. But, yeah, I have to take a break from this game once in a while.
 posted in Ranch Rush on Nov 16, 09 11:28 AM
I started having the same problem right after I loaded Snow Leopard. If I want to get to the last level, I have to reduce the screen size and place it on my dock (the middle, yellow button that looks like a minus symbol). That's the only way I can continue playing the same game. Essentially, I'm not closing the game, just putting it aside.

Maybe Big Fish could figure out why Ranch Rush isn't compatible with Macs 10.6 and later?

 posted in Alice Greenfingers 2 on May 26, 09 12:10 PM
The last five crops all show up in the third bonus section from the top. After I get my plots, sprinklers and number of cases at the farmer's market set up, I keep clicking that third section, even if it's something I don't want (you don't have to buy it), so that the rapeseeds, daisies, bell peppers, cranberries and gladiolas come up sooner. I've actually 'finished' a game by getting all the trophies in 27 days this way.

Kathy, who needs an intervention with this game.....
 posted in Youda Farmer on Mar 10, 09 3:36 PM
I love Alice Greenfingers 2 and was disappointed with this game. I got tired of waiting for the truck to show up.

I'm on a Mac, so I can only play Farm Frenzy online (sniff).

I also quit playing after ten minutes. I know most of the games on Bigfish are appropriate for children, and this game seemed geared mostly to children because the crops, eggs and meat just showed up without the player needing to do anything.

I'll be saving my credits for AG3 or maybe Farm Frenzy for Mac (please?).

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