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 posted in Yuletide Legends: Frozen Hearts Collector's Edition on Dec 22, 17 8:14 AM
I am having the same problem. I have made many attempts at trying to mend the blowtorch. I used the torch on the cracks for at least 5 minutes and the only crack that turned a little gold was the top one. I have wasted over 30 minutes on the blowtorch and now my trial game has run out. I guess I will just have to forget about this game.
I can't figure out combination of rotations for the door in Baron's Study. I'm trying to get out to confront Jana. Can anyone please help?
 posted in Danse Macabre: Lethal Letters Collector's Edition on Apr 1, 16 1:36 PM
When I put the antler on the deer in front of the theater it only gave me one cash register key instead of two.. I closed out of the game and rebooted it, but that did not work. I can't continue to play the game without both keys. I need help please.

Sorry, let's go back here. I can't pick up the letter to get Romeo in the back stage of the theater and place him in the theme stage which opens a draw below and gives the first cash register key .
 posted in Weeping Skies on Mar 31, 16 5:45 PM
dogcatmom wrote:the spider venom flask filled up but then never went into my inventory it just vanished so I am unable to mix poison and cannot complete game - this is the 5th game in a row the other 4 were collectors editions...........I am pretty savvy know how to re-install - ck compatibility all the usual fixes but there are so many bugs that finally one appears that cannot be skipped or worked around am disappointed in general I enjoy playing games but not much more frustrating the being stuck near the end!

(ronlin1944) I had this same problem and did not find a fix. That ended the game for me because I could not go any further. Very frustrating.
 posted in Christmas Eve: Midnight's Call Collector's Edition on Jan 7, 15 12:30 PM
I completed the main game, but I cannot find the Bonus Game. What did I do wrong?
 posted in Eden's Quest: The Hunt for Akua on Mar 7, 10 4:51 PM
When you start the game, you should get a screen that say Resume, Replay Games, Change Options, Change Profiles and Quit. Click on Change Profiles and then on Click Here to Create a Profile. You can set up a new name there and be able to start a new game.
 posted in Eden's Quest: The Hunt for Akua on Mar 7, 10 10:00 AM
I have Windows XP and I was able to play the game fine until I came to puzzle 46, I believe it was with the Crabs and the Rocks -- I got an error message. Clicked OK and it continued to let me into the puzzle and found it real challenging until I found out you had to line up the rocks in the correct order about an inch from the bottom of the box and position the crabs about one-half inch below the rocks. I had already did puzzle 47, but I cannot find the Totem for puzzle 48 which is supposed to be at the beach. I have found 12/24 totems i Chapter 3 and cannot find anymore. I have used the map and all locations show 0 totems. Does anyone have any answers on how to go on from here.
 posted in Eden's Quest: The Hunt for Akua on Mar 7, 10 9:21 AM
I am having exactly the same problem. I cannot find anymore totems either, and cannot get back to Zach with the copper wire. This is the first time I have had any issues like this with games on BFG. We need a fix to the problem.
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