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Best produced game to come out of BFG yet. All the MCFs are winners but this is the best one yet!
 posted in Youda Farmer 2: Save the Village on Nov 6, 10 7:18 AM
Really enjoyed this game until I got to the part where I had to deliver grain to the baker to build the BIG OVENS. The game said to click on the baker to build the big ovens but nothing I did could get this to happen. The game was not frozen at all, it just would not allow me to do anything to go the baker.

I almost bought this one. Really nice game.
 posted in Pirate Solitaire on Oct 24, 10 6:56 AM
I would pay 6.99 for anything that is not your standard run of the mill chick flick HOG.
 posted in Mole Control on Sep 26, 10 9:07 PM
Did recognize my latest version of Direct X. Then one error after another before crashing on my tweaked gaming PC. Another pile of garbage released for a quick trial. I will continue to support BFG as long as I am allowed to make trials on these crap games.
 posted in Robinson Crusoe and the Cursed Pirates on May 28, 10 3:20 PM
I also have the problem with the download recycling over and over. Between this and Deadtimes that is two buggy games I cannot try.

Getting pretty close to just terminating the whole shebang.
 posted in Buried in Time on May 27, 10 4:32 PM
Actually all I have to say is THANK YOU FOR A GAME THAT IS NOT A HOG. Getting tired of all the lame romantic/haunted/mysterious HOGs this site produces. They could have labelled it Pig Puke for all I care, as long as it is not another HOG.

I will buy this one.
 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie on Jan 8, 10 6:09 AM
I own all the Farm Frenzy games. After each series we have updates, but the game is still the same. I see nothing new here (ok they added robots - yay), and I am actually perturbed by some annoying elements like my expensive dog disappearing after tackling a bear.

This game needs a major overhaul unless they want to keep producing the same idea with some additions, in which case this is not Farm Frenzy 3, but more like Farm Frenzy 1.3

I am buying less and less of BFG due to the same short HOGs and mindless sequels. Every once in a while a truly new game comes along, and I buy those.
 posted in Tinseltown Dreams: The 50s on Jan 4, 10 8:50 AM
A really fun game. I had no problems with it on Vista. It is a nice change from all the girlie/fashion/romance games being dumped out lately.
 posted in Dream Cars on Jan 4, 10 7:32 AM
An overlooked misspelled word or misplaced comma is acceptable. This entire game felt like I was speaking to a person who obviously does not know my language at all. If you want to release a game and make money in my country, then know my language and speak it well. Would you buy a coffee maker at Sears that had "You put grounds they go belong here" in the instructions? Didn't think so.

Poor release by BFG.
 posted in Virtual City on Dec 22, 09 2:46 PM
One of my favorite games of the year. I am slowing down on the plethora of HOGs and other same-o same-o games until games like this come along (forget the punchcard BFG. Not enough decent stuff coming out). Innovative games like Westward, My Kingdom for a Princess, and Virtual City are becoming buried in the HOG and lovey dovey games.

 posted in Build It! Miami Beach Resort on Dec 17, 09 7:26 AM
I am glad I am not the only one who could not figure out 1923. If this game relies on very exact solutions to get every level, I will have to pass.
 posted in Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper on Dec 3, 09 7:50 PM
I thought it was a very nice implementation of a HOG. Most of the HOGs coming forth on BFG are junkpile, but I thought the storyline was well done in the demo. The clues are mostly easy to find (more easy than a lot of these recent HOGs such as "Luxor Adventure" and "BCA: New York") I think a lot of people are just becoming jaded with HOGs and those others get high reviews because of the sequel factor to them.

Also I never could get that "hit" Reincarnations:The Awakening to run on my Vista PC, but I have had no problems at all with this one. I give this game 4.5 out of 5 stars and happily purchased it.
 posted in Find Your Own Way Home on Dec 1, 09 6:12 AM
Extremely poor HOG, and when BFG is saturated with them as of late, they need to be of a lot better quality. Played for about 30 minutes and deleted. Poor grainy backgrounds make finding objects horrendous, and I finally gave up finding the last Bumbling Biff since that level the designers felt the need to leave out the Hint System for each area.

Also the REO approach is cheese. They are classic band, but the new REO used in this game are has beens. I am sure Gary Rickrath is happy he was no part of this fiasco.
 posted in Reincarnations: Awakening on Nov 6, 09 7:17 PM
No solution has been posted.

This appears to be a problem with the development of the game, and not the systems it runs on. Personally I am avoiding any game made by this development company from this point on since they cannot build games cross platform.
 posted in Island Realms on Nov 6, 09 2:29 PM
I love TM games and A Kingdom For My Princess is probably my all time favorite game. However this one clearly missed the boat on what Kingdom offered. Kingdom was strategic about knowing where to place your men, what was important, and rewarding guile. This game is complete and utter tedium. Showing your workers to do every little thing is micro TM and those games are work, not fun.

A great premise, but a horrible approach.
 posted in 1912: Titanic Mystery on Nov 1, 09 11:34 PM
Complete HOG borefest. Basically find 10 items of the same type and then finish the scene by finding the remainder of stuff. After that you get a simple puzzle. Story very uncompelling and not worth a credit.

Thank you BFG for the trial, but a ZZZZFest,
 posted in Hidden Wonders of the Depths on Oct 18, 09 3:09 PM
Indeed it is really great about BFG - the ability to try before buy. Not even worth trying to figure out how to get this working on Vista.
 posted in Reincarnations: Awakening on Oct 12, 09 2:50 PM
Game will also not start here. Thank you for trials. Not interested in figuring out the problem, as there are tons of decent working games on BFG.

Straight to the trash can.
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