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 posted in The Jolly Gang's Misadventures in Africa on May 1, 12 11:21 PM
I am loving this game, however, when you get stuck, you are stuck, with no help, which ruins it really. Like you cannot use the hint button for the password for laptop. Can anybody remember how to figure that out? Picture of an arrow and a ? Doesn't help much lol
And one more time because it seems BF is not getting these messages!

I couldn't agree more!!!!!!
Just when you think they can't possibly get anymore demonic!
Enough is enough BF! I know of 5 people this month alone that has left BF for this reason. This game is way demonic and should have "demonic\occult" warning on it.
 posted in Tiger Eye - Part I: Curse of the Riddle Box on May 22, 10 12:25 AM
Also wondering about the extra's but came here to say that I also thought this was by far one of the best games I have ever played, and I have been buying games for about 4 years now! Hope there is more like this to come!!!
 posted in Master Wu and the Glory of the Ten Powers on Apr 26, 10 5:05 PM
I sure agree with most of you about the poor quality of games this month. I am wondering if Big Fish was bought out by someone else? I wonder for serveral reasons, one of them being that when I write to customer service I always get a reply from Seattle, I mean ALWAYS,many times for several years now. This last time my reply was...................Thanks for writing in. This is Franca here in Cork, Ireland and I will work with you today. Ireland???? Between the poor games and this reply, just makes me wonder?
 posted in Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy on Mar 19, 09 2:42 PM
Oh geeeezzzzz I want to buy this game so badly but after hearing the negative reviews I am not sure. If other game sites can offer demo's on large file games then why can't big fish? I also have gone to other sites to get the demo for LF games and because I had a chance to try it and liked it I come back here to buy it.
This particular game though I cannot find a demo for, well I can, but only in German LOL Tell me folks, worth the $6.99???
I was playing return to mysterious island but got stuck and because it is a not so new a game anymore I guess nobody is at that forum anymore, because I got no replies to my questions at all, and I was so enjoying it too!
 posted in Safecracker on Mar 5, 09 3:24 PM
I have played Syberia 2 and I did really enjoy it. I am now torn between syberia 1 and safecracker? Has anybody played both games that can give an opinion? Thanks
 posted in Adventures of Robinson Crusoe on Jan 25, 09 10:00 PM
I LOVED this game so much but it was too short. Not enough game play time, finished in relaxed mode in about 3 hours, doing all the puzzles. Am very disapointed in that length but otherwise was one of my favorite games. Would sure like to get more than 1 evening out of a game though.
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