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bonggamer wrote:Just saw that the SD version of this game has been released. Does this mean that the CE version has also been de-bugged??? Updates will help BFG. Thanks

I purchased the SD version, and has the same bugs, I can't pick up the hanky either,
seems they didn't bother fix the bugs at all
 posted in Ominous Objects: Family Portrait on Aug 19, 14 2:03 AM
I am having exactly the same problem, it just freezes and won't do anything, I have use the escape button to get out of the game
 posted in Nevertales: Shattered Image Collector's Edition on Jul 19, 14 2:04 AM
0161 wrote:Windows 8.1 Could be a fantastic game . IF ONLY I COULD DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!!

I have Window 8.1 and it downloaded okay for me
I don't see the problem either. I am glad someone starts the threads
 posted in Chronicle Keepers: The Dreaming Garden on Jul 2, 14 1:54 AM
I have Windows 8 and had no problems with the game or the hint system, maybe it is a compatibility problem with Window XP
I installed it just fine, but I have trouble controlling my mouse, it flies around the screen
 posted in Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of the Full Moon on Mar 5, 11 1:54 AM
I was playing the game and suddenly it stopped, telling me the demo was over, this after 32 minutes??? I thought we were supposed get an hour to demo games, so what's up with that, is the game so short they have to this, is going to be the way it is from now on. Not happy, seriously wondering if I should keep my membership, don't seem to get any advantage from it, never been given a sneak peek, haven't tested a game in more than a year, and most games are on other portals
 posted in Green Moon on Jan 31, 10 6:35 PM
Kalavinka wrote:They are just games and should not be taken too seriously. I do not agree with witchcraft, but neither do I think that people should impose fundamental viewpoints on others either. I am a good Catholic-- a little bit of magic in a game is not going to sway me towards the "dark side". I am too smart and strong for that. Indeed, the most evil people in history have been those that fostered intolerance and censorship towards other people. I like the majic and think that it should stay-- it is a fun aspect of these games. I also like ancient Egypt and think that it should stay. I even like cartoons. There are plenty of games out there that do not have these elements in them. Besides, the title of this particular game-- Green Moon, should have served as a big clue as to the potential content.

As for skulls-- we all have one, and so how can this be witchcraft? Sorry, but I think that censorship is the greater evil.

HOWEVER, I do think that BF should warn people about any sort of occult content. This will help buyers to purchase games that are appropriate for them. I do not think that someone should have to pay for something that they dissapprove of.-Kala
 posted in Trapped: The Abduction on Oct 28, 09 3:06 AM
All I can say, everyone is different, we all have our likes and dislikes. I have downloaded game trails that I found offensive, but, no biggie just stopped playing and uninstalled it. big Fish has a huge customer base and they have different kinds of games to suit the broad spectrum of their customer base.
This game didn't bother me, and it's okay that you didn't like it, but it's not fair to say that it shouldn't be on the site. different strokes for different folks.
I hope you find something that you like, maybe you could ask for some suggestions, I would be happy to help
 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Oct 23, 09 1:14 AM

i agree, am on the fence too, I only played 38 minutes of my hour and it stopped and I could either play the same part again or buy, what's up with that??
 posted in Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse on Sep 30, 09 3:14 AM
I've tried all the solutions mentioned in all the other posts, I too have Vista 64 bit and everything is up to date, my PC is only 4 months old. I was just wondering if anyone else has any new solutions or ideas.
 posted in Virtual Families on Aug 16, 09 3:10 PM
You can, by changing the time on you PC clock, just set it an hour or 2 ahead, the only thing is
this will change the ages of the parents too. Handy when you you have a nursing mother
and you want her to get back to work
 posted in Virtual Families on Jul 7, 09 12:38 AM
Yes, there will be a forth Virtual Villagers coming out, I think with in the next 6 months,
maybe sooner
 posted in Avalon on Jun 25, 09 8:59 PM
I feel the same way, what a rip off. Being of limited funds I really try to be careful of the way I spend my game credits.
Hearing that it was like VV with faeries I thought it would be a decent length, I feel like I had hardly played at all, and the
game was over, and I didn't even leave it running when I was away fro my PC. I feel like I threw my money in the garbage.
I feel so cheated
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