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 posted in Jewel Tree: Match It on Jan 21, 18 9:04 AM
How do I clear the tiles that are around the main body of the puzzle? Can't make them match. Thanks.
 posted in 1001 Jigsaw Earth Chronicles 4 on May 5, 16 10:07 AM
I'm having the same problems! I'm running Windows 7 and can't open the game without changing the screen resolution! So what do I change it to??? Thinking about asking for a credit here.
 posted in Lost Lands: The Four Horsemen Collector's Edition on Feb 1, 15 5:31 PM
Same things happen to me.........
 posted in Lost Lands: The Four Horsemen Collector's Edition on Jan 30, 15 4:35 PM
I was close to finishing the game but when I went back into it today, it's having me start over! Any way to re-load my progress? This is such a long game, I don't want to start over! Thanks.
I did end up re-setting the game but this time I clicked to the left of the toymaker and not down in the box at the bottom where it says "click to continue". I had clicked in that box and it produced nothing. Just be sure to click to the left of the toymaker!
Looks like I need to open the cupboard to get more of the potion ingredients? But - how do I do that with no door knob? Am I missing it somewhere? Thanks - hope to be able to proceed soon.
Can't get this game to proceed - I click on Ole and all he does is tell me about the shrinking potion and the wand. He does not give me anything! Please - this looks like a great game but it's so frustrating not to be able to proceed. Should I re-set? Re-install??? What?
 posted in The Far Kingdoms on Dec 15, 14 12:47 PM
Key Disappears

the key disappears when I go into the grey house and can't unlock the chest, ergo I can't get the gems, ergo can't get any further. Hint keeps sending me back to the White Witch and back out. Help!
 posted in Dreampath: The Two Kingdoms Collector's Edition on Jun 15, 14 2:20 PM
Daxadillion wrote:I had the same thing as I could only see the bottom of the letters but I then thought this was intentional and I was being asked to guess the order of the dials by just focusing on the the bottom line - it worked for me with no problem.

What do you mean, focusing on the bottom line - I've been outside and got the correct name - "Aldred" then came back in the even tho' i've got the letters lined up correctly, they don't migrate to the empty spaces. HELP!!!
 posted in Dreampath: The Two Kingdoms Collector's Edition on Jun 15, 14 2:06 PM
Same her- would love to purchase it but the letters won't go to the statue! Evidently not a good buy! And I love the Cat, too - what a shame!
 posted in The Lost Inca Prophecy on Jan 27, 12 11:08 AM
I've reached level 48 and all of a sudden, i have no sound. what should I do?
 posted in Secrets of the Past: Mother's Diary on Nov 22, 11 4:47 PM
Will try that but you still need a walkthrough!
 posted in Secrets of the Past: Mother's Diary on Nov 22, 11 4:46 PM
I am stuck at that golden flower with the jewels - too frustrating! Wish I hadn't purchased it. Where is the walkthrough???
 posted in Around the World in Eighty Days: The Challenge on Aug 26, 11 8:24 PM
That makes three of us! I've used 3 hints and everywhere I click nothing happens! Want my money back! Can't proceed!
Does anyone know how this game is scored??? It just doesn't make sense to me. The highest I've gotten is 2000+ and have no clue how I got that! I don't like to have things "hanging" and this end to a most delightful game is too frustrating! I hope the developers will take this into account the next time. I've played this ZEM thing for several days - am VERY tired of it!
 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera on Mar 2, 10 8:59 PM
count me in as another player whose game freezes when I finish the last puzzle! I thought I was so smart to figure it out and then - nothing! Would like to see the end after all this effort. Please fix!!
 posted in Pahelika: Secret Legends on Jun 2, 09 6:47 PM
I need to remove some items from my inventory at the Fairy Garden/basement since it tells me I can't hold any more. However,nothing in the inventory will combine with anything else and I am stuck! Please help. Thanks.
PS - Love the game!
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