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I am downloading now, downloading rather fast. cant wait to play. I have 5 days
off work to play.
hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.
Enjoy the game, I know I will
 posted in L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz on Jul 19, 10 11:02 AM
I lasted 12 minutes into the demo and had to delete. I dont mind games that
have some small items to find but the items in this were smaller than small.
Hope the next game is better.
 posted in Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors on Apr 19, 10 4:59 PM
I just finished this game and thought it was a good game. The ending surprised
me. hope there will be a follow up game.
 posted in Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose Collector's Edition on Mar 26, 10 9:24 AM
downloaded on vista - great game - will have to buy - hope everyone else
gets problem solved
 posted in Shutter Island on Mar 7, 10 10:01 AM
In answer to your question, there is a book. I really enjoyed it. I thought this
was going to be a good game but now after reading all the reviews, I dont know
if I even want to try the demo.

Maybe some day I will. If its a 3 hour game, its definitely too short for me.
 posted in 1912: Titanic Mystery on Nov 2, 09 3:08 PM
I cant believe anyone would complain about any games. I love the HOG and IHOG
games the best but I also like match 3 and brick blasting. However, if you are not
happy with your choices, you can always go to the dept store and pay $20.00.
Games at $6.99 are great and Big Fish is an awesome site.
 posted in Department 42: The Mystery of the Nine on Aug 19, 09 5:25 PM
loved the demo. will definitely buy. too many great games, too little credits.
hard to decide which game to pick first. have to have this one.
 posted in Defenders of Law: The Rosendale File on Jul 25, 09 5:42 PM
I just finished the trial, no problems at all. Havent decided if I will buy or not.
waiting for more reviews. Not too easy but not to difficult either. Nice and
relaxing came play.

meant to say nice and relaxing game play
 posted in Lost Secrets: Caribbean Explorer Secrets of the Sea on Jun 4, 09 4:56 PM
I lasted 19 minutes and had to shut it down. Very boring and hard to find items
 posted in Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold ™ on Jun 3, 09 2:45 PM
I didnt see any special for $.99 for this game. Is it still possible to get in on
the promo??
 posted in Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer on Apr 26, 09 10:55 AM
very disappointed-finished game before demo was over. Glad I didnt buy
this first.
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