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 posted in Monument Builders: Alcatraz on Jun 29, 14 11:12 AM
My game won't save my progress. I was on level 12 when I closed it. Now, I have to start all over again. Had same issues with the Great Wall of China...I think I'm almost done purchasing games from this developer.
 posted in Monument Builders: Great Wall of China on Mar 22, 14 12:39 PM
lostgirl98 wrote:The game doesn't save properly. For example, I will be on level 25, then play 4 levels and close the game. When I return, I am brought back to level 25, not level 29, where I ended. This has been going on since I purchased the game (I had to do the first 15 levels about 15 times in order to get to a point where it would save beyond level 1). Is this some trick of the game, or is it a technical glitch??

I'm having the same issue. No update posted either.
 posted in Monument Builder: Empire State Building on Jan 3, 14 11:15 AM
Rebooted computer...No change.
Deleted & reloaded...No change...

 posted in Monument Builder: Empire State Building on Jan 3, 14 7:13 AM
Has anyone else had problems with level 15? It loads, but none of the buildings generate anything & I can't get the workers to do anything.
Where is the poster? I looked all over the game in the areas available to me.
 posted in Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Collector's Edition on Dec 1, 12 5:52 PM
Has anybody gotten the "Rat Catcher's Tale" achievement? I've played the game twice (missed a couple of dolls the first time), but I still didn't get this achievement.
 posted in Pahelika: Revelations on Mar 5, 12 2:32 PM
Sorry, but this is one game I'm not planning on buying. There is no hint and the movements are very slow. This game is nothing like the first and I just don't like it.
 posted in Reel Deal Slots: Fishin' Fortune on Oct 14, 11 1:33 PM
Thanks for the reviews. I lost 10 minutes of the demo time trying to get the darn game to even run. It kept freezing. NOT worth even posting for technical help.
 posted in The Three Musketeers: D'Artagnan and the 12 Jewels on Oct 10, 11 1:29 PM
I didn't like this game either. Other than the main character (D'Artagnon), all the other characters are sillouettes. The palace & tavern HOG made me dizzy. Moving the screen was silly. I also reviewed the list & realized that I don't own any of this companies games either. Oh, well. Free game to be used on something else...
Found all 80!! Last bone to find for me was on the desk in Tesla's Lab. Look REALLY closely at the book!!!

Good luck to all who haven't found the last few bones!!!
 posted in Safecracker on Sep 21, 10 2:35 PM
I too just purchased this game & I've got to say that I had to also purchase the strategy guide. There are no clues as to what to do with the safes & I think I was able to complete 4 or 5 without using the guide. The ending is disappointing & I wish I hadn't wasted my money on the game at all!!!
This is the last game I'll EVER buy without a "Try It"!!!
 posted in Be Rich on Jan 28, 09 5:40 AM
I made it to the Top Spot with $62,944,940. Good Luck!!!!!
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