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Bye Paints,
It was great seeing you again, Until next year,
All you fishies are amazing I could never keep up...
It was great meeting new fishies also....
Thanks Solice..

Love Kim
Someone please send me a link to the pictures PLEASE...


Thank You Paints,

As usual my brain is already fried from re reading Paints clue solutions, trying to piece something together but my brain just gave out....

Everyone have a great day..

Thank You Enamorte for the link,

You all are amazing, I missed about 2 weeks of post so I have been reading all day to catch up,

My brain just doesn't think as fast as yall's

I have one very big headache after reading all this.
It's been awhile since I have posted or been in the pond for this long.
I forgot about the Thread,

I thought I was a good puzzle solver, I'm finding i'm a little rusty.. LOL

You all amaze me, I can't keep track of half the games I played, and what happens in
them, I go to fast to finish the game, guess I better slow down. But I'm learning alot
from you all.. Thanks......

Glad I returned when I did....

 posted in Magic Encyclopedia: Moon Light on Jul 5, 09 5:27 PM
I get through the door then screen goes black, but I do have sound
has any one got any info on this yet?
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