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 posted in Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy on May 25, 15 6:41 PM
I'm bored with some mini-games and would just as soon skip them. Is there a place in this game to do this?
 posted in Northern Tale 4 on Sep 8, 14 1:36 PM
Thank you!
 posted in Northern Tale 4 on Sep 7, 14 3:01 PM
I'm supposed to "trick" the wolf by feeding him but even though I gather up 30 pieces of food to beat the timer, I can only get 25+3 in my storage. What am I doing wrong?
 posted in Northern Tale 4 on Sep 4, 14 6:05 PM
I'm looking for the second of the big purple flowers I'm supposed to take out with 10 hams and 10 pieces of gold but cannot find it. Anybody there yet?
 posted in Viking Saga: Epic Adventure on Aug 4, 14 9:50 PM
I'm going for help to those websites you are referring me to but there is absolutely nothing there that has any relation to the questions being asked. After playing over 350 BF games, I'm embarrassed that I can't get beyond the beaver dam without running out of timber. What's the secret?
 posted in DragonStone on Sep 6, 12 11:41 AM
I am also having difficulty. I can do ashes to ashes but the next one is a killer. I found if I place 3 balls to the left of the locked key circle, the left side will open but the gold key remains inside and blocked by an invisible barrier. I usually just blast it with the dragon's breath but then the next angled set is just completely un-doable. Help us somebody!

 posted in Joan Jade and the Gates of Xibalba on Mar 20, 10 12:18 AM
DO NOT buy this game if you are the least bit experienced. It's pretty and all but by the time I finished the free hour, I was more than 3/4 of the way done! It was finished in about another 45 minutes, so don't bother.
 posted in Pirate Poppers on Jan 31, 10 9:17 PM
Hi. I'm stuck on puzzle level 43. Do you remember how you got out of it?
 posted in The Mirror Mysteries on Jan 7, 10 7:55 PM
This is a nice game with fairly clever items but WAAAAAAAAAAY too short. I completed this in just over two hours. Creepy story line but didn't matter. BestemorCA
 posted in Syberia on Feb 6, 09 7:34 PM
Well, I'm happy and disappointed at the same time that others are still wandering the streets with me. I have now visited the notary because of a hint some nice person sent me but have apparently missed something in front of the cemetary gates, plus I don't know what's missing at the gate with the little man pushing it. Somebody sent me some great hints to get into the notary but I'm not finding the site again. What is "gameboomers?" Thanks, BestemorCA
 posted in Syberia on Jan 31, 09 12:32 PM
I'm frustrated already and just wandering the city. I've talked with the host, have my luggage upstairs, spoken with Momo and picked up the fax, the four gears, been conversant with the man on the bench on the way to the funeral service, the baker who is closed and now standing in front of a gate that "needs something." I'm unable to move anything from a box, such as a gear, if that is what is needed. So, I'm stuck. Can anybody give me a kick to get me moving?
 posted in Syberia II on Jan 30, 09 9:03 PM
I'm just getting started with Syberia and frustrated already! How does a person get the gears off the bottom of the screen to where they should go? Kate is standing at a gate and I'm supposed to do something. I was thrilled to get the key to ring the bell at the hotel, pick up the gears from Nomo, talk to the man at the bridge but now I don't know where to go.
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