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 posted in Fear for Sale: The 13 Keys Collector's Edition on Nov 19, 14 8:31 PM
having same problem ..really dont want to start over with a new there a fix yet?
 posted in Dark Dimensions: Somber Song Collector's Edition on Apr 21, 14 1:49 PM
i am there now ellis and dont have the fertilizer.....will have to try new name ...hopefully i can get past this in the new game...was nice to see this chat

 posted in Echoes of Sorrow II on Feb 9, 14 2:32 PM
It will not let me put in code 4285...keeps resetting when i try to put the 5 in...wrote to please
 posted in Echoes of Sorrow II on Feb 8, 14 3:54 PM
Is anyone else having a problem getting the code 4285 to lets me put in the 428 then wont put in the 5 ...Can any one help please....Thank you....I just dealt with bf about another game and really hate to have another problem...
i have same problem the cursor changes to a head but when i click on the saw hndle it takes me back to the element....there is only one element air...It will not let me pick up the handle...back and forth ,,etc i am stuck here...any help...thnx nancie
 posted in Mountain Trap: The Manor of Memories on Feb 5, 13 11:37 AM
is anyone else having problems getting the lift to start....generator is working but when i try to use the dial it will not there something i didnt do?? thanks for help
 posted in Mystery Heritage: Sign of the Spirit on Sep 14, 12 4:52 PM
did the ho game and didnt get the wire cutters...any help?? thnx nancie
I am having the same problem, no inventory....cant get to the wrench...will try to re boot hope it helps like the game
 posted in Fierce Tales: The Dog's Heart Collector's Edition on Jul 6, 12 2:09 PM
moved the statue and got the pearls...where the lever is says i need a creature to help in the dark...what did i miss..ty for help
 posted in Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty Collector's Edition on Apr 30, 12 4:33 PM
I dont usually review...liked the game but seeing that the bonus chapter is short deters me from buying..dont care about the extras ie: wallpaper etc..already have too many that I dont use...why cant the developers just make a longer game ....will wait for the se.
 posted in Living Legends: Ice Rose Collector's Edition on Apr 16, 12 6:32 PM
i am having same problem cant align tree even with sg and video frustrating any other suggestions..thnx
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Black Isle on Apr 10, 12 3:26 PM anyone having this problem..I am halfway through the game and it has been the cursor is not going with my mouse....and the gme comes up in slow is hard to play when cursor does not align with my mouse...i got out of game to see if there was something wrong with the mouse it is fine except when i go back to game...thanks for any help dont know if un installing and re installing will help.
 posted in Witches' Legacy: The Charleston Curse on Feb 18, 12 8:57 AM
is anyone have problems accessing the drawers with the bird paw...inserted it and turned to right..just get a magnifying glass that .keeps saying i dont know what drawers to i missing something? thanx
 posted in Witches' Legacy: The Charleston Curse on Feb 17, 12 7:56 PM
I looked at the screenshot and saw the drawers to be opened...I just get a magnifying glass saying I dont know which ones to open...will not let me open any drawwers..Is there a paper i must find that shows me the right ones..Help I am stuck cannot go any further...thanx in advance
how many times do i have to clip the wires...done it 5 times correctly and i am left with the wire cutters then when i try to pick up the baby the wires have to be cut again...and again and any help for me please thanks
where is the crest to open the box to get the card in the carriage hos thnx for help
 posted in Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign on Oct 14, 11 2:44 PM
isnt voodoo the name of the man ?? don't see is a game ...
i played the demo and e thing was fine..i bought the game and now it says error violation when i clicked to install the game after buying it only took a minute to say it was activated.. other games show the new download am going to try to uninstall and then re install wish me luck
hi ladybug i am having same problems..running ie9 win 7 and it seems as though some games just wont has been great but nothing is resolved...looked like a good game so bought it on sale.hate to ask for refund but seems as though no choice..
 posted in Millennium Secrets: Roxanne's Necklace on Aug 5, 11 5:22 AM
u uninstalled and re installed for the pc update.. ..seems to be working thank you
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