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 posted in Amerzone: Part 3 on Feb 17, 14 10:32 AM
i have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times .i have been all over the big tree at the fork no bug,can anyone help me?
 posted in Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace on Sep 13, 13 5:59 PM
it well not even give me the little magnifying glass to do so.
 posted in Dracula Origin on Mar 26, 13 10:12 AM
Gilmer wrote:I have been thru the coffins and the caretaker has given me the codes for the numbers on the coffin lids and I have gotten Jada to tell me she has been with Dracula for 5777 nights. I have trying to input the code (80099) sword lock, but I get a message telling me that I need to have more information. I have retraced my steps several times, looked at all of the portraits, spoke with Jada many times, went back to talk to the caretaker and cannot figure what additional information I need to input the code. HELP!
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