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 posted in Grim Tales: The Final Suspect on Jun 18, 15 7:21 AM
too familiar
 posted in Deadly Voltage: Rise of the Invincible on Feb 7, 13 9:31 AM
how do i break window where microvave is?
Wont go away. I down load. Debug screen comes up and no matter what I do, I get kicked off and told "play again?" have not had issues with any othe games. FIX IT BFG!!!!
 posted in James Patterson Women's Murder Club: Little Black Lies on Oct 17, 10 10:00 AM
JazzGirl15 wrote:Can't get the "Flyer" under the Lighthouse door to catch the key..... Any helps on where to do it? Must have clicked 100 completely out of game 3 times. No luck
I am having this same problem I have been working on this for a couple of days now and cant figure out what I am missing. I've looked in the key hole and have the screwdriver and checked the walkthrough even so I still can't get the flyer under the door does anyone have any advice
 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Dec 20, 09 10:42 AM
Astina wrote:The puzzle in the game room is missing a piece so I can't get the kite, anyone else had this problem?

My journal says I found the game token but its not in my inventory...used my 5 min of free strategy guide..cant figure out how to get kite to lure is in the game room yes?
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