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Same problem-can't get the figure from the safe in the lab to open the chest on the balcony to get the grappling hook. Very frustrated. Re-installed but still didn't work.
 posted in Haunted Train: Spirits of Charon on Feb 13, 14 3:16 PM
Game freezes and shuts down no matter how many times I reload the game manager or redo the installation. I want my game credit back!
 posted in The Cameron Files: Secret at Loch Ness on Aug 3, 13 3:43 PM
I've left Lord McFarley's room and climbed the stairs to the attic to the last door. The attic key doesn't work. Help! This game is annoying.
 posted in Youda Legend: The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond on Jun 22, 09 1:47 PM
I found the cigarette in a place not marked with a green or yellow box. It was located on the left side of the bottom shelf of the book case on the left side of the library, just above the box where the letters will go. The cigarette is vertical with ashes at the top. I hope this helps.
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace ™ on Feb 2, 09 10:15 AM
I am in the Green Drawing Room in the act where you collect all the knight figurines. I have completed all the other rooms. The inventory in the Green Drawing Room says horseshoes. I found one set of horseshoes but it still remains in the inventory. It won't let me use hints at all. The only things in the inventory are five knight figurines that I can't move or use. Help!
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