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 posted in Jigsaw Boom 2 on Nov 5, 12 10:38 PM
Game crashed after I did the player profile input.
 posted in The Game of Life ® on Oct 24, 12 2:07 AM
A little "sleepy" for me

Pretty much the same board game I remember as a kid

Played one game in about 25 mins - no need to finish the demo for me.

No explanation on how to use the investment button, and couldn't find a way to pay off my debt - although, I have to admit after trying a couple of things, I didn't search for solutions very hard.

I followed the "college Path" at the start - ended up as a Doctor for $100K
Then followed the Night School path - figured it should take the position I had and go up from - not so much. Ended up with a 40K and 50K choice.

Odd screen size did not fit my computer properly (I do use a somewhat larger font on my screen) so this may have distorted the display. No options to change screen size.

Might be an ok game to keep the young kids busy (it does have a multi-player setting).
As for this 50ish Grandma, it's a no buy for me - sorry
I would prefer the Life Quest games to this old classic.
 posted in Slingo Supreme 2 on Jun 17, 12 1:49 AM
jdfox2005 wrote:My issue only seems to happen when I use speed slingo. I can spin once. I never matched anything when I spun using speed slingo, but then I am not able to spin a second time. The button that normally says "Spin" just stays a stopwatch.

I also am having the exact same issue.
Because of this repeatedly happening, I de-selected Speed Slingo and chose not to use it as one of my bonuses...but today's daily challenge included Speed Slingo in it. On the very first spin, I was crippled and the spinner went from gold to grey and included a timer.

Bummer...I love the daily challenge rounds.
Do you guys have a "fix-it" patch?
 posted in Jane's Zoo on Mar 28, 12 3:17 AM
Extremely repetitive - dull.

Usually will finish a demo, only got 6 mins into this one - zzzzz for me.

Might be ok as a kids game, but even on normal a lot of points need to be scored to make it to the next round.

Part of the problem is a triple click for each activity.

Click - animal to highlight the item/task
Click - item needed
Click - animal again

For me it got frustrating fast.
Sorry, even for a bargain price, a no buy.
I bought this game on the Daily Deal - demo seemed cute. Good value
I was looking for a story to develop - heaven knows there was enough dialog throughout. Not much about more than one mask or monkeys for that matter...lots of Hidden Objects.

I agree with some of the other posts about this being a good HOG for beginner/intermediate players. Quick recharge of hints and silhouettes for each object - riddle style HO's were interesting. I didn't seem to find objects were fuzzy as mentioned by a few others...just VERY cleverly camouflaged. Most objects seemed relevant to the scene (no hidden computers, CD's or cell phones) but many were repetitive from scene to scene.

Cut scenes in between each level are long and don't detail what's coming ahead very well.

Mini games were a challenge for me - I skipped a few due to more so my impatience instead of giving them the time they deserve to work them out.

I did find the game somewhat short - as an intermediate adult player, I finished the game in 2 short sessions (perhaps 3 hours total)

Good game for HO with a few twists.
 posted in Tiger Eye - Part I: Curse of the Riddle Box on Feb 17, 12 5:07 AM
This game is terrific! A little something for everybody! Some hidden objects - many of which are "cleverly" hidden to blend in with the surroundings. Also plenty of brain teaser puzzles keep players guessing about what is coming next. Romantic hero/heroine storyline plays out somewhat like a comic book. Seemed a little short, but still a great game. Quality makes it worthwhile.

Big from this Boomer Nana!
 posted in Solitaire Kingdom Supreme on Feb 8, 12 2:46 AM
Terrific card game with lots of twists on the standard Klondike shuffle.
Offers a new "Daily Challenge".
Although most of the challenges are relatively easy to beat...tonight's was a bear! Took me probably close to 4 hours to beat the wicked fun if you are a card player!
 posted in Puzzle Quest on Jan 1, 12 9:11 PM
I'm having similar difficulties...have built several things, but can't build the dungeon to gain a mount. I am also at level 50. So far, I have only captured ogres.
 posted in The Dragon Dance on Dec 31, 11 1:54 AM
Absolutely beautiful artwork, but as far as functionality - eh, *poof*
In the first eight minutes, I couldn't close the journal and couldn't pick up the dragon book in the drawer in the dining room. Even with a hint to pick up the book, the clue was aiming at the blank space between the book and a feather (?) - clicked everywhere in the drawer without success.

Bummer! I was looking forward to being able to get further with this one!
No buy and a delete from me!
 posted in Solitaire Kingdom Supreme on Dec 19, 11 5:03 AM
Fabulous "Klondike" game with plenty of add-ons to make it different from the crowd. Theme is Medieval which is cute. I play it at least once a day, if for nothing more than completing the day's bonus game. I look forward to those and will often play them before I go to bed

Rates a big from me!
 posted in World Mosaics 4 on Sep 6, 11 1:46 AM
I am also a World Mosaic addict!
When can we expect the next set of puzzles to come out?
Big Fish has challenged me with the previous four, now I'm ready for more!
 posted in World Mosaics 4 on Sep 6, 11 1:40 AM
Matthew0671 wrote:LOL!!! More World Mosaic games please!!! I love all of them!! I've purchased all game versions from the Fugazo website). I've completed all game versions countless times (filling up each name slot, and deleting older name slots).

I was really happy with the last version, with the automatic tile counting (I don't know how many under my breath counts I performed with the previous versions).

I totally agree with Matthew! I am also a World Mosaic addict!
When can we expect the next set of puzzles to come out?
Big Fish has challenged me with the previous four, now I'm ready for more!
 posted in Legends of the Wild West: Golden Hill on Sep 5, 11 6:49 PM
My monitor does not go as high as the 1902 x 1080 that is required to play this game. The entry page is larger than the screen and does not allow me to access any of the controls. I press ESC to exit and it brings me back to game manager. Also, logs me out of game manager upon start. Looks like it could be a fun game, but right now, it's useless for me.
 posted in Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds on Jul 24, 11 4:01 AM
Glad the game was available on Daily Deal for $2.99
That made it an easy choice and an easy buy!

Mini games were quite challenging - I needed to skip a few.
Took me quite awhile to complete the game - I want to say 5-6 hours, so you do get your money's worth.

Interesting story line. Would have liked it better if the objects were more closely tied in with the plot....finding feathers and balls and cats was a little silly. Some of the "camouflaged" items were very tricky to find - good job hiding them! I used hints when I was close to the end of each chapter. They reloaded at a decent rate...gave me enough time to continue looking while they charged.

Nice game for this 52 year old grandma!
 posted in Interpol 2: Most Wanted on Apr 6, 11 4:32 AM
I also finished the game quickly, in under 3 hours. Glad I bought it on the Daily Deal. Most of the objects were easy to find, although some were different spins on the same word...i.e. Mouse could be animal or computer mouse. That part, I enjoyed.
Many of the objects were repeated in each scene or level.

Decent middle-of-the-road HOG
 posted in Wild West Quest 2 on Apr 1, 11 1:00 AM
I agree...I noticed mine stopped working a chapter or two before the Cantina Fire.
Needed it to find the last bottle at the Cantina and it wasn't to be found.
 posted in Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret on Mar 20, 11 6:44 AM
I bought this game on the Daily Deal - I like it, but it finished rather quickly for me. Maybe 3 hours. I did use the skip on some of the mini-games; they were a little trickier than my mind could handle for a late night session.

Glad I bought it on the Daily Deal; probably would have been disappointed if I paid full price
 posted in Cookie Domination on Jan 27, 11 10:53 PM
Here's another vote for ya.....I'm putting this one in the "I cant believe it!" Junk file.
Can't believe the violent theme...from cookies???

Sorry, but aggression of this nature is unforgivable on the parts of the developers and promoters.

Aren't we trying to teach our kids otherwise??? And the bullying behavior is unacceptable?

Come on, BF...get with the program!
 posted in Hodgepodge Hollow on Jan 5, 11 4:05 AM
I got hooked into this little game at first glance - LOVED the artwork and creativity! Played it for a few minutes then had to shut down to take care of "real life business" - couldn't wait to get back to it to make more potions! Don't you wish we could really formulate potions to work like those! Wow - now THAT would be fun!

Very light-hearted game and relatively easy, although I did have to use some hints to find some very discreetly hidden objects! Hints reload VERY quickly...I often used them to find the very last item as a time saver, since I knew it would reload quickly for my next quest - wasn't afraid to "waste" a hint.

Nice theme for any age group looking to play something clever and relaxing; without tons of graphic or suggestive violence or drama. Although I think it's funny that when you are looking for lets say find the whole newt...then you bring it back to the kitchen and it becomes ... eye of newt! Yikes! Do we have 20 blind newts running around lost somewhere in this game? LOL

For me, it was a try it ...and BUY it!
 posted in Hodgepodge Hollow on Jan 5, 11 3:48 AM
Wolf... you have to put the mirror into the cauldron, not just hold it over.
As for the mermaid episode...I got stuck too, just the same way.
I exited and came back. Got to the same spot...but waited for the gnome to finish his instructions....only then did it take me to the "kitchen" to make the potion. Good luck!
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