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 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 16, 16 8:07 PM
When can we expect the next "UPDATE' please - getting a leeeetle bit frustrated at not being able to move on from Level 68 - like lots of others, no doubt! Please make Jeronimo speak to me soon!!!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 9, 15 11:59 PM
Please can someone explain the "private Rooms"? Also how and when do eggs hatch?
 posted in Awakening: The Golden Age Collector's Edition on Nov 7, 14 11:26 AM
I can't open the door inside the castle - it suggests I need help from Dragonwood (can't remember what he's called - the big minatour!) but I think I need the grappling hook and I only have one piece. Help would be MUCH appreciated! Thank you
 posted in Weather Lord: Hidden Realm on Aug 18, 14 2:52 PM
How can you upgrade the hut to get an extra worker? Can you destroy the sun tower once you've defeated all the enemies? I can't get more than two workers at the moment and need three to stand on the stones! Thankyou.
 posted in Nightmare Realm on Sep 30, 11 12:42 PM
I've only made one antler on the wooden guards' head before the axe disappeared. Made the green eyes but it seems there's no where else to go until I make both antlers. Where's the axe????
 posted in World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder ™ on Sep 22, 09 3:54 PM
Help please! Although I've more than completed the requirements for upgrading the Heritage Centre - I can't.....Obviously I'm missing something - can anyone help, please?
 posted in World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder ™ on Sep 22, 09 3:51 PM
Thank you very much! Now I'm having trouble on Level 20 - I can't upgrade the Heritage Centre although I seem to have met all the conditions. Any ideas? Thank you......(I expect it's something easy that I've missed - again)
 posted in World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder ™ on Sep 21, 09 11:10 PM
I can't get 'connected' - no matter where I put my roads, nothing seems to work! Anybody got any answers, please?
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