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 posted in Spooky Mall on Mar 4, 12 5:02 PM
Hmmm...I seem to have a problem no one else has. ALL my other games work PERFECTLY. On this one however, my cursor disappears from the very beginning. I have uninstalled and good.
 posted in Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison on Jul 12, 11 9:28 AM
I thought the update would fix the lagging cursor...NOT. That was the first problem with the game. Next problem...I tried again yesterday to play the game. All I got was a jumbled up colored screen. Don't say it was my computer graphics...all the other games I tried after this worked fine. This game is full of bugs...problems...whatever you want to call it. I'm glad I only paid $2.99 for it as I am sure there won't be any refund for it.

I love Big Fish Games as a whole. This game has been my only truly, truly, truly bad experience.

Did I mention it was TRULY bad?
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