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 posted in War on Folvos on Mar 3, 09 6:48 AM


I experienced all the description above... all the problems... Not worth your dollar!!!
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children on Feb 27, 09 12:33 AM

Are they still working on the construction building? If yes, to reach the master level is not so easy, it takes time... Or if they leave their work, drag them again to the construction site... Because a worker who is always doing nothing or roaming around will not reach a master level...
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Secret City on Feb 27, 09 12:18 AM

Hi SophiePuzzle,

After you completed the 16th Puzzle.. The door will be open and there it will be revealed that it is a secret room wherein there's also the sundial.. On the sun dial, there's a circle flatform, just drag one of your adult villager on it several times until it reaches the far left position...

Then, a beam of light will come out, the ghosts of the prince and princess will appear...

Drag and drop a villager close to them... then, they will tell you their story...

Enjoy gaming!!!
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Secret City on Feb 27, 09 12:07 AM

Hi Augury789,

I suppose you did already... After dragging the Chief to a child (or vice versa), they will go to the Amphitheatre, then the lecturing will start... (But you can only do it within 24 hrs... After, the Chief will refuse... You can do it again only after 24hrs cycle..)
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Secret City on Feb 26, 09 11:53 PM

The Jewel in the fireplace will be revealed after 65 hrs (of having a fireplace lit for 65hrs)... You can drag an adult villager to put off the flame or let the flame be out (obviusly don't let your adult villager add firewood on it), then, drag your adult villager to the waterfalls to take water to cool it off (do it several times until the Jewel can be pick up by adult villager...

Then after picking it up, he/she will bring it and put it on the door...
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WHY!? Why this game is so addicting?!!

And can lead you to forget your merienda???

Even your date!?
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Cyberomega wrote:I know something about the problems with Totem Tribe and Big Fish, but I will keep my mouth shut. But isn't it interesting that one week TT was 13th. And now its not even on the list? Even Westward which is a couple years old is higher.

What's happening!????

The TT is not on the list of TOP 100!?? (Even on strategy category)

There is some mysteries on this!??
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Hope to see VV4 soon... Hope it has more challenges, fun, hidden mysteries, and larger map...
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Hi Alinarouge,

It's quite late... but I think you deserve to be thanked...

Alinarouge... THANKS SO MUCH... For providing us with the list of potion...

You help a lot of people!

Congratulations on the "Job well done!"


Domz2009 of Philippines
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To those who finished this game or satisfied already.....


We're happy to know that; it gives me encouragement to finish also...
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Lana2772 wrote:great game, but i prefer the new My Tribe game rather than this one, although virtual villager has more features, My Tribe looks a lot better and has is much simpler.

Yeah, it's a great game, but a little bit slow, and and requirements to advance in the game is so high! You cant fastrack the game....
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I don't know if I'm the only one experienced this...

Everyday gaming... but always had dreams on sleep TURNS into nightmare... esp. on the level Inside Comet... struggling to defeat the Master Statue, then the Octopus... Then upon waking up, forget my coffee and breakfast, hurrying to my computer and resuming the battle figuring out how to defeat the monster in order not to disturb my sleep again!

Cyber (the Totem Tribe Guru!)... can you add that to your list...

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Congratz, Juniper... for finishing the game.
 posted in Totem Tribe on Feb 24, 09 9:53 AM

With all sincerity... gratefullness... with high regard...

Domz et al (including those friends of ours in this hall of computer shop)... would like to offer our

.....words of thanks to....

Doobie and Cyber

... for the job well done on walkthroughs and video posting to help those in need...


Keep it up!
More power!
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Nice to know that, peutetre..
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Hi pixiegirl,

As far as I know, you must plant the three fruit trees... you can obtain the fruits (seeds) to be planted when you already repair the broken LIFT... when it rains, put one of your adult villager on the lift... when the rain water fills the bucket on the other side, it will lift your villager to the tree, then a fruit will fall, let your villager take that fruit he will plant it, but you can only plant 3 trees (different kind)... So watch out for 3 consecutive rains... through this you should plant those trees...

Then wait (it will take a little bit longer), it will give you fruits...

Moreover, be watchful for mushrooms, collect them all, it helps...

BUT DONT GROW YOUR POPULATION SO BIG UNTIL YOU CLEARED THE SEA WITH THOSE SHARKS ... Until then, it will give you a unlimited supply of food...

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The game developer should develop an update that can give an extending quest in this game... That would be exciting!
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A little bit boring coz, the facing of the game is too slow. The fast button in the Option is nothing but as if still a normal face of the game!
 posted in Totem Tribe on Feb 15, 09 7:26 PM

For sure, if the TT will become (so) popular and in demand (like so many downloads and subscription)... THEY WILL MAKE A SEQUEL OF IT...
 posted in Totem Tribe on Feb 15, 09 7:18 PM
If we are using the same version of the game, I wonder what really causes bug problem? (But some had no problem) Is it computer configuration? Is it the specs of our computer hardware? Or it is really a mystery?

Still, I can't figure that out!
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