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 posted in Creepy Tales: Lost in Vasel Land on Dec 9, 11 11:41 AM
gabbie1272 wrote:I can't handle the spelling and grammar. I know a lot of games are translated, and it's fine, but 'the peral is sparkling' and 'the mask is keep looking at me'?

Not to mention - were they going in just for a little walk or just for a little while.

I agree with all - shockingly terrible.

I did wonder if it had been put on as a joke to see if we were all paying attention?
 posted in Odysseus: Long Way Home on Oct 18, 11 9:32 AM

This game works good on Windows XP, service pack 2.

Not for me it doesn't! I absolutely refuse to buy a game that freezes in demo. Just not worth the grief of hoping it will work OK and then not being able to finish something I've paid for. No buy

Echo everyone else. As always a good game from ERS. I do love the Edgar Allan Poe ones. This started off a bit glitchy but soon got going, so no issues with running it. Good storyline, nice and gruesome lol. Once again, being a brit I chuckle at the accents-very french names and very american accents. Still, I suppose a fake french accent would be really annoying. Dupin is fun tho and very good looking. Music's ok too.
 posted in Oddly Enough: Pied Piper on Oct 6, 11 9:36 AM
Started off not liking this game, but as I got into it, started to like it more and more. Vry good clear graphics, unoffensive music, amusing storyline. Sad its a silhouette HOG game as I really hate those, but at least the objects are reasonably easy to find as the screens are not too cluttered. Mini games quite fun. Expert mode quite tricky, casual mode just gives a glint where you need to act instead of hundreds of sparkles, so it doesn't make it too easy.
I'm a big fan of Echoes of the Past games and have 2 previous. This will be added to my list of wants. Good music, game plays well with no glitches, like having advanced mode altho mini games seemed a bit easy so far in demo. HOG scenes well manageable. I like the kind of games where you have several episodes (ie find all the clock pieces).
btw - why do all the bad witches seem to have to have english accents (of a sort sometimes lol) - why us? Or is it just that american accents aren't so scary?
 posted in Love Story: The Beach Cottage on Oct 2, 11 12:20 PM
Deeeeeeelightful! Lovely story, personal yes, but it would be to anyone who has lost one or both of their parents and had a happy childhood. Can't wait to see how it ends - although I've got a pretty good idea and I'm going to buy it just to find out. Not too many HOG scenes, enough 'adventure' to keep interest going. Music is fitting and pleasant too. Graphics perfect. Speed from scene to scene - very quick. Cute little mini games (loved getting the crabs back to the sea!)
And most of all? YIPPEE - a heroine that doesn't look like she's just come off a movie set. Just a middle aged woman haunted by a tragic past. Really engrossing. I nearly didn't even bother downloading the trial, as I thought it was going to be boring. How wrong can one girl be?
 posted in Them: The Summoning on Sep 27, 11 9:20 AM
Once again y'all, thanks for the reviews. I don't even have to try this game to know I won't like it, so will cancel the demo download.
 posted in Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek on Sep 26, 11 11:17 AM
Couldn[t really get into this. Tried the CE and found it really hard. So went for demo in SE on normal mode and it was much more manageable. HOG scenes really tricky tho had to use the hint lots. Clever way to end demo and it just piqued my interest enough to think I may get it.......................
 posted in Hanging Gardens of Babylon on Sep 26, 11 10:18 AM
Thanks everyone for the reviews! I read them while downloading the trial, then promptly went and cancelled it. I'm not even going to bother with it - hate just HOG games, hate cut scenes you can't delete, hate being told off for misclicking. So I think I probably won't like this one haha
OK, so I'm the only one that can't stand these icky voiceovers - thought the leprechaun was a great idea, but man she got on my nerves with her voice. Love the doggy. HOG scenes I did find a bit tricky, had to use hint now and again. Like the storyline, but found the map of not much use cluewise. Might get this on an SE version, but not a CE buy for me. No technical issues, music not offensive, v good graphics indeed. I like a fairytale story too, does indeed make a change from the doom and gloom ones. btw enchantress laugh? bwahahahahaha
Good enough game - really liked Kate Arrow and bought it, but that was a long time ago and I think I've got more demanding since. I don't feel this qualifies as a CE classification. I found HOG scenes really tricky, but puzzles v. easy. Music OK, don't care whether there's voiceovers or not, in fact best not as mostly they are quite irritating, rubbish accents. So anyway, usual storyline yes, and I have already figured what's going to happen when you release poor old Jennifer (?). Might get the SE version at some stage just to see if I'm right. A few glitches tho'. Slow to move between scenes, HOG scenes slow to react when you have found an item and gameplay generally a bit stuttery. Hopefully that will be sorted out by SE version, but I'll play the demo of that first to make sure.
 posted in Urban Legends: The Maze on Sep 23, 11 10:41 AM
Awesome game! Elephant always produce good stuff and this is no exception. Excellent storyline, hard enough to make it a challenge, but not so tough you lose interest. Good sounds too. Bad guy looks like something out of the Matrix to me (you know - the twins?) Good mini games. Quick responsive movement around scenes. Didn't notice the map, (thanks to whoever mentioned that in their review), so that will help also as there is a lot of moving around. Can;t afford this month, but will most certainly be my first buy next month. Happy days!
 posted in Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost on Sep 23, 11 9:31 AM
Another late review, but have only just played it. I thought it was a great game, with nice little touches.....especially the dog (won't say more in case of a spoiler). I like cartoon style games, yes her eyes at the end of every ghost were a little ott! Good music too, and I usually turn it off. Loved the music in Hell - very Pink Floyd (Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun in there somewhere I'm sure!). Maybe a bit short, but I still believe worth the purchase price.
 posted in Millennium Secrets: Roxanne's Necklace on Sep 23, 11 8:59 AM
Late review, I know, but I have only just finished it. didn't start on it straight away and then we had the McAfee thing which stopped me for a few days. Wasn't going to bother reviewing, but as I have seen so many negatives, felt I just had to. I thought it was a great game. OK, so the storyline was a bit haphazard, but I don't really care too much about that. I don't need human emotions etc, this is a game for goodness sake, not a novel. Tricky puzzles, had to skip some just to move on, but liked that I could go back and do them from the menu at my leisure - very good idea thanks. Very, very long game, excellent value for money. Good mix of easy and hard stuff to fathom out. Map was extremely useful if you did get stuck and great for moving around if you got lost. Graphics were more than acceptable. Voiceovers? Well I can take them or leave them, but at least you can click to move on if they're talking too slowly. I think developers should be congratulated on this game (I also bought Emerald Curse), so will almost certainly buy the next if there is one and it's as good as this.
 posted in Skymist - The Lost Spirit Stones on Sep 20, 11 8:07 AM
Wonderful graphics, sweet music (changes with scenes), tricky objects in some scenes. OK I would think if you just like HOG games and not much else to do. Didn't have much idea of where or why most of the time and I'm not a fan of HOG after HOG, so no buy for me, which is a shame as I thought the graphics, particularly the intro were truly delightful.
Some small consolation to hear that lots of folk are having the same issues as I am. Games quitting after a few seconds, trial expired messages on games you've never even seen before etc etc. I currently have 5 unplayed/unfinished games and I can't play any of them. Waste of money? Better not be............
This one is a trial expired one. **** hum
 posted in Urban Legends: The Maze on Sep 19, 11 11:02 AM
I keep hearing this is a McAfee issue. I really don't know what has happened to McAfee in the last few days to make this suddenly happen. Practically everything I try to play (bought and trials), including this one, flash off and take me back to GM after a few seconds, including purchased games that had been running fine previously. I have contacted CS and am waiting for them to get back to me. I'm getting to the stage where I'm scared to even attempt a game in case it crashes. Really disappointing. It does seem that most of these problems have arisen with the new GM. I'm running Windows XP 32bit.
oh yeh! Right up my alley this one. I do like to be startled and have 'scary'games. HOG scenes not too difficult, but yes, some of the items are way too close to the exit cursor and you end up 2 scenes out before you realise what's happening. But that's minor, you just have to be more careful with your clicking. Bit disappointed to read by some that this is quite short as I like to get my money's worth. So shall wait (if I can bear it) for the SE. But super, super game. Good pace, good graphics, not too much wandering about, easy to follow what you have to do. A+++++
 posted in Mystery Murders: Jack the Ripper on Sep 18, 11 10:10 AM
Bit too slow a game for me. Mini games can't be called puzzles as there was nothing puzzling about them, just too simple. I found no challenge in this game at all and I'm not a whizz kid by any means. Shame really as I would have liked to follow the storyline to the end, but just too bored to do so. No buy for me.
 posted in Mystery Murders: Jack the Ripper on Sep 18, 11 10:02 AM
layzeedaisy wrote:
anubischick I do have to correct you on one point, though You would have found baseball bats in 19th Century England. It actually started in England. There's even a mention of it in Northanger Abbey and that was written just before 1800. wrote:

Well, I never ! We sent baseball to America, how about that !!! And dare I say it's the best place for it ?

haha - too funny. I think I agree too. Don't want cricket over there as well do you?
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