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Hades and Hercules will not give me the star to continue. I do this in gold time and have found the hidden objects so not sure why I can no get the top star.
I can not do super bonus level until I get this It does not sa anywhere you have to do expert to do super bonus either. But either way I still can not get the bonus star. I think this is the reason I didn't buy the last hercules game. Help old and don't get it!
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate™ on May 8, 17 7:33 PM
It wont run on my mac either just closes immediately. I noticed it only runs on 10.5
Whats up with that? I switched to mac and lost a ton of games that won't or don't have for mac because of all the updates with pc. And now the same thing with mac. You do updates and you lose even more games.I have spent tons of money and games and alot are now obsolete or you just don't havefor mac. Alot of great tm games are not playable or missing. You need more of the tm games. There are 2 new delicious games out and have yet to see them on here. Isn't there some way to make it so you can play the older games on mac? Or to make it so pc games play on mac. I also noticed alot of my games in my list aren't even listed on your site anymore but can still download them to play, Like Fairway and it works fine.
 posted in Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion Collector's Edition on May 7, 17 5:27 AM
Game errors and lagging with mac and el capitan or lion Its the newer one. Keeps wanting to report errors. No choice to run as administrator on mac I dont think. Also when are the 2 other Delicous games coming out? Prom one and vet one??? Both have been out for weeks now,
I just went back and finally got 3 stars and noticed it will not let you get 3 stars. It still says 2! I noticed other levels I redid the same thing happened. What is going on? I also checked for new update but bought ce after update came out so I guess I have the newest version. What good does it do to play the levels over to get to end game extras if it won't let you have the 3 stars.
 posted in Spellarium on Feb 27, 17 3:48 AM
I love these games lately and own all 5 that are out. But one question? Why does everything have to be towards witch craft,evil spells or the dark side? To much to ask to make happy christian type games? Why is evil okay and God is not? Or even if you are not a christian how about animals or flowers rainbows? Geez big fish. I quit playing most of the CE's because nothing but darkness. Come up with a new plan here guys. I have really stopped buying games anymore. To much same old same old and depressing. What happened to the fun farm frenzy or beach party crazy for pc to mac. Farm to plate or some of the toms that were fun and challenging. I played beach party craze and the orginal farm frenzy over and over again. Or my kingdom for the princess original. Alot of the tm's can't even play on mac or if they are older don't play on pc at all. I think this game is way to easy and so much like the other ones. Get some new games out. I bought the runefalls but it is impossible finding your way around. And it has flaws. I like Laruaville I am so tired of playing them since once you know what to do its no fun. MORE tm's and lighten it up...
 posted in Clutter VI: Leigh's Story on Dec 27, 16 3:42 AM
Lock up on bonus level 9 another game that doesn't work right and of course says update on here but it is locked on dec 12. I have a mac and this is the 2nd game supposed updates for but nothing on my game manager again. I wrote tech help the other day about other game not working. Same old same old send file do this do that. I have been buying games from here for YEARS so don't need the same response on how to fix my games or comuter when it's not on my end. Rescue team six still has issues and they made it worse after the fix and you see it on the forums site saying so but no it's on my end. Come on big fish helpers you use to actually help us out. I want my games to play.... Bad enough mac doesnt have half the games pc does so we get far and few toms and fun games just all ce's. Well I cn't afford ce's all the time and am quite frankly sick of them. I have well over 300 games maybe more but not buying lately due to them not playing up to a certain point. Some of us are on a fixed income so need to spend wisely and games that don't work even after supposed fixed is just wrong. Oh yeah and everytime you update I lose more and more games I loved to play since they won't work afterwards. Hundreds of dollars spent and can't play my old pc or now mac games.
 posted in Rescue Team 6 Collector's Edition on Dec 21, 16 3:54 PM
Well emailed customer service fix does not work for bonus levels, Makes you play levels you already scored on to continue. I downloaded this game a few days ago and it still does the same thing. Download is not available on game manager says everything is up to date. So another game I can not play. Need more tm games on this site. I am so bored with ce's and hidden object games. And am tired of the same tm game companies repeating the same story. Emilys to short for ce this time.....
 posted in Rescue Team 6 Collector's Edition on Nov 23, 16 5:18 AM
Having same issue of not being able to get 3 stars on bonus levels. I lost one 3 star level after it wouldn't let me go on. So I replayed the 3 star level and got 2 on it an next level. NOw it won't let me continue on that 2 star level either. And when I tried to write tech help it won't let me do that either. It won't let me put anything under technical issue there is nothing else to list in drop down bar. I keep reloading page but than lose everything. I am playing on mac el capitan but of course pc gets a fix and not mac!
I had no issues with game until I tried to get 3 stars. And now can't even play again past 2 stars on I think level 6. Can't email and can't get help. So what now. Bad enough good tm games are far and few on here now. And now this issue comes up.
HELP and get a fix for us mac players. Not like mac has a ton of tm games to play.
No farm frenzy no beach party craze. And the older games don't work on update for mac. I have tons I can't play now since upgrading or they are not listed for mac.
 posted in Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever Collector's Edition on Aug 23, 16 10:05 PM
Another site had this it is just a few levels. It has to do with cheating husband. Not sure if they will let me put **** site or not. I think it is the site that made this game. It was a free download with pc.
 posted in Moai IV: Terra Incognita Collector's Edition on Jul 10, 16 1:07 AM
When is there going to be a fix to get this to run after downloading? Not enogh tm
Games for mac? I may go back to pc. I just spent money to get mac working right and now this one doesnt even let you click on anything.
 posted in Moai IV: Terra Incognita Collector's Edition on Jul 3, 16 4:36 AM
mac el capitan brand new today. Loads game will not let me click on anything to play!
 posted in Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition on Dec 14, 15 4:59 PM
Where is the fix for this?????
 posted in Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love on Dec 9, 15 2:29 PM
Is there ever going to be a fix for the CE level 5 issue? And also the lagging issue?
I would like to be able to play the CE part of my game that I paid for. There isn't a lot of tm games on mac. I would like more fun tm games but this one is no fun with the issues. I just had to convert to mac games and miss all my fun tm with pc. And now I can't finish this one due to not being able to get through the cave.
Please get a fix BF! I already lost my farm frenzy and Beach Craze and Pet Craze which also belongs to this company. I am so bummed. More tm for MAC please.
 posted in Clutter V: Welcome to Clutterville on Sep 16, 15 1:52 AM
Typical clutter something always locks up! 3 on a match not responding. No sound again on this game either.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power on Jan 7, 15 3:38 PM
I contacted company and this is what they said:
I must apologize for the error that caused this missing puzzle. It doesn't happen if you play on a system that has wide screen. Although, it always happens on systems with 4x3 screens. We issued a hotfix, hope Big Fish will put it online soon.
Meanwhile, you can try run the game on a widescreen monitor. Another option is to run the game in a window with cmd line option like /16x9, it will help if there is enough resolution.
May we ask you to share this onformation in the forum? Thank you in advance.
I use a 16x13 moniter and can not find it on my game. No matter what.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power on Jan 7, 15 3:36 PM
I emailed the company about the 3.4 issue and sparkling areas and this is what they said:
I must apologize for the error that caused this missing puzzle. It doesn't happen if you play on a system that has wide screen. Although, it always happens on systems with 4x3 screens. We issued a hotfix, hope Big Fish will put it online soon.
Meanwhile, you can try run the game on a widescreen monitor. Another option is to run the game in a window with cmd line option like /16x9, it will help if there is enough resolution.
May we ask you to share this onformation in the forum? Thank you in advance.
So there should be a hot fix soon. I use a 16X13 moniter and still can not find the piece. I do not know about the CMD thing.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power on Jan 5, 15 7:27 PM
What are the sparkling caves and crystals? example 1.9 green crystals sparkling?
Not sure how to explain also looks like hidden caves or areas but nothing happens when you click on them
 posted in Clutter IV: Minigame Madness Tour on Oct 17, 14 4:46 AM
Still not fixed Bigfish! Played as far as rose puzzle and it stopped working yet again.
None of the 4 games of clutter have worked right for me. One has no sound one doesn't save and this one shuts down. And on the trial of this one it took me back to begining and stopped in same area.
Fix your games please and more variety. I am so sick of CE's. I want tm management games and ones that work.
 posted in Claws & Feathers on Oct 14, 14 7:22 PM
Well once again another game that only plays for a while! I just got locked up on this game. What is it with games lately? It seems like when you do updates on shockwave/adobe/ or java something else doesn't work. I can not play the new clutter
due to mm exe error and now in the middle of this game on I believe level 18 or 19 it got weird squares all over and lock up. Game after game I have had issues with. Several not playing or 00000 whatever error. I have contacted cs and got one ce credit. What are we suppose to do? TM games are far a few and most don't work on my computer. None of the clutters have worked right and most of my games I am going threw program files to play since game management won't let me play off there. The all 000000 error and nothing fixes it. I have gone to ms fix it and that doesn't help or I get errors on it. Help bigfish. I have canceled membership numerous times due to lack of tm games or the games ce + others not working. I have sent the felix files and nothing comes out of that so what are we going to do????? I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything. I don't see what else to do. I am not a tech and can not do what you are trained to do. Credits do no good if game issues keep happening.
 posted in Mayan Prophecies: Blood Moon Collector's Edition on Sep 1, 14 8:43 AM
I just bought this game a few days ago. I tried playing it last night and got stuck in first room! The wheel parts do not work on the cabinet. The new pc update does not work. This is the 4th game now that I have bought from here that doesn't work. I have everything updated and can not play. Most of the time anymore the game manger does not work either no matter how many times reinstalled. Just 000 errorsI have to go through the 86 file to even play games. And that doesn't always work.
I am so tired of paying for these games and getting errors. I am so tired of bf wanting felix file. You never find anything wrong so why waste my time. Obviously I just updated adobe and maybe it causing games to not work but that is not my problem.
I wanted this because of the jaguars and alot of good it does now I can't even leave room. And yes I know to put wheel together. It doesn't even pan in on the cabinet so know it is a game issue. So much for the fix. I use to spend$100's on this site but the same old CE's gets exspensive and games not working and not enough tm games any more. And those don't work either. Not worth the $'s or effort if game manger and games don't work BF!
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