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Had fun with this game. Finally finished. Liked the mouse in each level. Cute storyline. Welcomed the puzzles and levels with challenges.

The only hourglasses I could not get were the find the 25 mice. Just not enough time and moving around the screen that fast was making me dizzy.

Purchased the CE on the half price sale and with a game credit. I felt it was a great choice and will play Mortimer Beckett and the Book of Gold again.

Looking forward to more adventures with Mortimer.
Go North on the left side by the dark clouds almost to the top. You will see a large curved group of rocks. The mouse is there.

Good luck.
Finished the game a couple of times Relaxed, Normal. I did get 3 stars on each level, found all the morphing lizards, collected all the gems, took all the pictures for the photo album but, I can not seem to find 4 of the artifacts in the Extras, Exposition.

Did anyone find 10 of the Artifacts?

I really enjoyed this game. Glad for the updates. One thing I noticed that in the "Extras" there is an "Exposition", I am not qute sure where all 10 artifacts are in the game. I seem be missing 4. I have played "relaxed" and "normal" and was successful in getting through to the end on each mode and collected all the extras expect in the "Exposition".

I wondered if the other four show up in "Expert" mode.
 posted in Rose Riddle: The Fairy Tale Detective on Nov 26, 17 9:41 PM
Having trouble getting gold on Level 10 & 11. I get close but not close enough.

Any hints would be appreciated.
 posted in Rose Riddle: The Fairy Tale Detective on Nov 25, 17 10:51 PM
I remembered this game some time ago and realize that I played the Beta on it. I thought it was going to be an ok game when came out. Seems like it was a while ago. I purchased the Standard version and enjoying the game. I think we can figure out who the princess is going to marry.
 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Nov 10, 17 8:58 PM
Great game. Had some glitches but followed BF advice and it seemed to clear up any problems I had.

Love this type of TM game. I really have to push myself to figure out the best plan of action and steps to take to get gold. I will reply each level until I get gold. Thanks to all the help from others in the Games Forum.

Big Fish, keep these games coming.
 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Nov 10, 17 10:20 AM
There are four caches:
1. Cone shaped stone by log on road
2. Small snow-covered mound after clearing 2nd snow pile under Pig Farm
3. East side – snow covered firepit
4. Ruins behind houses

• Chop 2 stones
• Stone steps, pick up bomb on way back
• Chop 1 tree
• Build Sawmill
• Build Gold Mine
• Upgrade Worker 2
• Gather food, gold
• 2 snowbanks blocking Pig Farm
• Build Pig Farm
• Smaller pile of snow on road towards Storehouse
• Build Storehouse
• Log
• Build Quarry
• Upgrade Storehouse
• Upgrade Worker 3
• Upgrade Sawmill
• Big Rock on Road SOUTH
• Upgrade Quarry
• Bomb small shed by Pig House & get gold under wood pile
• Upgrade Pig Farm & Build Balloon Station & Build a Smithy
• Snowpack on top (North) 2 times & Destroy Rune
• Bomb Big Rock by Beacon (east) turn off Beacon
• Destroy Second Rune in center near stairs
• Build houses (East)
• Buy bomb (Upper north west) + 1 tree
• Start on roads --- Use Smithy bonus continuously
• Chop trees when waiting for resources, 450 to build fort
• Destroy all remaining rocks
• Continue to build road using Smithy bonus
• Build fort when enough wood
 posted in Zarya - 1 on Sep 1, 17 10:45 PM
After many failed attempts, I tried the "go left" choice down the steep path. Got to a large facility and the team went in. Just explore different options from that starting place and you'll have success.

Saavy open the yellow door; open the lounge and somewhere Command tells you to get out fast and figure out a way to load the Lander
 posted in Zarya - 1 on Sep 1, 17 10:37 PM
After many tries I started writing down my decisions from "Command" and going back and re-doing some of my steps. I also found success by choosing (in the beginning) going to the left and following that path through the large facility. A couple of major choices will get you back to the lander safely.

something about "letting Saavy open it", "opening the lounge door",
at some point you are told to get out quickly, something about the equipment on the lander.
 posted in Zarya - 1 on Sep 1, 17 10:23 PM
Loved the game. Engrossing, suspenseful. I finally did get the team back to earth after many bad endings. I was doubtful at whether they would actually make it back to earth.

I will replay to explore other environments and see how far I can take the team without killing everyone.

I hope to see more of these adventures. Well, I guess it is back to Subject 13. Got to see if I can get through the game.
 posted in Leaves: The Journey on Jul 31, 17 11:52 PM
In the beginning, I grabbed the cane used it once and it disappeared. I know I need it when climbing the ladder to get the slate in the monster hole. Guess I will have to begin again.
I was having the same problem as other fishies with one puzzle piece missing. I discovered if you have 3 stars and the puzzle piece is still lit up with bright gold that indicates a missing puzzle piece. When all puzzle pieces are found the level with turn a dull bronze color.

Also you do not have to replay the level, just click on the puzzle piece and get out of the level. You will see that the level change to dull bronze.

Hope this helps.
 posted in 4 Aztec Skulls on May 18, 17 12:59 PM
*Once the Boathouse is built, you will begin a frenzy of gathering all resources, berries, chopping trees, mining stone and silver. Upgrade only the Storehouse. Do not use wood to stone exchange until after village huts are built.

The method below worked for me gave me a small amount of time to spare:

• Chop tree
• Build Sawmill
• Berries
• Mine 2 silver
• Berries and resources
• Mine 3 silver
• Build Fishing hut
• Berries and resources
• Mine 1 silver
• Destroy Boulder to silver mine
• Resources & Hammer
• Upgrade Second Worker
• Build Silver Mine
• Berries and resources
• Pick up Bomb, resources
• Upgrade Third Worker
• Mine 2 stone piles
• Build Cobbler House
• Mine 1 Stone pile
• Destroy Boulder to right
• Mine 3 stones piles
• Gather resources while waiting for silver
• Destroy small Boulder
• Pay Tribesmen wood,
• Destroy boulder to Storehouse
• Mine enough silver to destroy last boulder
• Build Storehouse
• Build Boathouse, begin chopping, mining everything
• Storehouse Level 2
• Wood to Stone Exchange, Storehouse Level 3
• Build bridge, pay silver to idol
• Pay wood & stone to Idol on top of Temple, simultaneously light lamps
• Repair huts
• Begin using wood to stone exchange
• Boulder to Caveman area, destroy totem & cave holes
 posted in 4 Aztec Skulls on May 8, 17 8:31 PM
Collect stone & silver while buildings are under construction. Collect all stone & silver. You won’t need to use market for stone until you get past repair of stone idols. Pay attention to food. You will need to have 200 for last tribesman plus some for opening remaining 3 gold jars.

• Sawmill
• 4 bare trees
• Pick up wood
• Garden
• Worker 2
• Star collecting silver
• Bridge
• Storehouse
• Silver and stone
• Market
• Upgrade Storehouse
• Worker 3
• Cobbler then Workshop
• Upgrade Garden
• Worker 4
• Continue to gather stone (300+) & silver use tools from Workshop
• Bridge (right)
• Pay tribesman
• Silver mine, collect silver by mine
• Build Altar of Water
• Use explosives on boulder
• Repair village huts
• Start filling gaps
• Repair stone idols
• Use market to trade wood for stone
• Collect Gold
• Use Freeze Time
• Fill gaps in road to tribesman
• Pay tribesman 200 food
• Collect green skull & open gold jars

Hope this helps. I played this level about 5 times before I found help on-line.
 posted in 4 Aztec Skulls on May 8, 17 1:51 PM
Do not upgrade anything, except storage house! After the storage house is upgraded, start using wood for food at the exchange house.
Collect berries & resources while waiting for buildings to finish. Lots of silver and food needed for destroying boulders and totem.

• Extra worker
• Sawmill
• Pick up pile of wood
• Berries
• Chop one tree
• Bridge
• Food exchange bldg
• Chop one tree
• Bridge to storage house, pile of wood
• Storage house
• Clear bushes toward Quarry, build Quarry
• Build two building by food exchange
• Upgrade house for third worker
• Move toward silver mine
• Build silver mine
• Continue collecting resources
• Upgrade Storage house
• Start using wood at the Food Exchange
• Remove rocks by silver mine (boulders right side 90 food, 50 silver)
• Trade rocks with the bomb tribesman (250 rocks)
• Fill in gaps to chief in prison
• Remove boulders on left side (large boulder 80 silver, 40 explosives)
• Smaller boulders (90 food, 50 silver),
• Collect gold
• Destroy caveman totem (100 food, 150 silver)

 posted in 4 Aztec Skulls on May 7, 17 11:12 PM
A big shout out of thanks for TMGamer99 and others for the work put into posting all the secret hiding places. I know it took some effort.
 posted in 4 Aztec Skulls on May 7, 17 11:10 PM
It has been awhile since Big Fish had a challenging Time Management game. 4 Aztec Skulls is what I have been waiting for. Nice music and sounds and great gameplay.

Love looking for the hidden treasures. I do a pretty good job of finding them on my own. However, I sure do appreciate TMGamer99 and others for help when I felt I exhausted all places to find those well hidden treasures.

Playing in normal mode. I don't think I can make Expert though. Normal is challenging enough for me.

Thanks Big Fish for this fun game.
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Silent Waters Collector's Edition on Sep 27, 16 7:55 PM
can't pick up the skull amulet. It disappears. I can click on a part of the scene and it appears again but will disappear each time I try to pick it up. If I don't pick it up, it moves with me to the next scene.

Hope there is a fix for this one. I really like this game.
I am so excited to see another Dracula time management game with all our favorite characters. I am playing in relaxed mode to get a feel for the game. It was challenging enough in relaxed. Some of the levels take a long time to complete in relaxed mode.

I am going for gold in the timed when I am finished in relaxed. I know I will be reviewing all the helpful hints from other fishies that have had success on the difficult levels.

Great game. Love all the cute little critters hiding in the scenes. Like a Where's Waldo to find all the collectables. I did find all the meerkats. Too cute.
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