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 posted in Rescue at Rajini Island on Jan 26, 09 9:55 AM
Totally agree with you all. Very boring. It felt like the developers had just thrown together an HO game. "Find 20 food/insects" several times. Very disappointing after Robinson Crusoe. But I agree it's probably better for the pennies! And I too only go for the ones with beautiful graphics. HO games have come a long way!
 posted in Jetsetter on Jan 25, 09 2:18 AM
I've just finished the demo. Had some problems: some items were difficult to pick up and once I couldn't pick up the poker chip. Shame - beautiful graphics and a variety of hint options. Thanks for the warning. Have uninstalled it and will wait to see if it's OK before I consider buying it. 2 beautiful HO games this weekend! BF is spoiling us!
 posted in Adventures of Robinson Crusoe on Jan 24, 09 8:15 AM
Buy it guys! I couldn't wait for opinions on length and I am a sucker for beautiful graphics and the sound of the sea. I completed the demo in timed mode. Skipped all the mini-games. I finished the game in timed mode too and had to replay a couple of levels. Good replay value, I reckon. And I am now looking forward to playing in relaxed mode and savouring the game. Definitely worth your credit! Enjoy!
 posted in Adventures of Robinson Crusoe on Jan 24, 09 2:59 AM
I was stuck there too! You dig in the sand with it. Does anyone know how long the game lasts? I read there are 6 chapters. I loved the demo - sounds and graphics beautiful. And I agree: a quirky fun game. But I was so disappointed with the length of Haunted Hotel Believe the Lies. Don't want to waste another precious credit!
 posted in Haunted Hotel II: Believe the Lies on Jan 4, 09 2:50 AM
I agree it's far too short. A beautiful game, so I decided to give it another go. But there is no replay value at all. Such a shame. I feel ripped off too. I'd expect at least length or replay value. With this one you get neither. Very disappointed. My other games I have enjoyed two or three times.
 posted in Haunted Hotel II: Believe the Lies on Jan 3, 09 11:41 AM
Beautiful game - lovely music, good atmosphere and challenging finds. BUT very, very short. I couldn't believe I had come to the end already. Have to say, though, I only get HO games with atmospheric graphics now. I did enjoy the other ones, but I wouldn't bother buying them.
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