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 posted in Passport to Perfume on Aug 23, 09 3:33 AM
this game is a fun TM game but a fairly easy one i expect if there is a sequel to this game that it has more to it than the first one
 posted in Passport to Perfume on Aug 23, 09 3:27 AM
thankfully there are no glitches in the PF game i was hoping that it was similar to choclatier but still is a fun game even though the upper level stages are fairly easy
 posted in Fashionista on Aug 23, 09 3:24 AM
as i read more of the forums im kicking myself even harder for buying this game what a complete let down
 posted in Fashionista on Aug 23, 09 3:22 AM
yea i was really let down when it first came out it was one of the very few fasion games now we have abit of selection i shouldnt have brought this game but im fashion obsessed and couldnt help myself =/
 posted in Fashionista on Aug 23, 09 3:18 AM
yeah i liked the concept of game play but the details are a let down wish it was create a style also
 posted in Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe on Aug 21, 09 8:18 PM
im stuck on this level too thanks for the help =)
 posted in Fashionista on Feb 11, 09 7:07 PM
its hard to progress in this game i completed dozens of covers and ive only unlocked one city in the airport its too bad cos i like the features of this game but not how vague it is
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