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 posted in Darkness and Flame: Born of Fire on Aug 19, 16 1:08 PM
If you like story driven games like I do, this game isn't for you. In the demo, I like that the fire bird and the girl interacted. There was some useless to and fro-ing, but in an hour, it doesn't get too bad. I'm almost finished with the game, and I could care less about the ending. "Oh, we have to leave here in a hurry, and never come back!" except for silly bits of a puzzle several times, that only get you an item that also has no real purpose. I love puzzles, I don't think I've ever used the "skip" button so many times simply because I was bored and disgusted. It completely destroys any story continuity. For a relatively new release, it plays like something from years ago.

Graphics are good, music is ok. Just not good enough to carry an otherwise bleeck game.

The two reviews before mine are spot on. I do NOT recommend this game, as there are so many better games out there.
Windows 10, stuck in chapel, all they want to do is give me a different game, obviously not fix this one. Third one in less than two months. Now, why would I buy this game and not want it (assuming it worked right). But seeing all these other posts on the same problem, never resolved, I guess I will have to go that route.

BIG FISH, CHANGE YOUR POLICY!!!! I used to be a Big Fish fan, have subscribed for years, now I'm cashing out, just trying to find a games that actually work before I leave. Used to love BF, it had GREAT service, which is totally trash now. You email back and forth several times before you even talk to a human, who then asks you the exact same questions you already answered in your original email. Getting stuck half way through a game, no I DON'T want a new game, I want to buy a game that WORKS!!!! Guess that is too much to ask from BF now.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Mar 25, 16 1:38 AM
Ok, here's a clue. When so called support keeps just pasting the same non-answer to multiple posts about the same darn problem dozens of people are posting about, it's a problem with the GAME not with the users. I came here for answers, not cut and paste standard answer. Oh, and yes, on a brand new system, EVERYTHING checks out. Not my problem. Also not my game anymore, I play to relax and have fun, not to get frustrated by buggy games. Uninstalling.

Can we go back to the days when Big Fish actually had excellent customer service, please, pretty pretty please?
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Mar 25, 16 1:25 AM
nanciq wrote:I've been finding the crazy wheel freezing a lot lately. I have to call up the task manager on my computer and close it. very frustrating.

Yes. Every time the wheel comes up, it freezes now. I'm in the second level. At first it was occasionally, but by this afternoon, it was every time, so I had to quit. Just tried it again and it's still happening. Have to go through Task Manager to quit.
 posted in Bush Whacker 2 - Free to Play on Apr 5, 15 10:30 PM
I'm in the Juan Islands, doing the Nate Adventure. I've searched there, The Commons, Amicus Isle and a few other places with no sign of an egg. I can't very well go clicking on every bush and rock like I did on Amicus. Do the hidden spots get a blue glow? What am I looking for here? I don't mean specific places, but how do I know if an egg is hiding?

Added: Ok, for those with the same question. You can actually see a bit of the egg and it does glow. Yay! I found one!
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Aug 17, 14 4:16 AM
Add me to the list. And unfortunately, I already did the update on the air island. Hasn't crashed yet, since I just did it. But it did rename all but one of my new Hoolas to "Hibbs" on Earth island. Wierd and a half. I couldn't figure out why if Etheral was the ulitmate castle, there was an upgrade, so I clicked it. Took my diamonds and says it's upgrading. Noticed different islands have different amounts to upgrade the castles. Hope since I just did one it won't crash. I've already started over once, don't think I would be willing to again.
 posted in Bush Whacker 2 - Free to Play on Aug 8, 14 1:51 AM
I used to love events, but now I can never complete them. Thought I would manage this one, but the teleporter was too hard to find parts for. Used up a lot of energy. Finally got all the parts, but now I am out of energy AGAIN. Decided to buy tickets with what bush bucks I have four misses in a row. Never got more than one before. I'm spending real money on these events and it never works. So sad. Promised myself I would just accept I couldn't win the main prize on the events, but dang! I would like that horse! But if I am going to spend real money on bush bucks, I'd rather buy companions. Can't believe I can't win with all the hours I spend. I leveled up twice and bought extra and still couldn't get the teleporter oil. More frustrating than fun, do you think I have a glitch?
 posted in Pets in Distress on Jul 16, 14 11:04 PM
Really enjoyed the puzzles, but eventually the glitches make it impossible to play. Zero tech support as far as everything I've tried, and read. Too bad. Really would not recommend spending any money on this one.
 posted in Pets in Distress on Jul 13, 14 5:37 AM
I'm stuck at level 170, have been for weeks. Saved all the pets, cleared the screen of boxes/cubes. Didn't lose any, still can't win. Can't even get help, as it won't accept my friend code, and I'm not playing a casino game. Fun game, but looks like I've run the limit, and wasted money. Big Fish used to be so good. Now if we have a problem we are just hung out to dry. Hoping someone here has a fix.

Tried to enter some of the other friend codes listed in that thread, says they aren't valid either.
 posted in Bush Whacker 2 - Free to Play on Jul 7, 14 11:32 PM
Same here, with buying the purple and getting the Colorful Booms award. But I don't like not knowing what I have to do to get the rest, if I have to buy them. How about the guy on Amicus Island, do we have to do a certain amount of fireworks from him? Cause those are too expensive for me to do again. I like the "You need to get x amount of fireworks/whatever to complete this task." better.

Looking forward to the big boom now!
 posted in Bush Whacker 2 - Free to Play on Jun 6, 14 11:53 AM
So exciting! But so far the field says its completed and hasn't given one singled PAGAS item. Is this just me? Cause I do tend to get excited when PETS are involved!
 posted in Bush Whacker 2 - Free to Play on May 22, 14 6:51 PM
I was totally shocked to find I got the community choice award!!!!! I'm incredibly honored by my fellow fishies esteem. There were soooo many creative gardens entered, every time I did the rating I was glad I didn't have to pick the winners. Congrats to everyone, and thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
 posted in Bush Whacker 2 - Free to Play on May 22, 14 6:43 PM
I hate the power odds too. Great idea to powder the runes! Even using power on the animals doesn't seem to work as well after I hit around level 80 or so. And I just want to scream in frustration when I'm working on an event and I get five nothings in a row then two hits and three more nothings, using up my last energy. I use my power when it's no more than half full because it usually comes up nothing.

Honestly, I don't like anything that shortens my Bushwhacker game time. I loooove this game!
 posted in Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House on May 21, 14 1:57 AM
Eight hours? I don't sleep eight hours! Guess I should switch day and night and ignore them during my day. How boring! Thanks for the info, when I leave them alone for more than five hours they complain I am ignoring them, so I didn't think they needed that much sleep.
 posted in Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House on May 19, 14 11:22 PM
The update fixed the day and night...sorta, still doesn't quite sinc with my time zone, but my people are still always exhausted. Well fed, sleep alot, can't figure out what to do next. I'm into the 4th generation and have very little money because they are tired all the time. The insect collection froze with the game glitch, haven't gotten any since. Really boring. Is this normal?
 posted in Bush Whacker 2 - Free to Play on May 2, 14 3:11 AM
I want a vid of Cats to show my daughter! I loved the Phantom too. Can I write some skits for it please, pretty please! LOL! Great addition!
 posted in Bush Whacker 2 - Free to Play on May 2, 14 3:04 AM
I hate when they put out the teaser before they actually are active! I feel like a kid with my nose pressed against the window of the toy store.
 posted in Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House on May 1, 14 2:15 AM
All they suggested was uninstall and reinstall. Didn't work.
 posted in Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House on Apr 30, 14 1:57 PM
Got another auto response, in spite of putting I NEED A HUMAN PLEASE!!! My game is now shuffling through the day/night cycles and my people always think it's night.

UPDATE: Finally got a human. I'll try what is suggested and let you know if it works.
 posted in Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House on Apr 29, 14 4:52 PM
Filed a ticket with support yesterday. Got an automatic response that made it clear my ticket wasn't even read. What is happening to Big Fish tech? This never used to happen. I can get automated responses from any other company. Don't change what isn't broken, BF.
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